What is manglik dosha

What is Manglik dosha ?

I thought about writing and elaborate post about it because people still have many doubts regarding manglik dosha after reading previous articles.

So here we go..

First one needs to understand the nature of all planets why only Mars carries dosha ?

Why not any other planet ?

Mars is energy, it is like a power transformer or power station displaying sign of danger. It indicates that the place where Mars is posited in a horoscope is an area of high energy, high intensity which can give shock if you are not compatible to handle it.

What is manglik dosha

What is manglik dosha

High energy if not channelled properly leads to frustration, fights, irritable behaviour, physical abuse, rapes within marriage, erratic means to satisfy self, lack of satisfaction in sexual life due to insatiable lust.

It indicates intensity of sexual drive of jataka. People will Manglik horoscope need it more than others. Some people eat more some eat less. People with mars in house connected to marriage have more hunger and more mileage than a non-manglik person.

They can also be forceful or brutal in physical relationship. Affliction to 7th and 8th houses can make one a victim of physical abuse or can himself physically abuse other.

They get irritated and frustrated if the hunger is not satiated, if other combinations are bad it can lead to separation or even relationships outside marriage. Many people experience irritation in life is due to unfulfilled sexual desires which affects their married life leading to fights.

Does Manglik dosha lead to death of life partner ?

Not really, Just being manglik does not cause death of life partner. It is death of married life, death of life partner happens when there are additional afflictions operating in the horoscope. There are indications of short life in horoscope of partner or self.

Can manglik person marry a non manglik ?

Yes, They can marry if both horoscopes promise good marriage and married life and there is no serious affliction caused by placement of mars and other planets. However it is always best to marry two people having mars in same position to nullify the effect.

If Mr. A has Mars in 7th house, Mrs A should also have Mars in 7th house which is ideal cancellation.

What is cancellation of manglik dosha ? Does manglik dosha get cancelled ?

Cancellation of Manglik dosha means you get a partner whose mars is exactly as same as yours, the energy levels or outputs match to the given inputs and the energies are channelised positively in a balanced way.

It does not get cancelled, it just means that you get a match who can channelise the energy better. Energy can only be channelised into better uses, The same energy can cause blasts, destructions and the same energy can be used to build furnace, power plants, industries.

One can be a street goon, don, terrorist or one can be a security personal, boxer, police, military. It is the same energy channelised into positive and negative work.

Mars is the cylinder which can work wonders for cooking purpose if the energy is channelised well or it can blast destroying everything.

What is low Manglik dosha ? High Manglik dosha ?

Honestly there is no low or high manglik dosha. The energy is always present. Saumya manglik just means that the impact can be in control due to aspect of benefic or connection of another benefic.

Does Mars dosha get cancelled after 28 years of age ?

It does not get cancelled but the energy gets channelised well if jupiter is well posited in horoscope. One becomes matured and responsible with age. But you will still find people of all ages having high sexual urges or satisfying themselves with erratic means. It clearly shows that afflicted mars irrespective of age does not get cancelled. Some people remain brute all their life.

Does manglik dosha get cancelled by remedies ?

Not always, It depends on horoscopes of both bride and the groom. If the promise of marriage and married life is good and horoscopes match well, there is no need to worry about dosha, remedies help here.

But if one does not have promise of a good marriage/married life due to severe afflictions, remedies will not help.

Horoscope compatibility is done to filter out bad horoscopes, there can be 10 people with very good gun-milan score with you, but you select only 1 who has the best planetary position or planetary compatibility suitable for you. One can survive storms in life if the partner is equally strong to support, understand, adjust and stand as a wall and does not lack commitment for relationship.

Following keywords related to planets will help the readers in understanding more about the effect of planets.

Sun – Assertive, Leadership.

Moon – Fickle minded, changeable nature, attractive.

Mars – Energy, Commander, Brute force

Mercury – Prince, humour, immaturity, childish

Jupiter – Advisor, Matured, Wise, knowledgeable.

Venus – Playful, Beauty, Artistic, Asura vidya, lavishness.

Saturn – Slow, Responsibility, dutiful.

Rahu/Ketu – Exaggerated, Unrealistic, Erratic, out-caste, unorthodox.

I hope the question of what is manglik dosha, Manglik dosha effects, mangalik dosha check has been dealt with in this article satisfactorily.


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