The circumference and radius of destiny.

THE CIRCUMFERENCE AND RADIUS OF DESTINY   Greetings to my dear Readers and wishing you all a very very happy new year. Our destiny can be compared to a circumference of a circle and freewill as the radius of destiny. A man can exercise his freewill and efforts within a specific area and he makes progress in the given boundaries only. His destiny can be equated to the circumference and radius of a circle. Everybody is born with a circumference of different size. Those having very good luck can see Read More …

The Astrologer’s Destiny

Astrology is one of the divine Vidya given by god to mankind, It is classified into Para Vidya or higher knowledge, knowledge by which imperishable is known, A vidya which can lead to self-realization. Here in India astrologers are respected and honored but now-a-days due to a lot of charlatans and quacks entering this field astrology has got a bad reputation yet the craze and attraction for astrology remains in the heart of people. Let us read something about the astrologer’s destiny.