how to read a horoscope ?

How to read a horoscope ? Horoscope reading is an art in itself and requires logical bent of mind to read a horoscope, I am not here to teach you how to read a horoscope ? This article demonstrates how your horoscope can reveal a wealth of information about you, your family, your parents, siblings, prosperity, status, wealth etc.

Moon Astrology – Afflicted moon in a Horoscope.

Moon Astrology – Afflicted moon in a Horoscope. This is not a post about daily forecast based on moon astrology which you read everyday, but a post on how afflicted moon in a horoscope gives results. You must have read a lot of astrology blogs, articles, books but none explains the significance of moon in a horoscope. The ascendent, moon and sun are the pillars of horoscope and moon is like a seed which decides how strong a tree would be depending on its quality.