Jupiter Rahu conjunction and children

Jupiter Rahu conjunction and children

Jupiter Rahu is also known as “Guru chandal yoga”, Jupiter is the guru of Gods whereas Rahu is known as the Chandala, When Jupiter Rahu conjunct together it creates Guru chandala yoga where jupiter gets afflicted due to conjunction with rahu and looses its satvik quality or beneficience, the planet of wisdom and high ideals meets the demon of low ideals, values and becomes afflicted. Jupiter is also known as the natural putrakaraka in vedic astrology and we will see how jupiter afflicted by rahu impacts happiness from children in this article jupiter rahu conjunction and children.

Jupiter Rahu are conjunct from January 2016 and will remain conjunct till Jupiter leaves the zodiac of Leo. Both being retrograde and aspected by saturn is worse combination as far as strength of jupiter is concerned. What will be the impact of this combination? Leo being the natural 5th house of zodiac will have more sinister implications when the putrakaraka planet and the natural 5th sign of zodiac comes under affliction. Jupiter rahu Conjunction is known to create the dreaded guru chandala yoga which produces a cheat and a chandala, such people will lack all the good qualities of jupiter (Satvik qualities), they can still be very intelligent but it will be twisted and used for bad purpose, they will lack sense of gratitude and humbleness, they will show disregard for tradition, culture, values, vedas and would create their own rules and regulations for their convenience. The liver, colon in such people are usually weak, some women may suffer from problems of miscarriages and abortions, these effects come to pass due to preta badha, bramha hatya dosha, cow hatya dosha etc, the intensity of the result and the area under affliction will depend upon the sign and the house in which jupiter+rahu conjunct. There can be so many variations of Guru chandala yoga 12 signs + 12 houses alone can create 144 types of guru chandala yoga. It is worse when afflicted by conjunction and aspect of saturn and mars.

Jupiter rahu conjunction during the time of pregnancy or conception can create dosha in pregnancy, it can cause unexpected abortions or miscarriage and even show abnormal growth of the child, there can be birth defects in such children and some may die early. Jupiter+rahu are conjunct from January 31st 2016 and will remain in one sign till Jupiter moves out of Leo, here both jupiter and Rahu are retrograde till May and it seems as if rahu is chasing jupiter to gobble it whereas jupiter is running behind from it. This combinations has aspects of saturn to worsen the matters, the children born during these period may carry the bad effects of the dosha, there can be unexpected deaths, miscarriages and abortions, some may suffer from some defect by birth or become a source of pain to the family or parents later if the parents do not have good combinations for happiness from children in their horoscopes, those born with this combination may be childless or have bad children. Many would grow up and show disregard for culture, ethics, values, religion, veda, shastra, societal norms. Those born with such combinations need to be protected by imbibing strong  values and ethics, they should be constantly kept under good company and good people, they will be naturally attracted and inclined towards bad as the demon awaits to take hold of them once they fall weak.

Jupiter rahu conjunction is being written to show the grave possibilities that can be happen with this combination and this article can serve as a reminder to many to protect their children and near and dear one’s by taking necessary precautions. Such combinations during c-section are unavoidable and can be considered the result of past karma for both parents and children, such combinations should be studied well before planning a child a year or two in advance for those who want to have good children, astrology helps you there in such situations, but those who are destined to suffer will anyway suffer when their karmas are adhridha and cannot be changed irrespective of any remedies, The present alignment of planets in fixed sign show adhridha karmas which are not changeable and the consequences good or bad have to be suffered.

Just as the wealth is carried forward from generations to generations in a family the sins and the results of the bad deeds are carried forward from generations to generations. Those who do not think about these things and say that what will happen if I do bad, I will have to suffer and blah blah blah forget that the results of grave sins have to be suffered and shared by whole family and the coming generations as well, what you sow is what you reap. The good and the bad gets shared equally as the law of the nature. Combinations like guru chandala yoga when severely afflicted gives bad results and shows some grave sins committed by the earlier generations show effects into the present and future generations, when you closely observe the horoscopes of many people in families you will often see a certain repetitive pattern showing that the destinies are interlinked. Jupiter rahu conjunction usually gives a tampered intellect, these people will be under illusion of knowledge and have inflated ego’s or ahamkara. It can give jeeva vigyan, good intelligence, knowledge but will seldom give wisdom or self realization. Always respect brahmanas, vedas, cows, do anna dana with krishnarpan bhava, Worship a guru, light diyas with ghee on thursday to raghavendra swamy, visit raghavendra swamy mutt regularly. Such samskaras imbibed from childhood may help to lessen the bad effects of guru chandala yoga.


Those who have jupiter rahu conjunction should follow certain things as remedies, this combination has come to you due to certain doshas like brahman shapa, bramha hatya dosha, go hatya dosha, uprooting sacred trees if mars is present with jupiter. These doshas can cause miserable sufferings for generations to come as a result.

  • Always respect brahmanas, vedas and shastra.
  • Do Cow daan, anna daan regularly
  • Do not fall in trap of neo baba’s and spoil your life even more.
  • Do not condemn shastra, veda and brahmanas or hurt anyone of high order.
  • Worship lord dattatreya, Raghavendra swamy.
  • Light two deepas to Guru raghavendra swamy on thursdays with full faith and pray to protect you and give sadbuddhi. Visit mutt and opt for various sevas regularly. Develop faith and believe in guru and god.
  • Take monthly, quarterly, yearly sankalpa of doing certain sevas in mutt, like 11,21,51,100 brahman bhojana, Cow dana once a year as per yatha shakti.
  • Always say krishnarpan while doing daan and say “Na mama” (Not mine). Do not boast about your good deeds, once you develop ego or ahamkara the result is gone.
Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.

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