Guru 2013 transit

Guru 2013 transit for 12 signs of Zodiac

Jupiter enters Gemini on 31st may 2013 and I have already written a preview of guru 2013 in gemini here. In this article am going to write bullet points of transit jupiter 2013 for all 12 signs of zodiac. This is applicable to Lagna or moon signs.

Guru 2013 in Aries 

  • Fruitful short journeys, spiritual journeys, gains from communications, neighbors, trips etc.
  • New contacts and friendships will be fruitful, gains from friends and increase in wealth and income.
  • Good time for those who are waiting to get married. Marriage is on cards this year for many of you.
  • Take care of misunderstandings in partnerships and business.

Guru 2013 for Tauras

  • Wealth and income will increase.
  • Good time for career, promotions, recognition, job prospects.
  • Take care of health, do not over eat.
  • possibility of some legal issues and trouble from enemies.
  • There may be addition of a new member in family.

Guru 2013 for Gemini

  • Good time for those looking to get married.
  • Good time for those looking to conceive and have a child.
  • Spiritual journeys and undertakings will be fruitful.
  • Business and partnerships will prosper.
  • Health of children needs to be taken care.
  • Do not neglect studies.
  • Some friends might cheat.

Guru 2013 for Cancer

  • Good time for travels abroad.
  • chances of shifting or purchasing a new property or vehicle.
  • Expenses will increase.
  • Money will be spend for good purposes.
  • Avoid over eating and take care of your health.

Guru 2013 for Leo

  • Increment and gains in terms of wealth, money, income, finance.
  • Gains from friends and new friendships will be fruitful.
  • Children will do better in studies this year.
  • Good possibility of tying a wedding knot for many of you.
  • Success in competitions and sports.

Guru 2013 for Virgo

  • Career prospects will improve, those look for jobs will get it.
  • Finances and income will increase as the year progresses.
  • There could be some disappointment or issues on family front.
  • Think before you speak, you might create a lot of misunderstandings.
  • Do not make promises which you can’t fulfill.

Guru 2013 for Libra

  • Time for bhagyodaya as jupiter enters 9th house.
  • Religious ceremonies, spiritual journeys are on cards.
  • Romance and success in love. Communication is the keyword.
  • Good time for those expecting or planning children.
  • Success in studies and competitive stuff.
  • Try to have a optimistic attitude and shun your negative thoughts.

Guru 2013 for Scorpio

  • Sudden gains are on cards.
  • Early 2013 was bad financially, but situation will improve now.
  • Put a check on your expenses.
  • Possibility of loans and purchasing property or vehicle.
  • Be careful while driving and travelling. Avoid rash driving.
  • Pay attention to children’s health and studies.

Guru 2013 for Sagittarius

  • Marriage is on cards as jupiter enters 7th.
  • Gains from partnership and good time to start new ventures.
  • There may be some misunderstandings with friends.
  • Best period for gains and wealth. Financially you will prosper.
  • Short journeys trips will be fruitful. You might gain some weight.

Guru 2013 for Capricorn

  • Career and Finances will improve now.
  • Health might suffer.
  • Do not fight with your seniors and boss in job.
  • Foreign trips on cards.
  • Younger siblings may face some problems.
  • misunderstandings with neighbors and colleagues.

Guru 2013 in Aquarius

  • Best time for studies and education.
  • Good time for those planning to have children.
  • You might get some kind of success and recognition in the coming year.
  • Father will prosper and financial prospects will improve.
  • Gains in speculation, lottery etc and success in sports could be possible.

Guru 2013 in Pieces

  • Peace in domestic life.
  • purchase of a new house or property or vehicle.
  • transfers in jobs or shifting to a new place.
  • need to be very careful regarding health.
  • sudden gains are possible.

Disclaimer : This is a very general reading and will not apply to everybody as every person has a unique horoscope and many more things have to be seen for over all results in individual charts.

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