Transit jupiter 2013 in Gemini for Leo or Simha Rashi

Jupiter Transits Gemini on May 31st 2013 in the 11th house from Leo or Simha Rashi. Let us have a look at how jupiter’s transit will favor people having Leo or Simha moon sign/Ascendent.

Transit Jupiter 2013 in Gemini for Leo or Simha Rashi 

Jupiter will come to your 11th house of wealth, income, friends, gains, success, recognition, Leo people will have a very favorable coming year in terms of money, friendships, love, marriage, happiness and prosperity. Time to make new friends, contacts which will prove fruitful and will give you gains. Short journeys or trips will also be there on cards, Those looking for adventure trips, treks etc will have a good time ahead this year.

Career & Money 

Jupiter’s entry in the 11th house is going to give you good financial stability and gains, some of you might get promotions and increments depending on the combinations in your horoscopes. Be careful while signing contracts and agreements as saturn rahu in 3rd could create some misunderstandings.

Romance & Marriage

Its a good time for guys and girls who are looking to date or find somebody, the coming year will be fruitful in terms of finding a partner and getting married, Many of you may find somebody of your dreams and tie the wedding knot. Success in love and relationships is seen ahead. Fathers who are looking to get their daughters married can  look forward to this as jupiter goes to 7th house from 5th which indicates marriage of their children.


There is nothing much to worry on the health front but saturn the 6th lord conjuct rahu in 3rd can give some small health issues which you need to take care, jupiter’s aspect on 3rd will be good for communications, adventures, treks for those who like this stuff.

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  1. Karun says:

    Dear Admin,

    Nice to read all good after the transit of Jupiter. I have simha rashi and hoping to happen all what you have written as it has been long since I was waiting for this.

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