The Astrologer’s Destiny

Astrology is one of the divine Vidya given by god to mankind, It is classified into Para Vidya or higher knowledge, knowledge by which imperishable is known, A vidya which can lead to self-realization. Here in India astrologers are respected and honored but now-a-days due to a lot of charlatans and quacks entering this field astrology has got a bad reputation yet the craze and attraction for astrology remains in the heart of people. Let us read something about the astrologer’s destiny.

The Astrologer’s Destiny
Here some people mistake astrologers as super-humans and expect free readings from them without thinking about their needs, their family, how they will survive without charging. Some people talk rubbish like if that person is an astrologer, why can’t he change is own destiny ? Why is he poor ? Why does he need money ? It is akin to asking a doctor, why can’t you save your own family members ? Why do they die despite being treated by you ?

Common guys, astrologers aren’t magicians, they are normal beings like you who advice or counsel clients on their problems through horoscope and guide them to take right decisions and select the right choices if they are going in some wrong direction. They can just read the horoscope of people and unfold the happenings of future for them, they cannot change anybody’s fate or their own destiny, Everybody suffers as a result of his own karma. Astrologers use horoscope as a tool to predict probable events of people’s life just as a doctor prescribes medicines as per the reports of the tests conducted. Astrologers suggest remedies to overcome your problem to some extent if your horoscope promises it, sometimes there are combinations for overcoming misfortune through remedies, charities, workship which astrologers can see in advance. Our¬†Ancient seers with their divine insights and wisdom left a treasure of classics which mention various remedies to overcome problems.

Unlike any other person, Astrologers too have to undergo sufferings, they also have to support their family, they too have burdens and responsibilities of their family along with their wife and children. They too have the right to enjoy their life and give everything their family, children desires, they live with additional responsibilities of guiding people and after all this they expect to be treated well by people and paid for their services. Everybody wants appreciation for their work and also need money to live their life. People should think that if astrologers keep giving them free readings what will they earn, how will they complete their responsibilities towards their family ? For everything money is needed today, Astrologers solve so many important problems of people by guiding them correctly, but people do not care to pay them or think about paying them taking Astrologers for granted. Studying every horoscope takes a lot of time and energy, it is not as easy as every newly learnt tom, dick and harry thinks after reading 4-5 books. It takes years to study astrology and develop the art of prediction, it is something which cannot be attained by topping in a 2+2 years astrology course. People should understand this and treat astrologers with due respect and dignity.

Do doctors treat patients for free, Saving life is a greatest service to mankind perhaps more greater service than astrology, then why only astrologers are expected to do free readings, why doctors are not expected to treat free ? why they charge fees irrespective of the financial condition of their patients, irrespective of the patient living or dying, money is not refundable. Do they say ohh come we shall treat you free of cost as you don’t have money.

Do lawyers fight your case for free ??? They charge fees per appearance in the court, irrespective of the client loosing the case of winning, money is not refundable.

Do Education counselors guide you for free ?
Their results are not even near to an astrologer in terms of suggesting a proper career. Yet people pay them hefty fees.

Do psychiatrist guide you for free ??
They charge on hourly basis per sitting, even they cannot find the root cause of your problem unlike an astrologer. The fees they charges is not refundable even if you don’t follow their advice or do what they suggest, besides the medicines they suggest cost you money offcourse and sometimes they can be addictive with side-effects.

If you can pay these people why should you hesitate to pay an astrologer for his consultancy services ?

If all these people have the right to accumulate wealth, why is the astrologer alone expected to be doing social service by remaining poor ? You must have seen wealthy businessmen, wealthy doctors, wealthy counselors, wealthy lawyers, Most of these people leech your money and not everyone of them is white collared but yet only the astrologers are blamed of looting your money even though there is not one of them who reached the status of ambani purely on the basis of astrology, how many rich astrologers as compared to the above professionals have you seen ?

In the earlier days astrologers were properly taken care of by the Kings/Maharajas and they did not need to beg for money.
People respected astrologers and paid them accordingly without being asked for, today everybody comes to an astrologer expecting him to do free readings for them. Some people are so shameless that they keep asking astrologers again and again after his predictions turn out correct but never talk about paying his fees.

If they can have an internet connection at home, if they can have computer/laptop and A.C in their room, if they can hang out with their friends at pubs, drive costly cars, if they can go to foreign countries for job, can’t they pay fees to the astrologer ?
If you cannot pay basic fees of an astrologer who guides you on so important things which shape your life and future, how are you going to pay fees of your children in the future ? how are you going to take care of their needs ? Needs of your wife, family ?
You are exploiting him of his services to be honest.

People should understand that an astrologer is just another normal person like them, he too has to support his family and earn his bread and butter, some people charge heftily and there are some who charge a small amount, people should be able to differentiate between a genuine and a fake astrologer and should have no problem in paying genuine and good astrologers who charge nominal fees if they can pay those cheats and morons, celebrity T.V astrologers, who make tall promises and charge heavy amounts like 5k, 10k, 15k, sell their fake items like yantras, tantras and rob people of their money which do not give any results, yet people go to them again and again to make a fool of themselves wasting their hard earned money. These people only know how to advertise themselves and make a fool of others.

Astrology is only useful to a person who puts efforts in the direction as suggested by the astrologer and uses the guidance of astrologers intelligently not being too much dependent on astrology. 80% karma + 20% luck = Destiny/fate. If you will sit at home thinking that your chart has a rajyoga it will never fructify, you have to climb a tree first to pluck the fruit hanging on it, It won’t come and fall in your arms on its own.

The bottom line is astrologers are also normal human beings like you and they too have their share of miseries and sufferings. They also need money to survive as everybody else needs, people should pay an astrologer for his services and the wise should follow his advice by putting efforts in the right direction as suggested to get the result than relying on destiny too much making himself lame. Too much dependency on astrology can definitely make you a fatalist and lame person.


  1. SR says:

    The concepts of faith in Vedas, division of labour, varnashrama dharmas have diminished – hence, the issue, I think.

  2. anupriya desai says:


  3. Disha says:

    Well said Ashish. Thank you for giving us an astrologer’s point of view.

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