sade sati

What is Sade Sati ?

Sade sati refers to the 7 and a half year transit of saturn with respect to moon. Sade sati happens to be connected with the moon as moon is the karaka of mind and “maya”. The transit of saturn from the 12th house from moon, Over the moon and the 2nd house from moon is termed as sade-sati. It is the transit of 2 and a 1/2 year from each sign comprising of total 7 and a half years.

sade sati

sade sati

Shani sade sati is one of the most feared period by one and all from the common masses to the high and mighty which is justified as this period is always full of trials and tribulations especially if you have a badly placed moon or Malefic planets crowded around the moon sign. Even a badly placed moon in a kemdruma yoga can give a tough time. But there is no need to worry so much about shani sade sati as it is just like another transit which is highly misunderstood by people.

It is a strong recommendation that you read “Shani Mahaatmya” to understand the meaning and importance of shani sade sati. The small book deals with the story of King Vikramaditya who was punished by shani dev for having “Ahamkara” and “Ego”. The story further makes it clear when saturn punishes somebody and when he blesses. Sade sati is a boon in form of a bane in every man’s life. This period will teach you the most valuable lessons which will completely transform you for a better human being.The best lessons of human life are often learnt in sade sati.

Saturn is a strict task master, a judge who can never be bribed, who will give justice perfectly without any bias. No bribe, bail pleas will work here. The only remedy is prayaschitta and realization of your mistakes and deeply repenting them and not repeating them. Saturn does not trouble those who are humble, down-to-earth, have no ahamkara. Your remedies will only work if you imbibe these qualities in you. The period of sade sati is a time to keep a low profile especially for those in power.

Man commits most mistakes when he has wealth and power since he is inflated with all the ahamkara and ego in this time. He feels oh I have so many people at my command, so many people salute me, love me, respect me, I have so many best friends, my wife is loyal to me, my children love me so much. He gets immersed into the attachments which are illusions. Saturn just unveils the illusion, He says oh let me show you the real picture, you suffer loss in business, you fall from power all of a sudden and then you run to get help from those who admired you, respected you, bowed to you, they all will now suddenly talk ill about you, abuse you, even kick you out. Then you will think oh no problem my wife and children will be there with me but to your surprise they also start hating you, suddenly your wife treats you badly, your children insult you and then you get a shock of your life. Every door is closed you suddenly feel a jolt of realization that everything around you which you were proud off has deluded you, left you, deserted you. This feeling of detachment makes you the realization of some high super power who controls the universe. This is the time you are close to realization of god, this opens way for spiritual progress once you experience the bitter realities of life. Saturn teaches you this, saturn makes you see this. Sade sati is a period of transformation for many. You get back your lost empire once you have learnt the lessons, and by this time you become very humble, detached and down-to-earth.

Sade-sati comes once in 30 years approximately, an average human will see 3 sade-sati periods in life if he is lucky. The first period if it comes too early in life will not be much damaging if you have good dashas plus a good horoscope. The second transit will be damaging and will teach you hard lessons of life bring a transformation in you if it comes around 25-50 years of age. The 3rd sade-sati will mostly be the last period of your life if the combined with maraka, badhaka dasha and transit. Rarely one survives to see a 4th sade sati.  Sade sati combined with Rahu dasha is the worse period to have, saturn or rahu aspecting or connected to 10th house will give you both rise and fall in this period. Those in power should especially be very careful of their actions.

Sade Sati Remedies

  • First and foremost is drop your attitude, Ego, Ahamkara. Nothing will work if you are inflated with ego even after performing any amount of pooja or remedy.
  • Worship lord Hanuman and imbibe the qualities of lord hanuman in yourself due to which shani dev could not find any reason to trouble him. Just worshiping without understanding lord hanuman is not enough.
  • Til homa, donating til, til oil to sadbramhana. (Til=Sesame).
  • Donate Blue sapphire to sadbramhana.
  • Recitation of Shani mantra – “Nilanjann Samabhaasam, Raviputram Yamagrajamm, Chayya Maartanda Sambhootam, Tam Namaami Shanaischaram”.
  • Avoid troubling the poor and needy, do not misuse your power to trouble others.
  • Keep low expectations from people or do not expect anything from anybody, watch your words and actions and avoid taking major decisions during bad transits.
  • Keep a low profile and utilize this period for your spiritual growth.

At present Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are going through sade sati and they can follow the above sade sati remedies or tips. Subscribe to this blog to get updates of articles and posts.


Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Priya says:

    Nice article Ashish.
    Sade sati especially brings lot of trauma for those who have weak moon.
    A strong moon person wont be much disturbed during sade sati….

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much pragati ma’am. Yes, Sadesati is bad for those with a weak and afflicted moon than those who have well placed strong moon having no malefics on either sides.

  2. Sudha says:

    Every word in the list of remedies has been chosen with proper care. The post is so true and genuine.

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