Remedies for sade sati

Sade sati is 7 and a 1/2 year phase of saturn transit from 12th to 2nd house from natal natal. Shani sade sati is one of the most feared shani transit in jyotisha. We will see the effects of sade sati and remedies for sade sati in this article.

Sade sati starts when Saturn enters rear sign or 12th sign from moon and ends when it leaves sign next to your moon sign. Right now at the time of writing this article Makar rashi is having first phase of sade sati because saturn is transiting 12th sign from Makar which is dhanu rashi and sade sati will end for Makar when Saturn leaves kumbh rashi.

So 2.5 years in Dhanu, 2.5 years in Makar and 2.5 years in Kumbh makes a total of 7.5 years.

Why does sade sati happen to moon only ?

Sade-sati is considered from moon because moon is the root of all desires, maya, illusions. This makes a soul stuck in vicious cycle of birth and rebirths. Saturn gives hard lessons in this 7.5 years period to keep you grounded and remember that nothing happens without the will of lord, he is the doer or karta. Nothing happens without his wish and one should never forget the purpose of birth and his dharma which leads to salvation/moksha. He teaches us the importance and meaning of Humility, Love and Equality. He makes the soul accept that nothing happens without the will of lord, those who have big inflated ego’s fall flat on their face during sade sati and loose all their ego.

Is sade sati bad for everyone ?

No, Sade sati is not bad for everyone. Those who have a badly afflicted moon in horoscope either in trika sthana or between malefics or making paap adhi yoga with malefics aspecting it.

What happens in sade sati ?

remedies for sade sati

remedies for sade sati

One should definitely read “Shani Mahatmya” to understand the effects of sade sati. “Vinaash Kaale Vipareet buddhi” fits perfect for someone under sade sati.

A person under first phase of sade sati starts loosing his ability to make sound decisions, he runs behind opportunities or things which seem lucrative at glance but act as a trap for doom.

Such opportunities can be anything like a good job offer in distant land, foreign residence, change of place, new business offer, new property investment, any ponzy scheme etc.

Identifying Area of trouble in sade sati

What will be the area of unhappiness/trouble/misery can be judged from your horoscope. Suppose one has badly placed Moon in 5th house, he will experience bad results in domain of mother, house, property, domestic peace, children, loosing sense of sound judgement, children, education, health issues, court-cases etc which are seen from 4th, 5th and 6th house in horoscope. Additionally saturn’s aspect on other houses while it transits from 4th, 5th and 6th will cause problems in those areas.

Example: A person will have huge financial losses on account of bad judgements during saturn transit in 5th house because it aspects 11th and 2nd house of gains and income. He will exhaust all his savings, have trouble in family life, suffer in married life and children area due to saturn’s position in 5th and aspect on 7th.

This can be judged according the the age of jataka under sade-sati. In teenage it will be failure of love affairs, failure in education, back stabbing from friends, bad time of family etc. The same jataka will experience different results in middle age like financial losses, family problems, marriage problems, children issues etc.

Remedies for Sade sati

The best remedy in sade sati is to remain humble and treat all with equality, never hurt anyone by your power, speech or any means. Always give good treatment to poor and those in lower order than you. Other remedies given will start working on when you follow this.

Remedies for Sade sati

  • Recite hanuman chalisa or maruti stotra daily 7 times.
  • Offer til/sarso oil to hanuman ji strictly on head (there is a story releated to this).
  • Recite Shani mahatmya on saturdays and dashrath krut shani stotra daily.
  • Light diya with til oil in shani mandir or hanuman mandir on saturdays and pray to reduce your miseries.
  • Always help poor and needy if opportunity arises.
  • Recite Ram raksha stotra with hanuman chalisa daily.

Note: The above remedies for sade sati will only help if you remain humble, treat poor or people below your status with love, respect and equality. The more haughty attitude you have the more trouble you will face in sade sati.

Jai Shri Ram

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