Marriage in Same Gotra

Much has been said about Marriage in same Gotra, this is a very hot an debated topic and people continue to twist it as per their requirements as it has been since ages with anything, People twist all rules as per their requirements and wishes and the tradition and the logical reasoning is lost as generations pass by. Today we do not know the logics of most of the things in our culture and much is forgotten because of many reasons, first is the blindly following without knowing the meanings then you continue to twist and alter as per your requirements and conditions ignoring all rules saying “Chalta hai yaar”, because mostly we do not know the science behind it, we never cared to ask and now we are running to prove it and preserve it. Our seers were true geniuses who discovered many things without spending a dime and we today spend crores on the same discoveries only to realize that the seers had laid down the rules on very scientific grounds. Marriage in same gotra was not allowed earlier and it has a very sound scientific reasoning.

marriage in same gotra

marriage in same gotra

First we need to understand the meaning of Gotra to understand the logic of denying marriages in same gotra. Gotra is a system which associates a person with his Root Ancestor in an Unbroken Male Lineage. It applies only to males because only males contain the “Y” Chromosomes which is passed down only between men in a Lineage, Women do not possess “Y” Chromosomes which is why women adopt the gotra of their husband after marriage, the “Y” chromosome has been identified to play a very important role in modern genetics by science in identifying the Ancestry of a person. We get a pair of Chromosomes from both parents which is 23+23=46. There is no pair for the “Y” chromosome unlike the “X” chromosome which comes in pair in a women and which can repair itself incase of damage by copying over the another DNA from other chromosomes. The “X” Chromosome of a man and “X” chromosome of a women can mix to form a pair but since Women do not have “Y” chromosomes there is no chance of pairing of “Y” chromosome in the genes incase it is damaged and it cannot replace itself by crossing on another pair of “Y” chromosome because there is no pair of “Y” chromosome as women do not have it. Thus if somebody from same gotra Marries there is a probability of the next generation having a genetic defect and the risk of defective children increases in the next 6 generation.

This has been proved by the science of genetics and hence marriage in same gotra is not encouraged, the seers knew these things so well that it surprises the scientists of today, having said this there is no thumb rule that there will be genetic defects in all those who marry in same gotra, but the danger looms large and this genetic defects can take place in your future generations to anybody may your children or grand children or their children. This genetic defects can even occur if you marry anybody from your maternal side inspite of a different gotra because even their children have the “Y” chromosome carried away from your paternal family it can cause the harm, if you want to marry anybody within same gotra you can make sure that you both are not connected to each others paternal or maternal family upto last six generations.

Marriage in same gotra

Marriage in same gotra

Again it is a personal choice of people who want to go for same gotra marriages who are in love, but it is not encouraged and atleast you can make sure that it is not somebody from your family though the meaning of same gotra technically means your root ancestor is the same person making you siblings of each other and hence marriage in same gotra is not recommended. Some people are quoting examples of kashmiri pundits marrying among themselves by changing their gotra with rituals, you can do the change with rituals for a showoff, but how are you going to change your DNA and genetics ?? Those who want to break the rules do it by making any crap reason as a valid reason.
Conclusion : It is for two people to decide whether then want to spend life with each other or not as love has no religion, caste, creed, restrictions, they can marry if they wish and nobody should interfere in the because even god says that separating two lovers is the biggest crime. Marry at your own Risk if you are too sure about spending life with your partner.

Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Sri says:

    Are gothras in Telugu and Tamil the same?
    My boyfriend is a tamil brahmin and I’m a telugu brahmin.
    We at first thought there wouldn’t be any problem because we are nowhere related to each other because of different language background
    Yet there’s no relation between his family or mine at any point, we found out that we belong to same Haritha gothra but our horoscopes do match.
    Is it okay to go forward for marriage?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Sri,

      IF the Gothras are same both have the same root ancestor having the gotra name. A gotra indicates your root ancestor. It is okay to go forward with marriage if there is no relationship in last 4 generations of both families from father’s side.

  2. akanksha says:

    My gotra and my boyfrnds ‘s mother gotra are same can we marry???

  3. Ash says:

    My mother side of the family (her parents) is the same gotra as my boyfriend. does that mean i cant marry him?

  4. Swati says:

    My mother and my boyfreind has same gotra can we marrry

  5. shruti says:

    hello sir. my brother’s gotra is shandilya and the gal we searched for him is also shandilya. any suggestion???

  6. Shivani Dwivedi says:

    Sir… Can a kashyap gotra brahmin girl and same gotra brahmin boy marry with each other?

  7. Vicky says:

    Hello sir…… I m Brahmin of gotra bharadwaj and she is thakur of gotra bharadwaj….. Can we both marry?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Same gotra marriages are not permitted. Same gotra infers that you are descendants of the same hrishi “bharadwaja”.

  8. Piyush says:

    We are in love from the last 5 years. Parents are not agreeing in this.
    Whether we can undergo any DNA test or any other logical solution to them ??

    • astrologerashish says:


      If you love each other, go ahead and marry.

      If you did not ask parents before falling in love and doing everything that a person does in love then why should you bother taking their opinion now ?

      I can only help in horoscope compatibility analysis, marriage and your life is solely your decision and should be kept that way. Nobody else should be allowed to decide except you two.

  9. Manish Bhardwaj says:

    I love a girl, she is my cousin sister’s nannd(husband cousin). Her mother and my mother’s Gotra are same but father Gotra is different. Can I marry her?

  10. deep says:

    Hi, Mine and my lovers both are have same gotram from mother ie., her mothers and my mother both have same gotram can we marry. we love eachother very much and our fathers gotra is not same.

  11. Pooja Bisht says:

    hello sir…
    i love a boy and he also loves me a lot…we both cant leave without each other…actually the problem is we both are garhwalis we belongs to uttrakhand he is kaphola bisht and i am also kaphola bisht and our gotra is also same…so can we marry with each other and if no…so do you have any solution plzz tell me….

    • astrologerashish says:


      There is no solution to same gotra, you cannot change your mother and father in the same way you cannot change your root ancestor. The genetics cannot change, however if there is no direct connection between your and boy’s family for last 5 generations you can marry.

  12. Bhatti says:

    Sir can a girl and boy of same surname and of same gotra can marry eachother?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Same gotra marriages are not allowed, however if there is no connection/relationship within last 4 generations of your and boy’s family then you can marry.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Bhatti,

      Same gotra marriages are not allowed. however if there is no connection/relationship within last 4 generations of your and boy’s family then you can marry.

      Thank you.

  13. Pankaj Kumar Dubey says:

    Can a brahmin girl (Tripathi) of Shandilya gotra be married to a brahmin boy (Dubey) of Bhardwaj gotra? I here, Shandilya is a higher gotra than Bhardwaj. Is it correct?

  14. nikunj says:

    Sirsadar pranam
    I love a girl we both are from same cast brahminanbut there is a problem her gotra is same as motgerher gotra but my gotra is different from her
    Can we marry?
    Please give solution alao

  15. Mahi thakur says:

    Sir i am a brahmin girl and i love a boy who is gupta by caste… We deeply love each other.. Our castes are different i belong to an upper caste and he is considered of lower caste and the worst thing is we belong to same gotra”kashyap”… This is bothering us a lot.. Is there any solution to this.. I don’t know whether our parents will accept us or not but we can never be happy without each other… We are perfect for each other… The understanding between us is so much that people take our relationship as an example.. We wish to spend our lives together… What to do sir… We are in huge tension

    • astrologerashish says:

      A brahmin and a vaishya cannot have same gotra. When one does not know his gotra it is assumed that he is of a kashyap gotra. A girl of higher caste marrying a boy of lower caste is not permitted but since we are living in modern age it depends on your comfort whether you want to go ahead with this or not.

  16. Bharat says:

    kashyap gotra can marry kaushik gotra

  17. Saurav says:

    I know someone from a year now and I was the idiot one who never kept the the knowledge about gotra

    We are deeply in love
    We have been broken but yet are not ready to give up
    I need to know what can be done to
    Keep close I don’t wanna lose her pls help

    We are from different states
    We have different caste but the gotra are the same

    • astrologerashish says:


      If you are from a different caste, how can gotra be same? Gotra for brahmins, kshatriyas,vaishya, kshudras etc are different as they belong to different varna but through time there has been a lot of mixing and taking over any gotra. If your families are not connected by relation in last 4 generations you can go ahead with this marriage.

      If you are deeply in love then it should not break up and if it breaks up it will be because you both were not destined to be together.

      Thank you

  18. Sunidhi says:

    Our fathers from same gotra but mothers from different gotra
    Then marriage is possible?

    And what about children
    Is any problem with their health?

    • astrologerashish says:


      The answer is “NO”.
      But if there is no connection between your families for 4 generations marriage can take place.
      Children’s health and longevity will get affected only if promise of children is already weak in horoscope. It does not happen with everyone but yes probability always remains.

      Thank you.

  19. Sunidhi says:

    Hi Sir,

    Plz help me I love a boy from past 5years. We are deeply in love and our relationship is very good. At this level I can’t leave him. He is my life ,I can’t imagine my whole world without him
    But the problem is that our Caste and Gotra both are same.
    Now what to do sir
    People say therebwill be huge problem in Child birth and all

    Plz tell me what to do now?
    Plz help me sir

  20. R Singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am a rajput boy (Gotra Shandilya) and the girl i love is Brahmin. Recently i found that her gotra is also Shandilya. Is it possible that rajput and brahmin’s gotra can be same?
    Can we marry since our Gotra is same? Kindly suggest.

    • astrologerashish says:

      No it is not possible to have same gotra if you are of different caste. You can marry if there is no Relation between 4 generations of your family.

  21. adwait wakil says:

    Hello !!
    I am a maharashtrian rigvedi brahmin guy …i m in love with a sarasvat brahmin girl …we both have the same gotra….Vashishtha…!!
    Is it alright for us ,looking for marriage..Or is it completely impossible and has no solution at all??!!
    Another one is that…How to exactly determine the ancestorial parental connections…I mean…HOW??!
    Extremely confused…plz help… Waiting for reply …Thank you!

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaskar Adwait,

      Since you are a brahmin you should know the gotra system and its importance. Vasistha is considered to be the root ancestor and all people coming under vasistha gotra are considered to be offsprings of Sage Vasistha thereby making all of them related to each other.

      Now in your case if there is no paternal connection (your father’s family and her father’s family) for last 4 generations you can get married to each other as genes tend to become weak beyond 4 generations and “may” not create genetic defects in future generations.

  22. Sai says:

    Hi ,

    I love a guy .his gotra is vennakula and mine is vinukula.can we both marry

    • astrologerashish says:


      If there is no connection between both families in last 4 generations marriage can be solemnized. If above mentioned gotra are different there is no need to do the previous mentioned check.

  23. Rahul says:

    I am a brahmin guy of vatsa gotra. I am deeply in love with a girl who is also brahmin but her gotra is also vatsa. II want to marry.My parents have no problem in this but her parents say that it is not possible. I dont want to loose her only because her gotra is same. How can gotra be more important than happiness of two people. Dont know what to do. Is this my fault or her fault that we belong to the same gotra. cant we ignore gotra. please give me a solution.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Rahul,

      If there is no connection between paternal families for last 4 generations you can go ahead and marry her.

  24. Parul chauhan says:

    Hi, I am parul chauhan. I am from uttarpradesh (saharanpur) . I am In love from last 1 years with a boy .recently we found same gotra and same caste (rajput) but his gotra vatsa n my bachhas . we are not relatives both are from uttarprades (sultanpur) but different areas.his father not agreeing about to same gotra I want to Marry him. pls suggest me , what should I do? I hope you would give best suggestion
    Thank you

    • astrologerashish says:

      Hello Parul,

      You do not belong to same gotra as mentioned by you and then you say that his father is not agreeing because of same gotra. IF gotra is different marriage is possible, if gotra is same and your (paternal) families do not have any relation with each other in last 4 generations you can marry him.

  25. suresh says:

    Hi sir

    This is suresh..we are looking matches for my sister and recently we got one new match in that..The gothra of groom(Grandhisila) is same as gothra of our means bride’s maternal uncle.Is their marriage is possible..? is there any problem to get married of same gothras of this kind of situation.?Please kindly provide suggestions..!

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Suresh ji,

      Gotra from maternal side is not considered unless the concerned person is not connected with your paternal lineage.

      In some states of south india marriage among maternal relations is also considered, you do not need to check gotra there.

  26. Diksha says:

    Hi ..I belong from Jaat family from up my bf also we both have different gotre or I can say father are from different gotre (sheoran and Rathi ) but our mother from same gotre Tomar .is our marriage is possible

  27. Hi…my name is rohit..i have a question for you.
    I love someone and i want to marry her.
    We are belong from different states different culture…we both are brahmin & same gotra…does have any problems ?
    I am from uttrakhand & she is from up..

    • astrologerashish says:

      If there is no connection between her paternal family and your paternal family for last 4 generations you can go ahead and marry.

  28. keshab says:

    hlw I’m keshab Sharma it’s been 2 years I love a girl with same surname and gotra we love so much and we committed to marry so is it fruitful to marry ? is it harmful for our future babies? please give me best suggestion.

    • astrologerashish says:

      It is not necessarily harmful for babies, same surname does not create any issue and if gotra is same and there is no connection between paternal families for last 4 generation you can go ahead and marry.

  29. Nihal says:

    This gotra system has its roots dating back to very early times. But, this science behind it – the whole X Y Chromosome bs – were the sages aware of it? I don’t think they had this much of knowledge. This was just a stupid theory they threw in the face of ignorant public.

    • astrologerashish says:


      The knowledge of sages was far more superior than anybody else in the today’s world. Today’s scientists are just spending crores just to confirm those findings and posing as if they found something new.

      If this much is accepted that the child gets DNA of both parents and even earlier generations why does your brains fail to accept that the gotra being the name of root ancestor can be somewhere linked to your dna. Further it is mentioned in this article that there should be no connection between 4 generations as dna beyond 4 generations becomes weaker to imbibe its qualities. You can be like your father, grandfather, great grandfather in qualities, looks or inherit the health defects from them, this is where the dna shows impact. So two people having the same type of dna can cause problem in future generations isn’t this a scientific explanation ? Do you doubt that you don’t inherit things from your ancestors? Science does not. You are free to marry if there is no connection in 4 generations. DNA becomes weaker with each generation to give its full effect.

      Accepting things which your eyes can see and rejecting what your brains and mind cannot fathom is definitely not a sign of genius. Secondly there was no ignorant public at that time like there is today. Westerners are copying us and understanding the deeper meanings attached to our systems and our people are copying their life style which is useless other than just giving money and freedom to behave as one wants minus samskaras.

      Further you are free to follow what you want but ignorance is also inside you so accept that before you call others ignorant. You cant be well versed in all subjects and that doesn’t mean the other subjects which are out of your grasp are waste or full of ignorance.

      When one say “I THINK” it clearly shows that his opinion is not supported by any facts or pramanas. Just because your mind does not want to accept it, you voice your opinion with other like-minded people who want things to work in their favor. This does however not change the facts.

      Thank you.

  30. umesh says:

    Recently in our community witnessed a wedding of two people with same gotra performed by our priest.although the elderly people were against this marriage.did the priest made a right decision or was he wrong?i hope you will answer because i am a member of our community and need to find some answers.thank you.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Umesh ji,

      Marriage between two people is their personal choice, consider it their destiny, Sagotra marriages are not allowed if the bride and groom are relatives. If there is no connection in 4 generations it can be done.

  31. Latika Sawant says:

    plz sir i request you plz give me the rpl plz

    • LATIKA SAWANT says:

      can u give me ans or not if not then leave it.thanks for the rpl

    • Nik says:

      Hey.. I’m not admin.. But it’s going to be fine if you marry when there is no link between your families for about 5 generation.. I’m a doctor btw and this system is outright dumb because mothers genes not taken into account just because it changes after marriage. But genes don’t behave that way..

      • astrologerashish says:

        You find this logic dumb because you could be really dumb. Nobody said that the mother’s genes are not taking into account, that is called using half brains and creating your own logics. A boy as per hindu dharma is entitled to do shodas samskaras, a boy carries the lineage forward as the daughters are given in kanya daan (I hope you know this), hence they take the name of the husbands family and are known by the gotra of husband, it is not that her gotra does not change, but since she has changed her family, she has accepted/adopted a new family she continues the gotra of the family she has gone into. The child coming in the world takes both genes, but he is born in the lineage of the husband and hence adopts his gotra as he will continue the lineage further.
        Daugthers leave the father’s house and adopt other’s house/family/gotra.
        Sons continue father’s lineage, they are entitled to shodas samskaras. There are many things which I cannot explain in this small comment box, and you should rather study shastra to understand things if you are so much interested in dispelling the notions.

        Rishees knew the genetics more than anybody else there is no need to find fault in that just because your brains cannot comprehend and understand the logics.

  32. Latika Sawant says:

    plz give the ans plz its too urgent plz give me the ans plz tell me n plz be practically tell me what should i do about this relationship plz and plz give me the ans asap plz plz plz

  33. Latika Sawant says:

    then shall i proceed or not means the marriage is possible?????according to u should i continue this relationship bcoz i dont want to take any risk about him future and about him health bcoz i love him so much.plz tell me what should i do.plz give me the ans asap

  34. Latika Sawant says:

    if me and my would be husband is belonging from same gotra instead of it if we will get marry then what type of problem will be occur??????and i m in love with a boy from last 3 and half year and at this point we know that we have same gotra. plz tell me what problem we have to face??according to u what we have to do??plz give me the ans asap?

    • admin says:

      Genetic defects can take place in such marriages, any one in future 4 generations can suffer due to birth defects of faulty genes leading to health issues rather easily.

  35. darpan says:

    I am in a love with a girl from last 3 years & recently we both knw that we have same goyra kashav & we cannot live without each & we want to marry each other ….can we ? If no …thn plz help us give me some solution plz

  36. Bansi says:

    U r not giving answer of saurabh….is there any test to know about genetic problem.

    • admin says:

      You can ask this question to a qualified doctor who can give you more information about genetics and the tests involved along with costs to find out future probable problems that can happen due to genetics. Those tests might cost many thousands or lakhs if there are any available.

  37. aravind reddy says:

    hello sir,,,here my problem is ,,,i find a girl and decided to get marry…here we came to known having same gothra..we belong to reddy caste ,,,our subcates were diffrent and sur name also different…here we dont have any relation with them from mom side and father side..and also grand parents side,,,,pls give a solution,,

    • admin says:

      There is no solution for same gotra. Same gotra itself means rishi associated with your lineage is the creator of your lineage. Some people ask others don’t follow gotra and still don’t have any problems, everybody’s problems are not visible and they are not aware of their root ancestor or lineage whereas we hindus are aware of it and know our root ancestor.

      There are two school of thoughts one is people of same gotra used to be under tutelege of one and same rishi whose gotra they get, other is that rishi is the main person due to whom your lineage came into existence.

      Gotra has no solution but people today do not follow much of this and can marry.

  38. ashwani sharma says:

    I am in love with a girl. Her gotra and my mother gotra are same . is there any problem to get married.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Ashwani,

      Gotra of maternal lineage is not considered. Only gotra of both paternal lineage should not be same.

  39. manu says:

    I am in love with a girl and now i came to know that my gotra and her mother’s gotra is common , is there any problem, if yes then what is the solution for it ???

    • admin says:

      Mother’s gotra is not considered. Girls marry and go in a new family and adopt that gotra. This is not a problem.

      • Nik says:

        That is dumb.. By your logic of genes half the genes come from mother.. How do you justify then.. Just because her surname changed her mother’s genes in her disappears??

        • astrologerashish says:

          You find this logic dumb because you could be really dumb. Nobody said that the mother’s genes are not taking into account, that is called using half brains and creating your own logics. A boy as per hindu dharma is entitled to do shodas samskaras, a boy carries the lineage forward as the daughters are given in kanya daan (I hope you know this), hence they take the name of the husbands family and are known by the gotra of husband, it is not that her gotra does not change, but since she has changed her family, she has accepted/adopted a new family she continues the gotra of the family she has gone into. The child coming in the world takes both genes, but he is born in the lineage of the husband and hence adopts his gotra as he will continue the lineage further.
          Daugthers leave the father’s house and adopt other’s house/family/gotra.
          Sons continue father’s lineage, they are entitled to shodas samskaras. There are many things which I cannot explain in this small comment box, and you should rather study shastra to understand things if you are so much interested in dispelling the notions.

          Rishees knew the genetics more than anybody else there is no need to find fault in that just because your brains cannot comprehend and understand the logics.

  40. abhishek says:

    is there anything like shasan which can be seen if gotra is same. I believe same gotra but different shasan can marry each other. Apart from this love is blind. If you have loved someone without knowing her caste or anything….then why look for things thereafter.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Abhishek,

      I Agree with your point regarding love. When love is true and hearts meet the need to look for other things is not even there, but true love seldom exists in today’s age. Everyone looks for benefits, how many people choose to live with difficulties inspite of knowing all ? Nobody wants to adjust, love looks only good before marriage when there are no struggles, need to fight with society, once that stage comes we decide to run away unable to come with the pressures. It takes courage to love, afterall 5th house is bhavat bhavam of 3rd house the house of bravery and courage. Things like love and marriage are taken for granted in today’s society with conditions apply tag.

      P.S I am not aware of Shasan, but since gotra rishi is considered the creator of that lineage, it is considered marriage in family and hence avoided.

  41. bhumika says:

    I m in love with a boy from past 3 years..we got to know that we both are bhardwaj…same gotr..we can’t live without one there any solution???

    • admin says:

      No solution to same gotra.

      • vinod says:

        Every problems have aolution how do u say no,solution with aome rituals it is done how do we comfirms that with different surname we have same gotr its fake.being same gotra we do have same surname also…

        • admin says:

          Dear vinod,

          You cannot change anybody’s genes and gotra, so some problems do not have a solution. Everything cannot be done through rituals. You can do so just to please your mind but that is not going to change the situation. There is no need to confirm the gotra, these things can even be found out by asking any priest, the gotra are attached to particular surname’s unless your ancestors or anybody has changed one. Gotra shows a lineage related to certain rishi.

          • Abhas says:

            You are a moron and people like you are a blot on society .As per your mindset you are going against law which permits same gotra marriage.Please join khaap in haryana or something ,you are the people who promote stone age mindset amongst people and than they don’t even hesitate in killing their son/daughter for fake honour ,any reasons for that ,had you been a part of Muslim community you might have favoured Sharia in India .Disgrace you are .May God curse you with worst for causing panic amongst all.

          • astrologerashish says:

            Dear Abhas,

            Your language and reactions clearly indicate your immaturity. If you read the blog properly you will understood that the articles here are aimed to remove fear from minds of people.
            The same gotra has a lot to do with genetics which is totally scientific, there is no fear instilled anywhere in this article. May god bless you with some brains so that you could prove your worth to the society.
            Those who want to go ahead with marriage can anyway and will anyway go ahead and nobody is going to kill them, they are free to do so. Keep your frustrations to yourself and don’t judge others with your distorted brains. Go get a life and do something better for the society instead of cursing others without even knowing them.

  42. Ajay says:

    Hi, I am Ajay Prasad Nautiyal. I am from Uttarakhand . I am In love from last 1 years .recently we found same gothra and caste are different (both brahmin). we are not relatives both are from uttarakhand but different areas . I am interested to marry her . pls suggest me.
    Thank you

  43. Kiran says:

    Hi, I am kiran from Andhra . I am In love from last 6 years recently we found same gothra. I am interested to marry her . pls suggest me

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kiran,

      If both the families are not relatives of each other you can go ahead. There is no point in thinking all this after 6 years of affair.

  44. Dharu says:

    I am a Gujarati Nagar(Brahmin) and she is a Marathi Deshasth Brahmin and we just found out that we both are “Kashyap” Gotra.
    Can you please share what are your thoughts and an any suggestions.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Dharu,

      Marriage in same gotra leads to genetic issues in coming generations, besides same gotra implies that the root ancestor of both families is kashyap rishi which means they are siblings or connected, however these things were strictly followed earlier, you have your own choice now to follow or not depending on your faith and beliefs, since we are in kaliyuga now, it is difficult to find the root ancestor of people in the first place with rise in so many caste and creeds, some just stick any particular gotra just for sake of it as they do not know their gotra or origin.

      Best is to match the horoscopes and go ahead if things look fine and a good marriage is promised else you can take your call.

  45. sourabh says:

    How do get to know that our last 6 generations are connected or not?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Sourabh,

      This depends on fanily to family bondings, their closeness with each other and their knowledge about their ancestors and origins, now-a-days people are not much aware of even their previous generations, leave about finding last six.

      • sourabh says:

        Is there any medical test through which we can get to know about genetic problem and its solution. Or may be there might not be any genetic problem

  46. anil kumatr says:

    if we don’t go with child then is it ok ?. or ap pandit log iska kuch solution nikalo ye bhut bdi prb h.

    • admin says:

      There are no solutions to certain things, Gotra connects to genetics as it shows lineage of a person and people in same gotra are said to be siblings.

  47. Tanmay Mishra says:

    Why doesn’t this apply to the western world. Its not like they have more genetic deformities or our society is a superior race?

    If we are so ignorant about their society(western) why do we keep quoting their research to explain out cultural practices.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Tanmay,

      Yes, Our society is a superior race, India is a punya bhoomi, karma bhoomi, it is also land of gods. some castes are definitely superior as tartamya exists everywhere in the universe.

      You have to go there and check to find out the genetic deformities, many of the dangerous diseases and problems have come from there to our country, India has a history of invasion, all have come and dumped the garbage here.
      we were not allowed to go abroad for this reasons in the early centuries, There are certain rules which you need to observe as per desh kaal, paristhiti. Even western countries have rules and fights amongst their churches and religions, there are 16 types of churches, problems exists everywhere its just that we are aware of ours.

      We go and conduct researches in there countries, our government is not keen to promote good things here, we ourselves arent keen to find, read study dharma, shastra anything. India has the history of being the richest and self sufficient, it is now that we have lost everything doubt everything and go to beg for jobs in other countries partly because of our ignorant attitudes and partly due to our governments.

  48. Harish says:

    That is a valid reason you have given to me. I am least interested in all gotra and all because I loves someone Soo much and I wanna marry her. She belongs to a baniya family from Punjab and I belongs to a Brahman family of Uttarakhand. I don’t want to have any problem to her in future because it’s our decision and I don’t want her to suffer. We are from didifferent state and different religion so how can we belongs to a same blood??
    Can you plz guide me is their any way to overcome that thing because my family and probably her also believe on it.
    We love each other a lot but family is also a part of life. And without them we can’t think happiness.

    • admin says:

      It cannot be possible for you two to be of same gotra as you both aren’t brahmins, Gotra takes us to our root ancestor from where our lineage originated. Gotra is named after a rishi which means we are born in a certain lineage of rishis, hence people of same gotra are said to be of same lineage and can cause genetic defects in future generations if such people marry.
      Boy of higher caste than girl is permitted in marriage, a brahmin marrying a kshatriya is okay as kshatriya comes next in the order, boy should be of higher caste here.

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