Kalsarpa yoga in astrology – A boon or Curse.

What is Kalsarpa yoga ?

What is kalsarpa yoga in astrology ? How is it formed ? What is the logic behind such a fright in the name of Kalsarpa yoga ? The answers to the above questions must be sought out first before letting your mind create unnecessary fears about this yoga Kalsarpa yoga is formed when all 7 planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is assumed to be the mouth of the serpent and ketu the tail. Rahu represents serpents and curse of serpents if  rahu is afflicted in the horoscope in the 5th house causing problems in having children due to curse of serpents. So Kalsarpa yoga is nothing but a “KARTARI YOGA” in which all 7 planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu. As Rahu and Ketu are Malefic planets, This yoga can be termed as “PAAPKARTARI YOGA” and nothing more than that.

Kalsarpa yoga

Kalsarpa yoga

Rahu and Ketu stay in a rashi for 18 months, Jupiter saturn stay in a sign for 13 months and 2 and a half year respectively, mars stays in a rashi for 1 and a half month, sun, venus and mercury stay in a rashi for approximately 1 month, and moon the fastest planet stays in a rashi for 2 and a half days approximately. Now for kalsarpa yoga to take place in the horoscope, the following criteria should be fulfilled :-

All the 7 planets should be placed between Rahu and ketu.

Barring moon all other 6 planets stay in a rashi for a month and more, and including moon the minimum period for the kalsarpa yoga would take place is 2 and a half days approximately. In 2 and a half days there are crores of people born all over India, Many lakhs would be born on the latitude longitude of mumbai itself, so does that mean all lakhs of them born in the span of those 2 and a half days would suffer the bad results of kalsarpa yoga ?

The Answer is Clear NO.

Kalsarpa yoga in Astrology – A boon or Curse.

A single yoga in astrology cannot be a deciding factor for good or bad results, together the scrutiny of whole horoscope would decide where the bad results of particular yoga would manifest. Definitely kalsarpa yoga is a “paapkartari yoga” which is not a good thing to have, but it does not mean that it will manifest as a curse, it can manifest as a boon if the horoscope so supports. There are 12 houses in astrology, the strength of one house means compromise of other house, if you have a strong 4th house and domestic happiness, it could mean that your 10th house of career is compromised by getting less strength, Strength of one house is always at the compromise of other as all 12 houses can never be equally strong. Similarly kalsarpa yoga might give bad results of the houses where it is happening more so if rahu or ketu are afflicted by other malefics.

E.G Rahu in 5th house aspected by mars and saturn could form a sarpa dosha creating problems for pregnancy or bearing children, miscarriages, abortions or having no children. Such people seem medically fit, yet the reason for the problems to occur is unknown even to the doctors. Rahu and ketu are just points in the sky and they do not have a physical appearance like other planets, hence the results of kalsarpa yoga and curse manifest in such a way that the problems caused cannot be detected or cured by anything, the nature of problems itself is mysterious and unknowing. Doing shaanti or remedies is never wrong as it will increase your punya but that shaanti or remedies should be done by somebody who is himself spiritually advanced and does his own sadhana regularly, somebody who is just doing all this to earn money can never provide any solace to you, besides that your chart should have indication to get rid of your problem through remedy, it the indication is not there nobody can help you as you yourself are the creator of your karma and you are bound to suffer for the deeds done in past or past life. Many people tell me that I will loose clients due to such straightforward writing, but I do not care, because I have always done astrology genuinely and do not like to fool people just for the sake of earning money, but the the realization that I am living in Kali-yuga and the need of money for my own living as everybody needs makes me charge a small fee what I do now. You cannot take responsibility of other’s house when your own house is on fire, so you should take responsibility of your own house first and then look after others is what I have learnt in all these years.

Kalsarpa yoga-Rahu and Ketu

Conclusion on kalsarpa yoga

Kalsarpa yoga is nothing but a “paap-kartari yoga” and need not be feared unless rahu and ketu are badly afflicted and the horoscope does not promise any success in life. Lakhs of people are born in the span of 2 and a half days when moon is between rahu and ketu, maximum days a moon can be between rahu and ketu along with other planets is 15 so crores of people are born in that time span all over India, it is highly impossible that all of them would suffer the bad effects of kalsarpa yoga, so there is no need to have such a fright in the name of Kalsarpa yoga. I hope my readers like this article and keep giving the support as they have always given.

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