Jupiter transit in Leo 2015

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 happens roughly around the 3rd Week of July 2015. Jupiter finally ends his stay in his exaltation sign of cancer having blessed everyone and having tasted the sweet fruits of exaltation, it now prepares to move into Leo the natural 5th house of the zodiac in the mood of penance and spirituality to restore the balance of punya which was spent in relishing the good times, it is exactly like we come from a long vacation of pleasure and start working again with full zeal to restore of lost bank balance or increase the bank balance. Leo is also a sign of Royalty belonging to the royal planet sun and hence will give a boost to the Royal people and stuff related to luxury and grandiose.

The sectors related to the 5th house are actually going to get a great benefit in the coming year, the entertainment and the media industry, arts, theatre, drama will see new talents, new trends, new landmarks, the investment in these sectors will be on increase and there may be invention or introduction of new technology in these areas. The share market or the speculation industry will also get a great boost this year but may suffer badly in 2016 when Rahu enters Leo and conjuncts Jupiter, there will be new milestones achieved in the history of various sports, games. Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 is combined with the aspect of saturn on it, hence the growth will be slow and with impediments and break, jupiter will not be free from the aspect of saturn during his whole journey in Leo. Rahu’s Entry in Leo and Conjunction with jupiter will also cause some scandals to crop up in the Entertainment industry and the politics later in 2016.

Marriages are not advised in Transit of Leo Jupiter during its vargottama phase while its transiting 13.20 degrees to 16.40 where it gets vargottama navamsha. The whole year is very much beneficial for spiritual pursuits and will give very good results to the spiritually oriented people. The concentration of many planets in the fixed sign during particular months will also give rise to natural calamities like earth quakes during 2015-16, there will be wars due to loss of sanity between nations when Jupiter and Rahu conjuct together in the coming year 2016. The prices of oil, gold will touch new high during sun’s transit in Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. The problem of global warming will rise.

Now let us take a look at the general predictions of jupiter transit in leo 2015 for all the 12 zodiac signs.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for you

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Aries

Jupiter transits the 5th house of your zodiac which will be beneficial for you as the 9th lord of your zodiac is transiting the 5th house which will give you the fruits of your purva punya (past merits), students can expect improvement in grades and studies, there will be opportunities for recognition for those in field of media, education, sports, entertainment etc. Those married can expect to have children this year as the transit of Jupiter through the 5th house will bless you with children. There will be good opportunities for monetary gains. Undertaking religious journeys or doing regular “Brahmana bhojana” or seva will be beneficial for you.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Tauras

Jupiter enters the 4th house of your zodiac this year and aspects your 10th house improving your career prospects and will give you ample opportunities for promotions, employment etc. It is not so beneficial for students and they should try to keep their focus on studies. Those looking to purchase property can go ahead as saturn and jupiter both aspect the 4th house activating prospects for purchase of commercial or residential property, this transit is also good for inheritance of property. Tauras have a great year ahead w.r.t to professional growth and domestic peace and happiness.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Gemini

Jupiter transits the 3rd house from your zodiac sign and will aspect the 7th and 11th house, it is a good time for those looking to get married and settle down in life, the aspect of Jupiter on the 11th is also good for financial gains and gains through friend circle. Those in the sector of communication, call centers, Information technology, media, writers will have a good period. Its a good time for students who are looking ahead to go for further studies/ higher education. Short journeys will be fruitful and there will be gains through contacts in journeys.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Cancer

Jupiter transits the 2nd house from your zodiac sign, you can expect a new member in your family, this year ahead will see many good things happening in the family, financial position will get better, there will be good career opportunities and prospects for promotions will be there, keep control on eating, avoid eating too much sweets or else you will suffer from disease of stomach or become obese. Focus on financial planning and wealth generation will be the key mantra of 2015-16.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Leo

Jupiter transits in your zodiac sign/Lagna rashi this year, presence of Jupiter in Ascendent will bring radiance to your face and make you gain weight, those who are looking to gain weight and body building have a good year ahead, Jupiter aspects your 5th, 7th and 9th house activate the most important trines in the horoscope, those who are looking forward to tie the wedding knot have entered a favorable period, Jupiter will also bless you with children in the coming year, its a very good time for students to get good grades, long journeys will be fruitful. Overall a very good year for Leo people ahead.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Virgo

Jupiter transits the 12th house from your zodiac sign, this transit is not so good for virgo people except for those who are looking to go abroad, this is an excellent period for those in hospitality sector, foreign services, exports, nursing etc. This transit will be good for spiritual people as jupiter is placed in moksha trikona and aspects 4th and 8th houses, those looking or settlement abroad or going abroad will get opportunities for the same. Keep a tab on your finances, there is a possibility of big losses in business or loss through government as saturn also aspects jupiter in Leo. Legal issues might crop up.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Libra

Jupiter transits the 11th house from your zodiac and your good time is going to continue this year with good improvements in the area of finances, friends circle and studies. Librans have a very good year ahead as many of you will be meeting your spouse, the aspect of jupiter on the 5th and the 7th at the same time will kindle romance and give success in love affairs, many affairs will culminate into marriage, those looking to plan a baby ahead have a very good year and your efforts will be rewarded. All round prosperity will continue to be there for libra or tula rashi.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Scorpio

Jupiter transits the 10th house from your zodiac which marks this as a very important year for changes in career patterns, saturn is already aspecting your 10th house, jupiter entering it will shift the whole focus on the 10th house. Jupiters aspect on 2nd and 6th will also make you plan your finances and wealth generation will be the key to this year’s agenda. There will be a purchase of new property or vehicle, 2015-16 indicates shifting to new place or getting transfer for those who are in government jobs. You will get the favor of your bosses and subordinates this year, students will get recognition as the 5th lord is transiting the 10th house which will bring you in the lime-light through means of some achievement.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Sagittarius

Jupiter transits the 9th house from your zodiac sign moving out of the 8th house finally, you will be blessed with good fortune and luck in the coming year, visiting holy places, getting blessings of saints, long journeys, getting royal favor will be on cards this year, Jupiter passing through the 9th house will activate your luck and amend many of the pending tasks and projects, Your confidence and reputation will be enhanced, Long due promotions can be expected in your favor, those in higher education and research will do well, those expecting children will be blessed by Jupiter. It is a good time to start religious works.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Capricorn

Jupiter transits the 8th house from your zodiac which does not augur well for you this year as saturn the lagna lord aspects jupiter in the 8th house, loss of property or money can be expected this year so be careful with your investments, this is a time for rejuvenation, you will get interested in the occult, spiritual pursuits, yoga etc. Those planning to go abroad should try their luck now as there will be opportunities to go abroad, Health should be looked after as Saturn aspecting 8th Jupiter will be bad for health matters. Students should focus more and more attention on studies, do not leave anything for the last minute as sudden health issues may upset your plans and bring bad grades in the exams.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Aquarius

Jupiter transits the 7th house from your zodiac and it activates the 7th house of marriage for many of you to tie the wedding knots, go start hunting for your spouse, the time for wedding bells is close, you will be having an all round prosperity as jupiter aspects the ascendent making you cheerful and gain weight, it aspects the 11th and 3rd giving good financial prosperity and benefits from friends and short travels. You will make good contacts in the coming year which will prove beneficial to you in future. Make the most of your good time.

Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 for Pieces

Jupiter enters the 6th house from your zodiac sign, keep control on your diet or you will be suffering from over-eating. Do not booze too much else your liver has a good chance of getting damaged this year as saturn also aspects the jupiter in the 6th, A strict warning for pieces is to keep their food and drinking habits under check. There is a possibility of legal hassles for some of you, avoid getting into fights and illegal stuff, students should focus more on studies as this year is not going to be good for you unless you have a really strong horoscope and a well placed 5th house/lord. Health will be a concern for many of you in the coming year. You can expect a really good time in career if you take care of your health, finances will be good and you will make good money/profits this year. Remember Health is wealth.

A Tip for All Zodiac signs

Jupiter in Leo is going to be placed in the 5th house of natural¬† zodiac, do as much as “Brahman Bhojana”, “poojas”, it is a very good time to increase your spiritual bank balance as this can be considered as a special transit for the same.

Disclaimer :- These are very general predictions related to Jupiter transit in Leo 2015 and actual results will vary for everyone according to the combinations and promise in individual horoscopes, Each horoscope is unique and should be seen in detail for overall results along with dashas and other factors which gives more accurate results, Wishing you all a happy transit of Jupiter in Leo. Have a great year ahead Folks !!!


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