Gatari Amavasya Misconceptions

Gatari Amavasya comes in Hindu month of “आषाढ” , a day before Hindu Shravan Month. The intention to write this article is to remove Gatari amavasya misconceptions.

There is no festival as “gatari” mentioned anywhere in our Dharma. The term gatari is probably spread by some drunkards or liquor sellers who want to grow their sales volume before onset of Shravan month.

आषाढी Amavasya is a very pious day where one is supposed to do “Deep Pooja”, it is known as Deep amavasya. The light of Diya removes darkness in our life, it is a day to worship diya (Lamp of oil/ghee) and express our gratitude for providing light and removing darkness from our life.

Gatari Amavasya Misconceptions

Gatari Amavasya Misconceptions

आषाढी Amavasya is not a festival to have non-vegetarian food and liquor but rather to celebrate by lighting lamps with shudha cow ghee and cleaning your house to remove all negative energies. One can clean the entire house with salt water to remove all negativity and negative energy in the morning. Clean all diyas in the house, light them with Cow ghee in the morning and Oil in the evening. Cleaning Bathroom by head of family has special importance on this day. One should do “Deep Puja” at home and temple on this auspicious day.

This day should be aptly called “Deep Amavasya” celebrated to pay our gratitude to lamps for lighting our life with light and showing us path in darkness.

It is a request to people to stop spreading such rumours and malice which is spoiling our great traditions and culture, especially the youth of today is fed with all wrong information and our great festivals and culture is being damaged. Such a great parvakaal and opportunity is missed by people.

Celebrating this Festival will bring prosperity and positivity to your house, but look what is being done on such a auspicious day.

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