Concept of rinanubandhan in astrology – Past life and astrology

Concept of Rinanubandhan in Astrology

Concept of Rinanubandhan in astrology

Concept of Rinanubandhan in astrology

I am sure you must have heard the word “Rinanubandhan”, What is Rinanubandhan and what is concept of rinanubandhan in astrology? Hindu astrology is based on rebirths and law of karma. There cannot be astrology without the mention of rebirths and law of karmas. Every individual, every soul who comes in contact with you on this earth meets you due to some Rinanubandhan that he has with you, Be it your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, lover, wife even your dogs, cats, pets where you develop some bonding with them is due to rinanubandhan,  We meet for a purpose and once the purpose is fulfilled we drift apart. There are numerous examples of people you meet out of blue who become so important in your life that you could not even have imagined in your wildest dreams that you could meet someone the way you actually met. Why does this happen ? Why do certain people become so important in your life ? Why do you get attached to somebody miles away from you irrespective of having more than a hundreds and thousands of people around you ? Read out to find more about the Concept of Rinanubandhan in astrology.

What is Rinanubandhan ?

Rinanubandhan simply means and invisible chord that ties you together due to undischarged debts which are brought forward in this life from your past lives, your life can be compared to a balance sheet statement in Accounts which shows assets and liabilities, debtors and creditors for a certain year which is equivalent to certain births which are carried forward as opening balance in subsequent births, all the concepts/laws/principles we frame can be understood as a microscopic form taken from the macroscopic form, they are the reflection of larger universal laws broken into smaller material laws. There is a deep connection of astrology and past life. Rinanubandhan is caused due to undischarged debts you have with a certain soul which gets in some body in the present birth and gets associated with you to balance your accounts and close the balance sheet. Once the undischarged debts are over, the person vanishes from your life like anything, he can be a cause of huge grief, sorrow, big happiness, injury, support etc to you in this life depending on the pending settlement of your karmas with him. You can easily turn back to your life and ponder over the memories of good and bad things and people associated with it and how they have vanished after their roles were over.

For example if you died without discharging huge debts in the previous life you can be born in a family where you have to look after your ill mother, father or somebody else be it relatives and spend huge money on them, this way your debts are cleared. If you were had given a lot of money to people you will be born with those people as you friends, relatives, mother, father and would spend a huge amount on you for your illness, studies, betterment, though it can be utilized or wasted depending on your destiny. Even a dog or cat or a bird who is your pet is connected to you by some rinanubandhan, though you are enjoying ur presence they may be suffering from the punishment of being jailed, not having freedom due to their own karmas and may be at the same time enjoying good food, lavish lifestyle according to their good karmas.

Further we humans do not have the capacity to remember our past births for some very valid reasons, what if you come to know that the mother of your past life is your wife in the present life ? How will you react ? There is a reason for everything god has not revealed to you. “WE TEND TO FORGET THAT IT IS THE SOUL WHICH IS ETERNAL, IT IS ONLY LOVE THAT IS REAL”, The relations in form of human body or for that matter any physical body are just a part of rinanubandhan or undischarged debts, only true love remains all the other things vanish.

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If you go through Books of Dr. Brain Weiss, sometimes past life mother,father,friend or even enemy becomes present life wife,husband! If a relationship continues, it means still there are lessons to be learnt. Astrology helps you to delineate your relations with all and the happiness or grief you will get through the relations, your birth horoscope is a very powerful tool to let you know about everything and prepare you to accept few things which cannot be changed due to your bad karmas, doing remedies and increasing your sadhana helps you to sail safely in your bad times, but does not change destiny completely except in a very few cases where this can happen due to blessings of saints and god himself.

Thus Concept of Rinanubandhana is a very important aspect of astrology since astrology is based on the law of karma and past life. Listen to a beautiful song which represents the concept of Rinanubandhan in astrology.

Movie Aa lag jaa gale

Song Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi…

Watch the wonderful video and I am sure it will take you into flashback and make you wonder about all those relationships which happened in the past, the rinanubandhana

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