Cesarean Birth Muhurat

Cesarean Birth Muhurat

Cesarean Births has become a trend today as many couples plan and have children late in life where normal deliveries are not possible with increasing age for everyone, Some want their babies to be born at auspicious time, whereas others do it to avoid the pains associated with normal deliveries. Every parents want their baby who will prove lucky for them, who will achieve something in life and make a name for himself and the family, basically they are also concerned about the well-being of their children, so they opt for C-section or Cesarean birth Muhurat from astrologers. The fact is astrologers cannot alter the destiny of parents if they do not have the basic promise of good children in their horoscopes. Astrologers can just alter the destiny of children to some extent by choosing a good muhurat for childbirth if doctors recommend so, but even then it will happen as pre-destined by god or by the karmas of the parents, Good karma of this life also helps to improve the destiny to some extent. I do not encourage people to choose a muhurat for the baby where not required or force the doctor if there is no need for doing so as there could be a potential risk of causing damage to the health of baby and mother both and besides astrologer is not god and neither someone who can change god’s laws and will.

If your doctor has suggested a Cesarean birth and if you want to choose the best muhurta in the prescribed time frame given by the doctor, you can contact me for Cesarean birth muhurat. Please do try to plan your baby by risking your and your baby’s life if the doctor is denying cesarean birth, Take Guidance of medical professionals first as they know what is in the best interest for you and your baby’s health.

TIP :- It is always better to consult an astrologer before planning a baby and taking a broad time frame of 20-30 days in advance and try for a baby accordingly keeping in mind the dates for birth in the 9th month. Also consult a gynecologist to know about proper methods of conceptions along with astrologer, following this practical advice might help in proper planning.

Some web portals are publishing c-section or cesarean birth muhurat in the format given below :-

11-February-2014 10:00 to 11:00hrs.

12-February-2014 14:00 to 15:00hrs

13th February 2014 17:00 to 19:00hrs.

This kind of C-section muhurat are simply generalized rubbish and should be avoided for your own benefit, It is always beneficial to consult a good astrologer and get customized cesarean muhurat after complete study and understanding of the planetary positions of the present time, the horoscopes of parents are checked for promise of child and transit of moon for fixing a good day of delivery for mother to avoid any complications.

People have multiple misconceptions like simply selecting a good date, or a good tithi, or a good Nakshatra alone suffices for Auspicious c-section muhurat. Regrettably this is not right and a mere misconception. In fact one needs to find everything including a good date, tithi, nakshatra, yoga, planetary combinations, ascendant and navamsha being the most important if choosing some of the above is not possible, you can avoid a good date, day, or tithi but choosing a good ascendant, a good planetary position and navamsha is of utmost importance in casting a Auspicious Cesarean Muhurat. An auspicious cesarean birth muhurat is a sum total of everything mentioned above. Just having a birth on Moola Nakshatra for example won’t alter the destiny if other things are good, only 1st 48 ghatika or 1st Quarter of that Nakshatra is to be avoided generally.

Do not forget to read my article on C-section muhurat and C-section Muhurat Myths and Facts before consulting for auspicious cesarean birth muhurat.

What do you need to send for getting auspicious Cesarean birth Muhurat?

  • Due date for delivery and for how many tentative days do you need the timings.
  • Place of birth of the expected baby.
  • Birth details of both mother and father to check promise of child in their horoscope and see moon transit for finalizing dates of surgery in horoscope of mother.
  • Hospital working hours.

What you will get in the C-section muhurat report :-

  • A good day which includes good tithi, yoga.
  • A good lagna/ascendant depending on the best planetary positions available on that particular day and fine tuned time upto a good navamsha within 10-15 minutes time frame. It is impossible to go beyond this, A good birth horoscope with a good navamsha is enough.
  • A well placed moon within the given time frame and a good nakshatra, more than the nakshatra of moon the dasha at birth is important as the moon holds the keys to unlock the path of life with the trend of mahadasha starting from moon nakshatra. The mahadashas hold the promise of fructifying good and bad yogas in the horoscope.
  • Good significations of planets w.r.t to health, longevity, education, financial prospects, overall general well-being. The best of whatever is available will be chosen.
  • A good Navamsha lagna will be chosen narrowing down the time frame to 10 minute window, A good birth horoscope and a good navamsha are enough.
  • Parashara Muni praises benefics in kendras and malefics in upachaya for example and kp says connection of 1st cuspal sublord to 1,5,9 is good for sound health and longevity, good dashas signifying 4,9,11 etc are good for education during years of education, such principles are adhered to where ever possible and the best available combinations and options are chosen for c-section or cesarean birth muhurat.

We will be giving you many options for best cesarean muhurat, but a child’s birth at that given time depends solely and entirely on the almighty and your doctors since there are emergencies when the delivery happens on the other time than decided earlier*.

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