Astrology and Gemstones

Astrology and Gemstones

People often ask this question “Which gemstone should I wear ?
There is lot of misunderstandings related to the use of gemstones in astrology. People think them as magic pills which will change their destiny. There is definitely a science behind use of gemstones and it has been proved that they are a source of cosmic radiations called as cosmic rays which are available in condensed form on the earth in these gems. Research studies show that the cosmic rays emanated by different planets are similar to the color spectrum of corresponding gems. The cosmic energy is reflected and absorbed in the human body through the gemstones of particular planets. This can be referred to as cosmic ray therapy. Astrology and gemstones have a deep connection since ancient times.


Cosmic Ray Therapy” is a scientific method of rectifying the shortage of certain colors radiated by planets causing effects on human beings. Each body has a distinct combination of colors based on the planetary positions which exist at the time of birth of that person. Here some planets are strong yet afflicted by other planets making their cosmic rays polluted and unbalanced due to which we experience negative results or deficiency in the results of those particular planets.

Let me quote an example here :-

You have a bulb of 10 Watts in your room. There is a lot of dust accumulated on that bulb which does not allow it to give full light of 10 watts. You see that a lot of dust has accumulated on it, you go and wipe away the dust particles, after that the bulb is able to emanate more light as per its power, now you get full 10watt light from this bulb.

A strong but afflicted planet is like a 10watt bulb covered by dust making it unable to give full results. Once you wear the gemstone of such a planet its cosmic rays will balance the colors and vibrations in the body by supplementing the required cosmic rays.

astrology and gemstones

astrology and gemstones

Here you need to observe one thing, A 10 watt bulb will always give 10watt light similarly as per the strength of planets in your horoscope you will be able to get the results accordingly, you will never get 20watts light from a bulb which has 10watts of power capacity. Similarly you will get results of planets according to their power in the horoscope. Suppose a planet is debilitated, weak in age, afflicted by malefics and also in dusthanas, here gemstones won’t help much as the planet is already weak and does not have any capacity to give results. On the other hand a strong and well placed planet in good houses but afflicted by malefics by aspects of conjuction can be able to give results after using the gem of that certain planets by balancing its cosmic rays.

Thus there is a very deep relation of astrology and gemstones and gems are used to balance the cosmic rays in the human body which in turn make you feel relaxed over a period of time as the rays are absorbed in your body. The use of gems does not change your fate or destiny but only balances the cosmic rays in the body thereby giving you clarity of thought and action, relaxed mind, reducing certain problems inside the body due to imbalance of cosmic rays etc. All this results in increased concentration, focus and clear mind which has good effect on your career, life etc.

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