Monthly Horoscope subscription

Get personalized Monthly Horoscope readings from your own horoscope to your email every month through our Monthly Horoscope Subscription.

What do I you get in a Monthly Horoscope Subscription ?

You will get Monthly predictions based on your personal horoscope transit and Lunar return chart which helps you to understand the challenges and opportunities in any given month helping you to plan your activities accordingly.

You can opt out of this service anytime.

To Make this offer more interesting, I am giving a one free prashna service every month for first 100 Subscribers along with this Monthly horoscope subscription. You can ask me one free question every month.

How to get this offer?

Make a payment of 3 months monthly horoscope subscription in advance and you get 1 monthly horoscope reading every month plus an opportunity to ask one free prashna every month for 3 months.

Monthly Horoscope subscription charges are 499/- INR for Indians here and 9.99 USD for Foreign Nationals here.