Who should Wear Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire also popularly known as Pukhraj or पुष्कराज is a gem of planet Jupiter. It is known as a fortune gem because the wearer or this gem attracts fortune and luck, there is rarely any side effect from this gemstone except that a very high carat genuine yellow sapphire can cause problems of liver. In this article, we will cover the benefits of wearing yellow sapphire and Who should wear yellow sapphire ?

Chemical composition of Yellow sapphire is as follows :

Specific Gravity 3:4, Hardness – 8, 3 and a half times heavier than water.

Jupiter being the ruler of natural 9th house of the horoscope is known as the bhagya and dhanakaraka planet, Every ceremony or event in human life requires the blessings of brihaspati. All religious ceremonies and good events right from Shodas samskaras, Marriage, children, education, Dharma, success, recognition require blessings of guru which is why this gemstone is known as the fortune gem.

Who should Wear yellow sapphire
Who should Wear yellow sapphire

Yellow sapphire is also known as a balancing gem it helps to control the negative effects of other malefic planets in the horoscope. Jupiter by its amrit dristi reduces the misfortunes of a jataka in any area where it aspects.

  • Those who have good prospects of wealth, prosperity, success and fame in the horoscope will see very good results after wearing yellow sapphire whereas those who have very bad planetary positions and malefic influences will see their conditions getting manageable to a good extent.
  • Those who suffer from stomach ache, stomach issues, liver problems, vaat roga, ruthless nature/cold emotions, laziness, digestion issues, mental worries, phobias, mental stress will find good relief after wearing yellow sapphire.

Who benefits from wearing yellow sapphire ?

  • Professors, people in education field, managers, doctors, high class officers, priests, astrologers, people in research, knowledge related domain benefit more by wearing yellow sapphire.
  • Those who are having problems in family life, having mental weakness, mental worries, lack of financial stability, short temper, tamasic nature benefit from wearing this gemstone.
  • Those who are having problems in getting married can wear yellow sapphire.
What are the effects of wearing yellow sapphire ?

The effects of yellow sapphire start showing within a few months of wearing it, Maturity creeps in, jataka starts behaving responsibly, there is an increase in thirst to gain knowledge, a desire to learn is born, jataka slowly becomes cultured, problems in family life or grihastashram start resolving slowly, situations/conditions become favorable, jataka will overcome his fears, worries, laziness and there will be visible improvement in financial prospects, religious ceremonies happen, neighbors and people surrounding you act in your favor or relations improve with people. Anger subsides, maturity comes and all such changes lead to bhagyodaya of the jataka.

Some people do gain weight and start getting a very matured, calm and look on face after wearing yellow sapphire.

तात्पर्य – पुष्कराज हे उत्तम भाग्य रत्ना आहे. ज्यांचा भाग्योदय होत नाहीये, विवाह जुळत नाहीये अश्या सगळ्यांनी हे रत्नं धारण केल्यास काही महिन्यातच खूप चांगले अनुभव येतात.

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