Vipareet Rajyoga

I have been asked about Vipareet rajyoga by readers and my clients numerous times and I realized that I had not written a single article on this kind of yoga. A yoga in astrological terms means union of two or more planets or a union of house and planet in a horoscope. There are so many numerous yogas in astrology many of which are not even known and lost with time. This is what makes astrology a super science having unfathomable depths.

What is Vipareet rajyoga?

Vipareet rajyoga is related to planets ruling the dusthanas in astrology. The 6th, 8th and 12th house which are considered as the dusthanas in astrology. The lord of 6th, 8th and 12th interchanging houses with each other form a vipareet rajyoga. The lords of these houses do not give good results in other houses apart from 6,8,12. They spoil the results of the house where every they get placed in the horoscope. On contrary if they are placed in 6,8,12 houses only they will increase the good results related to those houses.

Why Vipareet Rajyoga?

It is known by the name because it gives results that are not acceptable to societal norms at times whereas in other words this yoga takes something while giving something. You achieve money at the cost of health, you achieve success at the cost of death of near and dear one’s. You have to loose something when you achieve something in this yoga. It can give a bad reputation than a good reputation, It can give fame but a bad one. Your underworld ka don or galli ka dada comes under a vipareet rajyoga. Even many politicians today rise due to vipareet rajyoga in their respective horoscopes.

This yoga is formed due to union of lords of negative houses, these houses do not give very good results most of the time and hence the yoga associated with these houses will give good only after doing bad. The people who constantly rise and fall can have vipareet rajyoga in their horoscopes. The 6th house also being an upachaya house is much better than the 8th and 12th house. But 6th house will give health troubles, surgeries and troubles from enemies even if it gives success in competitions, financial success, promotions and positions in jobs. The 6th house will sometimes make you become a bad person for success.

The 8th house is the worse of all dusthana houses as it brings innumerable problems from past life. The sufferings related to this house are incurable and stick to you like a leech until they suck out the life force out of you leaving you dead. The 8th house on the positive side is good only for spiritual people, mystics, metaphysical studies, engineering and research oriented studies. The professions connected to mining, oil and petroleum industry, geology, archaeology, sex and sex related professions, occult, metaphysics, engineering fall in the 8th house domain. There is always a risk element associated with this house. Ups and downs are regular features of people having strong 8th house. You have Shri Amitabh Bacchan as a good example with many planets in the 8th house. 8th house brings a strong suffering which is of incurable and chronic nature which will go away only after your death.

12th house is the house of all losses, the loss of body consciousness, the loss of self etc. Any planet associated with 12th house will give loss however 8,12 fall in the moksha trikona of 4,8,12 and hence give very good results for spiritual seekers. 12th house also represents foreign journeys, long travels from your homeland as it is the 9th house from 4th. People travel far and wide to seek something. 12th house can also show foreign income if the lord is connected with 11th house in a positive way.

Vipareet rajyoga would give excellent results and rise if the planets involved in vipareet rajyoga are unaffected and aspected by benefics. A VRV involving benefics will give easy results without much struggle and efforts whereas one involving malefics will give success after very hard struggle and fight. Any planet in dusthana aspected by a malefic and connected with a malefic would further spell doom.

Vipareet rajyoga is good in terms of material achievements but it is not good for a peaceful life most probably due to the problems it brings along with it, It is good for those who are made for public life, bigger things, and do not care much about personal and family life. It will give you a very good rise at the expense of some other bigger loss in life. It has the potential to make a rags to riches and riches to rags story.

Vipareet rajyoga examples

Vipareet Rajyoga

Vipareet Rajyoga

This horoscope belongs to a person having 3 petrol pumps in south delhi. He earns around half a crore of monthly income. There are all benefics in the angles in jala rasi including the 10th lord which obviously makes the horoscope strong. There is a vipareet Rajyoga in this horoscope as well. The 12th lord is exalted in the 8th house. This horoscope has very strong pancha mahapurush yogas in rashi chart and excellent dhanayogas from chandra kundali other than vipareet rajyoga.


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