Shubh Muhurat for Conception

Shubh muhurat for conception or Garbhadhan muhurat

Garbhadhan samskara is the first step to Shodasha samskaras which is the process of purification of soul and human being right from birth to death. Each of these samskaras are practiced at various stages from before birth to death and after death. It starts with Garbhadhana Muhurta or Shubh Muhurat for Conception. This ensures that conception instead of being an accident should be a pre-planned affair, family planning is an age old concept, however now-a-days we think that we are so forward by family planning, the family planning done today has no significance because its planning is mainly connected with settlement and financial goals. The above Garbhadhan muhurta itself is a wonderful concept where one can have a really virtuous and blessed child with proper planning. “Suputra or Sukanya”, offcourse there should be such promise in horoscope, apart from the promise doing things in a good muhurta helps to reduce to downfalls or the negative aspects.

I felt the need to write this article as people seem to have forgotten such a wonderful way of family planning by our vedic lore, it is a shastra sammat way of planning a child who can potentially be healthy and give you happiness. It can be extremely beneficial and even help to reduce negative aspects of your horoscope’s promise. How can that happen? It can happen when one has amassed good punya with worship in this birth (you get good grades when you have studied hard and smart), you can get boons or divine blessings like you get political favors or special favors in material world when you get into good books of such powerful people, so why not get in the good books of god who is the most powerful and ever ready to bestow boons on those who meditate into him. Everything has a process, like a medical treatment is a process – you cannot say i just meditated and got cured you are bound to follow a medication procedure depending on the graveness of your disease or ailment, a spiritual remedy is a process, getting siddhis is a process, it is not like “I just pray to him with my heart” and done, these are all recently spread stuff to avoid hard work and satisfy self ego with short cut methods, shastra has laid down the ways to perform remedies for a reason. The yogis and saints were no fools to spend hours in meditation, japa, tapa, yagya, because that is the way to achieve particular siddhis, the puranas are full of such stories how even gods and demons used to pray for getting boons, kshatriyas had powerful astras which were result of siddhis and boons.  This is just to give you a brief background and a conclusion that the pre-destined can be overcome or rather improved to some extent with hard work or remedies but it takes years. Nothing happens overnight.

Coming to Shubh muhurat for conception we will see the rules laid down by shastra for Garbhadhan Muhurta.

Shubh muhurat for conception

This samskara ensures that conception instead of being an accident should be a pre-planned affair at an auspicious time with religious purity when husband and wife meet with a definite object of having progeny. This samskara is said to do away with all impurities related to conception and reproductive system of female so as to ensure the birth of lucky and Healthy child.

  • Time – Conception should be done between 4th and 16th Night from the day of Menstruation. Conception on Even nights 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th ,12th, 14th, 16th  is said to give male child and Odd nights 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th is said to give female child. There are many other factors involved apart from the promise in birth horoscope. Conception on 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th nights is specifically considered auspicious.
  • NakshatrasGood nakshatras for conception are all fixed nakshatras (Uttara-phalguni, Uttara-shada, Uttara-bhadrapada and Rohini), Mrigshira, Anuradha, Hastha, Swati, Dhanistha and shatabhisha are also good. All aggressive nakshatras and teekshna nakshatras are to be avoided (Poorva-phalguni, Poorva-shadha, Poorva-bhadrapada, Bharni, Magha, Moola, Jyestha, Ardra, Ashlesha, Krittika, Revati). Other nakshatras are medium.
  • Tithis – 1,3,5,7,10,12,13 are best. Riktha tithis 4,9,14 are to be avoided. 6,8,11 should also be avoided. Amavasya and pournima should also be avoided.
  • Days – Days of benefics are good Friday, Thursday, Wednesday and Monday is medium or good in shukla paksha.
  • Lagna – Conception lagna should have benefics in kendra and trikonas and malefics in upachaya houses. Lagna should be aspected by Male planets Sun, Mars and Jupiter. Moon should be in odd navamsha.
  • Chandra bala should be seen for both male and female.
  • A related sub-ceremony known as “nisheka” or first coitus, it should be done on benefic days, benefic tithis in Rohini, Mrigshira, Pushya, Hastha, Uttara-bhadrapada and Revati nakshatra avoided first 3 hours of night in a cheerful mood and friendly disposition.

To be Avoided

  1. Avoid vyatipat yoga, Vaidhriti and first half of parigha yoga.
  2. Avoid Bhadra and Malefic days, tithi, nakshatra and lagna gandaantas.
  3. Ending 1 ghati (24 minutes) of poorna tithi (panchami/Dashami/Pournima/Amavasya) and starting 1 ghati (24 minutes) of nanda (Pratipat/shasthi/ekadashi) should be avoided.
  4. Lagna and Rashi gandaantas should be avoided.
  5. Solar and Lunar eclipse days should be avoided.
  6. Jamna and Vadha tara of both husband and wife should be avoided.

There are various samskaras after pregnancy to avoid miscarriages like punavasana to be performed in 2nd or 3rd month, seemanta in last 2,3 months to protect pregnant women from evil forces, the purpose is to emphasize the need to keep the pregnant women happy as it has favorable impact on child. Certain other religious acts performed in this samskara emphasize the need of proper care in last 2-3 months of pregnancy. Seemantha samskara is performed in 6th or 8th month when lord of month is powerful in pregnancy. Vishnu puja is performed in 8th month to protect child in the womb.

The performing of above samskaras ensure birth of a good and healthy child, the garbhadhaan Muhurta or shubh muhurta for conception is a part of family planning only. A birth of baby with a good horoscope or auspicious planetary position ensures that parent’s will have good resources to fulfill his requirements not because it will improve luck of parents but because the child is destined to get good things then the situations automatically start improving for parents as well.

Apart from Shubh muhurat for conception one can also go for Auspicious Muhurat for Cesarean delivery if doctors suggest it. In my view a natural delivery is always the best, but now-a-days it has become a trend to advice every couple to go for C-section as it probably gives more money to doctors. You can also contact me for pregnancy related Mediclaim from Religare which covers the cost of hospitalization saving your money. Those who are planning a baby in next 2 years can opt for joy today which has a waiting period of 9 months and those who plan to have a baby within next 5 years can go for joy  tomorrow which has a waiting period of 24 months. This will be helpful to cover the prenancy related pre and post natal expenses with c-section and hospitalization expenses covered as well. It also gives a cover to baby apart from giving you income tax benefits. It is a good mediclaim to gift for newly married couple.

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Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Namaste Sir,

    We both the spouse have star sign libra kindly advice us the best time to start pregnancy. Also advice me to submit which more data that will help you to give us a best date for starting our pregnancy.

  2. Neha says:

    Sir I am planning a child kindly let me know the best garbhadharan muhurta for the coming one year so that I may try on the 12th, 14th and 16th nights of my cycle if it coincides

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Neha,

      I have sent an email with consultation details for Garbhadhan muhurta. Kindly check the same.

  3. Ankita Sharma says:

    Hii I’m ankita
    My date of birth is 19 march 1988
    I’m in London. .
    I would like to know about baby conception.
    Which is good mahurat to conceive.

  4. LS says:

    Dear Sir, i am 42 years old european woman and thus not that Young to have a first child (so was advised to try each month). This month, my ovulation was on 6.12.18 so had intercourse on 6 and 7.12. These days were new moon days and according to vedic astrology unauspicious. Now i am a bit worried. Thanks for your advice.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Lisbeth,

      No problem I believe all will be good, if you have not conceived you can opt for conception muhurta services from next time onwards.

      Thank you

  5. Rashmi says:

    Hello sir.namasthe.this is dought menstrual date is November 13 . 25 th date and nakshathra matches for conception .i.e mrugashira and it ok if the day doesn’t in confusion.plz help me

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Rashmi,

      Yes, Nakshatra and Panchami tithi is good. For more details like the promise of a child in both horoscopes, prospective positive dasha periods and knowing good nakshatras for moon transit you can opt for paid consultations.

      Thank you.

  6. Rajbir sidhu says:


    My name is Rajbir Kaur Sidhu, DOB 26/02/1981, time 11:00am, city: pehowa kurukshetra. I would like to know about the right time to conceive second child.

    Thanks and regards

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