Rajju porutham compatibility

Rajju porutham compatibility is one over hyped compatibility aspects of match-making in south India. It is considered as one of the most important aspects in matching of horoscopes of the bride and the groom. The horoscopes that come for match-making in South India are merely rejected on the basis of Same rajju, They say that horoscopes having same rajju are incompatible and marriage between such couples will result in death of the partner. Let us read about rajju porutham compatibility in this article.

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Making such a bold statement irrespective of taking a look at the combinations in the horoscope of both bride and groom, their basic promise for marriage and married life, longevity etc is really ridiculous. A very few dare to go ahead and Marry in south-India irrespective of the Rajju porutham compatibility.

A friend of mind in South-India gave me some horoscopes with same rajju and the couples are having a good married life and are staying abroad. He said there were no big issues in their life due to Same rajju. He also told me that the horoscopes are just rejected based on same rajju by astrologers there and they do not even proceed to check them further, they get horoscopes for match-making in bulk and this is one of the criteria to reject horoscope and reduce the workload of checking horoscopes. In North India Rajju is not given so much importance and there have been no problems in marriage of people so far with the same rajju horoscopes. Rajju is just one part of match-making and cannot decide the over all destiny based on just one aspect of the match-making.

In Rajju the 27 nakshatras or Asterisms are divided in 5 groups and each group is assigned to a particular body part of the human body. The Nakshatras of the girl and the boy should not belong to the same group else it is called as the same rajju and this is considered incompatible. The Rajju is attached to the well-being and longevity of marriage hence nobody is prepared to take the risk and go ahead with the marriage proposals.

There are 5 groups of Rajju as given in the table below :-

Rajju porutham compatibility

Rajju porutham compatibility

The above table shows 5 groups namely Kantha, Kati, Pada, Siro and Kukshi. In each group you can see the nakshatras in horizontal line.

For E.g The Kantha Rajju dosha will be applicable if both husband and wife are born in any of the nakshatras given against Kantha group which are Rohini, Ardra, Hasta, Swati, Sravana, Satabhisaj. These nakshatras cannot marry each other else it causes rajju dosha in South-India.

But Rohini and Hasta fall in Tauras and virgo signs, both are ruled by moon, both moon signs tauras and virgo are very much compatible so how can marriage between them be adverse.

The results of each Group is different and as follows :-

Same Rajju in Kantha Group results in “Damages to the well-being of Wife”.

Same Rajju in Kati Group results in “Collateral Damages to properties”.

Same Rajju in Pada Group results in “Damages During Travels”.

Same Rajju in Siro Group results in “Damages to Well-being of Husband”.

Same Rajju in Kukshi Group results in “Face problems with respect to son/daughter”.

They say that there will be death of Partner if both bride and groom belong to same rajju. It is a common sense that nobody can die due to others horoscope and without the combination being there in the individual horoscope, A person having combinations for divorce mostly meets the other person destined to go through the same so this crap should be flushed out of the minds of people first. Match-making only helps to find a suitable life partner given the choices between 100 which matches our wave-lengths, but this cannot over ride the basic promise in your horoscope which one needs to be clear about. Your spiritual merits or punya are your strengths besides that to sail you thoroughly from any mishap or misfortune, but nobody thinks of increasing their spiritual balance like the bank balance. A good bank balance helps you clear of your debts and loans, a good spiritual balance helps you steer clear through adversities of life where bank balance and other stuff is not useful, so one should keep accumulating both the balances with more stress on the spiritual balance as the material balance will end shortly giving short term happiness but it is the spiritual balance which gives true sense of bliss and happiness.

Couples married in same Rajju or rajju dosha are hereby requested to share their birth details for the purpose of making this research big enough to remove this wrong belief. It is requested that you contribute your birth data for more research on Rajju porutham compatibility.

Those who wish to consult for horoscope compatibility analysis can get in touch through this page. Dakshina/Charges apply*.

Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Tulusi says:

    Namasthe sir , we have nabhi rajju. Can we get marry?
    Girl: 6/4/1996. 4:15pm
    Boy: 5/11/1992. 10:43am
    Please help me out sir.. even my parents are confused….

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Tulusi ji,

      Kindly opt for horoscope compatibility service. The horoscope compatibility is a very detailed process where horoscopes of both bride and groom are analaysed individually for promise of marriage/married life, progeny, longevity and much more aspects and then jointly analysed to see impact of planet of one horoscope on another one whether planets show good compatibility or not.

      Rajju dosha, Manglik dosha, gun-milan which includes asta-koota and dasha koota milan are just filters to choose best horoscope from many when you have choices after first condition of detailed analysis is satisfied. The detailed analysis in horoscope compatibility is primary requirement for compatibility rest are just secondary factors and hold less importance.

      Thanks and Regards
      Ashish Desai.

  2. Prakash says:

    Hi ,

    my nakshatra is Bharani (Mesham) . My girls nakshatra is uthiradhhi (Meena Rashi)

    Can u please suggest if rajju is not there and what needs to be done to make the marriage a success.

  3. gandhi says:

    Hello sir, im gandhi. my DOB 2-10-1991 medhunam rasi, punarpusam natchathira, and my girl DOB 16-7-1995 she’s kumbam rasi, puratadhi natcahchith, we are in love. but our family was not supporting marriage. because rajju is not matching…we are consulting many other astrologist. but all the persons tell the same point. you stop the marriage. it is not matching rajju.. your are dangerous in after marriage..what will we do sir, we are loving so much. how to break the relationship. we are only trust GOD.. so please tell me the solution and remidies…please consider for my request.. finally we get marry? my birth time 7:5AM and my girl is 12:2PM

  4. Soniyaa says:

    Hii sir my rashi is danusu n moolam naksatram ..,same for him also…, is it advisable to get marry

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste soniya,

      Same nakshatra different pada can marry subject to horoscopes matched, just gun-milan is not enough to decide whether two people can marry each other or not. Gun Milan is hardly 25% of match making.

      Thank you.

  5. Manju says:

    Hello sir.myself manjupriyana and my boy name is sathish .we both have rajju match and boy is having kala sarbha dosham.is there any possible wat to get marry.but all horoscope matching persons said if we get marry boy will die like that.we worried about it.please help us

    • astrologerashish says:

      He will only die if his horoscope shows less longevity, not because you have rajju dosha or he has kalsarpa dosha. So don’t worry about such things.

  6. Sathyamoorthy R says:

    I belonged to Thiruvathirai nakchatra… and my partner belonged to Sathayam nakchatra …. While checking in online compatibility there is no match in Rajju… Kindly guide us with this issue…

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Sathyamoorthy ji,

      Kindly opt for horoscope match making service. Match making is more elaborate process than just Rajju matching.

  7. Magesh says:

    I need your help sir…. I born 05/01/1991 and my lover born on 02.11.1990.
    Boy Rasi Simha, Natchathiram Pooram
    Girl Rasi Mesham,Natchathiram Bharani.
    Rajju is not matching…. but I don’t know that’s effect…. thoda rajju…. how to solve that rajju problem…..parigarangal iruntha sollunga…

    • astrologerashish says:


      If alone rajju dosha is to be seen the whole concept of horoscope matching has no meaning. Entire horoscope of both needs to be checked and matched for match making, rajju dosha is just one factor out of many factors involved in match making.

  8. vinitha says:

    hello sir ,
    my name is vinitha and my hubby’s name is jeganathan i would like to get married with him. this relationship was lasting for more than 4 years. but our parents were not accepting for the marriage due to some inequalities in status and caste . we also dont have rajju match. even am so confused with this astrology . i just want a solution for this. i want to get married only on behalf of our both the parents. will this happens accordingly or not??
    my details:
    name: vinitha
    D.O.b: 16-12-1994
    birth time: 3:25 pm
    my partner:
    name: jeganathan
    D.O.B: 23-07-1994
    birth time: 2:30 pm

  9. Harini says:

    Hello sir… Iam born 22nd September,1982(Anuradha nakshatra). My husband is born 31st January,1983(pubba nakshatra). We got married 4 years ago. We have a girl child of 2 years old. We are not all happy with our careers…. No support from in-laws… He is not at all happy with his job…. No growth…full of debts… Whatever we plan not getting success… Came to know we have some kind of rajju dosha… Please help us what is it and remedies of Pooja to get rid of these problems… Thank you sir

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Harini ji,

      The problems are not due to rajju dosha. There may be many other issues in the horoscope, alone rajju dosha will not bring so many problems, if alone rajju dosha could spoil lives, there is no use of astrology and checking so many planetary combinations and positions and horoscope match making. Just check rajju dosha and predict disaster should be the only rule in astrology.

      I cannot suggest remedies without checking complete horoscope, kindly opt for paid consultations if you want to check both or one horoscope.

  10. Vaishnavi says:

    Dear sir,

    my DOB is 13/02/1992 rishaba raasi and mirugashirisham nakshatra and I’m in love with my cousin(my father’s sister son), my parents are opposing the marriage because of siro rajju dosha. is there any remedy for this? kindly help us

    • astrologerashish says:

      Just concluding something on basis of rajju dosha alone is not going to do any good for anyone. Complete horoscope analysis has to be done in match making. The horoscope, the planetary positions, the divisional charts, the dashas are there for some reason. Just checking rajju dosha and declaring the match is not matching is serious blunder.
      Tell them to go for complete horoscope match making.

  11. Revathi says:

    I ( girl ) born on 26 Jan 1990 and my nakshthra is thiruvonam and he born on 13 Sep 1988 and his nakshthra is hastham . Due to kandha rajju,our marriage is strictly rejected by my family…plz help ?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Just concluding something on basis of rajju dosha alone is not going to do any good for anyone. Complete horoscope analysis has to be done in match making. The horoscope, the planetary positions, the divisional charts, the dashas are there for some reason. Just checking rajju dosha and declaring the match is not matching is serious blunder.
      Tell them to go for complete horoscope match making.

  12. Kanaga says:

    I am born on feb 25,1994 at 9.27am in Dharmapuri TamilNadu. My boyfrnd was born on nov 20,1990 at 2.03am in Polur TamilNadu. I belong to magha star he belong to moola.We found that we have pada rajju..pls advise us

  13. Vishnu says:

    i am male 29 yrs revathi nakshatra and my girl friend is 24 years chitra nakshatra and we want to get married.My parents are totally against this and they are saying that for chitra nakshatra there is a chance of losing husband’s life.Is it applicable in our case?Please reply

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kindly opt for paid consultations. Complete horoscope match making needs to be done before giving any opionion. Nothing happens just based on nakshatra.

  14. Vidhya Rajan says:

    Sir, I have Danishta and my boy friend is Chitra. We have sirasu rajju. Can you horoscopes be matched? Is there any remedies for Rajju dosha?

    Please let us know , I can send you the horoscopes for matching

    • admin says:

      Namaste vidya ji,

      The horoscope matching is based on many factors, Rajju is just one factor out of many, the planetary promises in individual horoscope are more important as they can tell whether one will have a good married life or bad.

  15. J Karthickeyan says:

    Hi Sir,
    I (Boy) thula rashi, swathi star, spouse Mithuna rasi, Aaardha star. we loved each other for 4 years and entered into married life in 2013, till now we are had good life and blessed with boy baby in 2014 his star is Dhanishta. In recent day my wife is more worried about rajju, please suggest how to overcome from this.

    • admin says:


      There is no need to worry, Just enjoy the married life and stop thinking about unnecessary things. The worry itself can create problems in future. Better stop worrying and focus on enjoying life. Rajju dosha alone is never a criteria for creating problems.

  16. Selva says:

    I(Boy) was born on 10 Sep, 1991(Virgo, Hastham) and the girl was born on 26 Jul, 1992 (Taurus, Rohini) Our marriage is not encouraged due to Kana Rajju. Could you pls guide us?

  17. Kala Ramesh says:

    Sir, My(girl) star is Poorva-Ashada (DOB: 26/08/1985 and TOB : 11:30 AM) and my husband’s star is Magha (DOB: 04/12/1985 and TOB : 9:20 PM). We were in relation from 2009 and got married on 12/02/2016. I was worried about rajju dosha but my father in law who was an astologer, told me that there is no worry about it and our marriage match is good. On 31/03/2016 he (my father in law) passed away, he was 66 yrs only. We are worried if there was any problem because of our marriage and this has happened in family. Sir… please tell us if there is any problem in our marriage. If so also please guide us with the solution.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Ramesh ji,

      Kindly do not encourage such blind faith in yourself. Nobody dies because of problem in others horoscope, father in law’s horoscope should have combinations for medium longevity and the dasha antardasha should be pointing towards journey to higher worlds. There will be no problem. Do not worry and do not let such doubts create problems. May your father in law’s soul ascend the higher worlds.

  18. kanaga says:

    Hi, i am simma rasi magha star and he is dhanush rasi and moola star.. We are in love..Is it adviceable for us to get married? Please reply..

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kanaga ji,

      I do not decide marriage just based on stars. This is incomplete method of matching horoscopes, I will need to check entire horoscope of both for promise of marriage and married life along with matching of planets. Kindly opt for paid consultations if you are interested in match making analysis.

  19. Kavi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Im mrihasrisham 3rd paadham and my boy friend is Chittirai 4th paadam. We both are divorcee and now 2nd marriage for both of us. We both found ourselves compatible for 2nd marriage and decided to get married. Now unfortunately our parents went and saw the horsoscope for 2nd marriage and found we both have Siro rajuu and now objecting. Is rajju applicable for 2nd marriage also. I’m totally stressed out as most of astrologers rejcted our horoscopes due to rajju. I really wanted to marry that person and be happy. Please give me some solution. Can I come and approach in person for a consultaton

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kavi ji,

      Rajju dosha is considered in south, whereas it is not considered in north so these things are to be considered depending on desh, kaal, patra. Irrespective of any number of marriages these things have to be considered as after all every marriage is a marriage be it first or second.

      Only based on Rajju rejecting horoscopes is a faulty practice. If all other factors in the horoscope match there should be no problem, first is the promise of happiness from marriage and married life, if this is absent no amount of match making will help. This is what parents and anybody doesn’t consider or understand. Divorce happens due to various reasons one of the reasons being two people “Not Willing to adjust or accept the relationship”.

      • kavi says:

        Thanks for the reply…your answer is little consoling. Should convey this information to our parents as well. Can we email our horoscopes to you ? Can you please review and advise. How this should be done and I can also have a paid consultation. Please guide on further steps

  20. shitalsuresh says:

    Mine is head Rajju n husband is neck Rajju… I am dhanista n his is shatabisha. Want to know who will leave this world first….as it deals with our death

    • admin says:

      Death predictions cannot be made on rajju, these are overhyped doshas and do not cause such grave problems unless both horoscopes indicate towards it. Death will depend on general longevity in the individual horoscope and doing death predictions is not in ethics of astrology. Live happily and cherish the moments as long as you are alive rather than wasting life over worrying who will die first.

  21. Vini says:

    Hi sir, my star and his star both falls on mrigaseera, but im mithunam and he is rishibam. It is advisable for us to get married?

  22. Princess says:

    Sir, if both person have (mrigashrisha nakshtra & rishibam rasi). Does sirro rajju will affect the marriage? I saw in some blog it stated that Nakshatras: Mirugasirisham, Magham, Swathi and Anusham are exempted from rajju porutham if the husband or wife has the above mentioned stars as their Jenma Nakshatra’s (Birth Star).If both the husband and wife has their Jenma Nakshatra (Birth Star) from the above mentioned list, then they are eligible for exemption from this “Rajju Porutham”. Is it correct? What’s your opinion?

    • admin says:

      Both having Same nakshatra and rajju dosha is not going to affect married life unless there are such combinations in the individual horoscopes. The planetary positions in the horoscope should show such a picture otherwise there won’t be such effects.

  23. neha says:

    Respected sir,

    please help me.I am moola nakshatra 3 pada (female) and he is jyestha nakshatra 3 pada. we are in love. we want to marry.so can we marry ???i heard that moola and jyesta doesnt match. will every thing be alright if we marry ? and please tell me the remedie. please suggest me what to do.PLEASE REPLY SIR

    Thank you.

  24. soumya says:

    My dob 29-8-1987, 3.30AM, thula rasi chitra nakshatram.
    My husband dob 28-3-1984
    Kumbha rasi, dhanista. We got married on 30-12-2012. We have son born on 18-11-2013. Krithika and vrishabha rasi. We got married as astrologers said evry thng is good. But found out now that siro rajju is there.. we both love each other soo much… but v are nt happy. Our son is also very hyper active.. he always hits us.. shouts and always tortures us. Seriously we are vexed up sir. Please tell me some remedy. Please consider my request sir

    • admin says:

      Namaste Soumya ji,

      The problems may be due to other factors in both horoscopes, Kuta matching must be done after taking consideration the promise of marriage and married life in both horoscopes, the problems must be due to planetary positions in the horoscope and not due to siro rajju, as far as the longevity of husband in horoscope is good siro rajju won’t affect marriage.

      regarding the boy, it must be the problem with your respective 5th houses in the horoscope. Kindly pray to Raghavendra swami and go to Rayar Mutt near you, your problem will be solved over time with devotion to rayaru.

  25. cp_ra says:

    I am from india.According to this article. Me(Girl) and my love(Boy), belongs to the same rajju. he is from bharani nakshstra,Pada 1 and i am from Pushya, Pada 2. WE are in love from around 2 years, since the matching of the kundli done by my parents. and came to know, that our marriage is not good as health point of view of me(girl). his saturn is in 7th house and mine 7th house is empty but saturn and rahu is in 8th house or seperation happens. Kindly suggest if marriage is compatible positively!.

    • admin says:

      Greetings Emma,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations, saturn and rahu in the 8th house are not good and do indicate separative tendencies or ill health of spouse or self depending upon other combinations which results in inability to enjoy marriage irrespective of matching horoscope with anybody. Boy has saturn in 7th and could be indicative of an older spouse. Rest of the things can only be confirmed after complete match-making.

      Best regards,
      Ashish Desai.

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