Importance of Navamsha chart in astrology

Navamsha is a very important chart in astrology. The interpretation of horoscope in astrology is incomplete without the scrutiny of Navamsha chart. No astrologer does prediction without the use of navamsha chart as navamsha is said to be the “Fruit of tree”. The ascendent/lagna chart is termed to be the Tree and Navamsha its fruit, Such is the importance of navamsha chart in astrology.

 Importance of Navamsha chart in astrology

importance of navamsha chart in astrology

importance of navamsha chart in astrology

Navamsha is used for many purposes in astrology the primary of which is to evaluate the strength of planets in the horoscope and another is everything about marriage and married life is also seen from navamsha chart. The navamsha chart decides the strength of planet in your horoscope. The navamsha chart is like a signal to your set-top box (ascendent chart/lagna chart) which if strong is able to give you clear picture and sound quality on your television, else even if you have a 42″ plasma TV with a home theatre and the signal of your set-top box is poor, you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your fantastic system. The navamsha shows the intrinsic strength of the planet. For E.g There are two people “A and B”.

A is a skiny, thin looking guy whereas B is a well built, muscular and smart looking guy. A looks thin and skiny from outside but has huge confidence and good humor and speaking skills, People at first may take him for granted but once they come in his company they are like wow, this guy is a real delight to be with, Whereas people get attracted towards B with outer looks and his personality but when they interact with him they find him too dull, dumb with no cheerfulness and positivity, They get dejected after knowing him. This is what the navamsha is, the lagna chart is the outer look where you see exalted planets in good yogas and think like woww what a horoscope but in reality such people do not even have an active life, nobody likes them, nobody cares about them. We see people with debilitated or normal planets with more active life, liked by others, having some recognition in some sphere or successful though later in life on their own. Such people have a strong navamsha horoscope which either retains the good yogas of lagna chart or increases them manifold in navamsha due to which such people glitter in later part of their lives through their own effort.

There is a big importance of navamsha chart in astrology as it also shows success in later part of life of the 30’s by the dictum that the navamsha is the Fruit of tree which is the birth horoscope. Fruits come only after the tree has grown up and hence the effects of navamsha chart can be felt once we cross age of 28-30. The navamsha should be combined with Bhamsha d-27 to know the real strength of the planets. The reason we see marriage from Navamsha is that marriage is a dharma/religious/sacramental ceremony and navamsha being the extension of 9th house dharma/religion/sacrament. The another reason being 9th is the 3rd house from 7th being the Karaka house of 7th. 3rd house from every house is the karaka house for that particular house. 3rd from ascendent shows our personality traits, nature, valor, mental approach etc.

Another major thing in navamsha which astrologers tend to ignore is the sustaining of yogas of lagna chart. The rajyogas or the benefic/malefic yogas in the planets the trine, the square, the sextile etc can be seen retaining in navamsha horoscope. For example a degree wise sextile (3/11) between two planets in natal horoscope will reflect in navamsha as opposition (1/7) so if this sextile is between benefic planets in natal chart will a much benefic combination in navamsha chart as two benefics will be aspecting each other on 1/7 axis. The jaimini rajyogas of birth horoscope such as Atmakaraka and Putrakaraka, Putra karaka and Darakaraka, Amatya karaka and Atma karaka etc if sustained in the navamsha chart or increase in number than the birth chart can be termed as very good progress and yeilds better results after 30’s. Similarly other bad combinations in natal chart can turn good in navamsha and vice-versa which needs to be studied for a good prediction in astrology, there are much more secret uses of the navamsha chart which are not known to a majority of astrologers as they have been lost with the time and decline of the parampara tradition of astrology, still some morally upright and spiritual astrologers will find them by the grace of god. Thus the navamsha is very crucial chart in astrology and the importance of navamsha chart in astrology cannot be overlooked if one wants to be accurate in predictive astrology.



  1. Lipu says:

    Sir Mera DOB _8.june.1994
    Birth time_4.10pm
    Birth place_dhenkanal, Odisha
    Sir Mera married life kese rahegi .mujhe kesa life partner milegi.

  2. SURENDRA says:

    Good litrature is not available in navmansh

  3. Sudha R says:

    Thank you, Ashish ji. Could this also mean that the navamsha chart can be used as though it were the rashi chart after say 30 years of age? For example, suppose Moon is conjunct with Saturn in Rashi but is just aspected by Jupiter in navamsha. Will this mean that the mind will become more peaceful and positive after 28-30 years?

    • admin says:

      Greetings Sudha ji,

      The navamsha horoscope is primarily used to see the sustenance of promise of combinations in the birth horoscope.
      Suppose jupiter and moon form a gajkesari yoga in birth chart and they are in shadastaka in the navamsha horoscope the results of jupiter/moon gajakesari will not be felt and become nullified.

      Yes, it is said that good yogas in the navamsha help in rising in later part of life since 30-60 is the age of man where he does maximum karma to reap the results. Marriage around 25-30 resulting in grihastashram dharma and navamsha is also seen for marriage and married life, hence it is clear that the well placed planets in the navamsha will show rise in later part of life after marriage if the combinations of d1 improve in navamsha and vice-versa.

      Ashish Desai.

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