Childlessness in astrology

Childlessness in astrology

Reproduction and procreation is a universal phenomenon. Two people often marry for the sake of expansion of family and children are a natural desire of every couple. Women especially are more excited about the idea of motherhood and they look to this as one of the most important and happiest experiences of their lives. Many women would agree that they marry for the sake of having children unlike men, children are integral and more important part of a family for them. Motherhood is the dream of every women. Some couples face various problems in having children, sometimes the cause for denial of progeny is known whereas at other times everything seems perfectly alright yet there are problems in conceiving. Some women even after conceiving are not able to maintain the pregnancy and are subject to regular miscarriages. The answers of all this can only be found in astrology, we will study the combinations and reasons of childlessness in astrology in this article.

Children in astrology are seen from the 5th house of the birth horoscope and the karaka jupiter. The saptamansha divisional horoscope is additionally seen for the promise of children in the horoscope. The 5th house is the house of past merits or purva punya which indicates the fruits of past merits or purva punya. From this we can clearly infer that children are the results of past merits, they are the fruits of past actions. Good children are fruits of good past merits whereas bad children are fruits of bad past merits, childlessness in astrology is due to various curses in the horoscope. There are entire chapters in classics of astrology for various curses and many types of curses are given in the classics for denial of progeny. The cases where women become pregnant but are unable to sustain the progeny and have miscarriages are due to “pishaccha badha” and some curse of ancestor which does not let the child sustain in the womb. The remedies for this can be worship of lord dattatreya for having children, visiting teertha kshetra related to lord dattatreya. Santan gopal stotra, worship of lord krishna in baal roopa etc.

There is an interesting story related to this in mahabharata where king dhritrastra after having lost all his 100 sons in the kurukshetra war asked Shri krishna:-

“I had 100 sons.
All of them were killed.
Krishna replied,
“50 lifetimes ago,
You were a hunter.
While hunting,
You tried to shoot a male bird.
It flew away.
In anger,
You ruthlessly slaughtered the 100 baby birds in the nest.
Father-bird had to watch in helpless agony.
Because you caused that father-bird the pain of seeing the death of his 100 sons,
You too had to bear the pain of your 100 sons dying.
Dhritarastra said,
But why did I have to wait for fifty life-times?”
Krishna answered, “You were accumulating
‘ *Punya*’ during the last
fifty lifetimes to get 100 sons –
Because that requires a lot of Punya .
Then you got the reaction for the ‘Paap’ (sin) that you have done fifty lifetimes ago.”
Krishna says in the Bhagavad-gita (4.17) “Gahana Karmano Gatih”
The way in which action and reaction works is very complex.
God knows best which reaction has to be given at what time in what condition.
Some reaction may come in this lifetime,
Some in the next and Some in a distant future lifetime.
There is a saying,
“The mills of God grind slow;
They grind exceedingly fine.”
So, every single action will be accounted for,
Sooner or Later.
*Srimad Bhagavatam* gives example:
If we have a cowshed with 1000 calves and
If we leave a mother cow there,
She will easily find out where her calf is among those thousands.
She has this Mystical Ability.
Our *karma* will find us among the millions on this planet.
There may be thousands going on the road but only one meets with an accident.
It is not by chance,
it’s by Karma.
the *Law of Karma* works exceedingly fine;
it may be
‘Slow to Act’,
‘ No one can Escape.

From the above story it is clear that children are the merits of past deeds, childlessness in astrology or loss of children, miscarriages, extreme agony from children are all the results of our past deeds or accumulated curses. So what one can do is accumulate good deeds to have children, remedies work when there is a promise of having children with remedies, when divine grace befalls all miseries vanish. Hope and faith are the pillars of life. The more stronger they are the more prominently they work.

Let us examine a horoscope where there is a denial of progeny, let us see the astrological reasons for childlessness.

childlessness in astrology

childlessness in astrology


The horoscope has vargottama cancer ascendant rising with a vargottama jupiter. She did not have any children inspite of having a vargottama jupiter.

The reasons for denial of progeny are as follow:-

  • 5th lord mars is placed in 6th house under rahu ketu axis. It is going to conjunct rahu within 4 degrees.
  • 5th lord is also aspected by saturn.
  • 5th from moon has ketu.
  • The saptamansha has debilitated jupiter in ascendant which is combust.
  • The 5th lord has gone to the 12th house under conjunction of saturn.



All these factors indicate a strong curse for childlessness in astrology. The marriage in this case was also delayed till 37 years of age. Saturn for cancer ascendant when exalted has been seen to give negative results to many. She also got divorced within 2 years of marriage. The 10th and 5th lord mars under rahu/ketu axis also gave set-backs in education and family life. Father left the family for some reason and did not come back. Mars also happens to be the 10th lord from moon. The horoscope from moon too carries similar afflictions like that from ascendant.

Reasons for childlessness in astrology

  • The lagna lord should be strong along with karaka jupiter and virya karaka venus in horoscope of male. Mars also gives virility and should be strong. Weakness of these also causes problems in having children.
  • 2nd house and lord of family expansion should not be afflicted badly by rahu/ketu/mars/saturn and 8th house etc.
  • 5th house is the primary house for having children and happiness from children. Affliction to this house by placement of rahu indicates sarpa dosha, the aspect of mars or saturn on this is like spreading poison. If either of the planets happens to be 6/8/12 lords it will cause death of children in the womb, miscarriages, accidents causing abortions, or denial of progeny.
  • Saturn in 8th, 5th and 2nd delays family expansion and birth of children.
  • Mars in 5th is responsible for abortions and miscarriages.
  • ketu in 5th aspected by a malefic will not show any problem medically but still the couple is unable to have children. In such cases if horoscope of one person is good, children can be had through donor sperms, IVF and other methods.
  • All the above should be cross-checked and repeated from moon horoscope and the saptamansha.

Astrological remedies for childless couples

Different remedies are applicable on different people like different medicines and different dosage are suggest by doctors for different patients. Each one has specific karmic pattern which needs exact remedies, such exact remedies can only be given by saints/yogis as they can see your exact karma which is causing impediment. The general remedies which can be done are as follows :-

  • Worship guru in form of Lord dattatreya.
  • Recite certain adhyaya given in guru charitra (one has to follow strict rules).
  • Visit dattatreya kshetra and get some seva done to lord dattatreya for having children.
  • Worship Raghavendra swamy with faith and all your problems will be solved.
  • Recite certain adhyaya in navanath bhaktisaar with faith.
  • Do brahmana bhojana as per yatha shakti on regular intervals and take their blessings.
  • Do go-daana (donation of cow to a brahmin).
  • Donating a serpent made of gold/silver at kukke subramanya temple and getting sarpa shaanti done for those having sarpa dosha.
  • Other remedies as applicable in the horoscope.

Do follow the above and keep following medical treatments as well. We do not suggest you to stop medical treatments. One usually finds way when the time is ripe. Ayurveda can be more effective than allopathic treatments if you find a good ayurvedic doctor. There are many modern treatments available now-a-days like IVF, donar child etc. you can opt for those during favorable periods.



Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.



    MY DATE OF BIRTH IS 10 07 79 AT 12 45P.M N MY HUSBAND IS 31 12 63 AT 4.00 PM

  2. Tanu says:

    My details dob-15.12.1986 16:52pm agra
    Husband dob-02.10.1986 08:02am gwalior
    Plz let us know when will we have children
    I recently had a miscarriage also

  3. Leigh says:

    I have Mars and Rahu in 5th house ruled by saturn, Saturn is in my third house (in Navamsa Saturn is in 8th and mars in 9th). Both charts i have libra ascendant.
    Will I be childless?

  4. nev says:

    Is there a particular method to read gurucharitra & navnath bkaktisar? Any simple method for a lay person to read it ? Can it be read in the night,thanks a lot sir

    • admin says:

      Namaste Nsequeira ji,

      There are strict rules for guru charitra. It involves doing saptah (observing 7 days) with complete celibacy and sleeping on the floor, abstaining from non-veg, onion, garlic, sex etc.

      For navanath bhaktisar, there are certain chapters which can be read with sankalpa (saying ur wish), they can be done after bathing are night. However it is best to visit holy places related to lord dattatreya and ask for your desire and get some seva done at the temple. One can get guru-charitra saptah’s done through some priest/brahmins who are ready to do it on your behalf once a month. Doing it for a year or so atleast can be tried with full faith.

      Best is to first follow remedies according to one’s horoscope. Everybody has requirement of different medicine according to the problem.

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