Will I ever become a mother

Motherhood is a very touchy topic for women. It is a divine experience for a women to become a mother, every women dreams of going through this phase in her life. Every women dreams to be a mother. Childlessness can be very shattering and devastating for a women. I often come across queries related to motherhood from couples who are really frustrated and trying hard to have a child. Will I ever become a mother ? asks her voice full of emotions and moist eyes. It is never easy to handle and answer such queries as people come to you with very high hopes and a negative answer shatters you from within when you have the convey the bad news.

I am sharing one case study. Asha consulted me back in early 2016 after having lost twins in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy which was a really devastating thing for her. She was very sad and full of emotions and asked whether they will have any living children? Will I ever become a mother ?

She gave me horoscope details of both herself and her husband. Giving your opinion based on horoscope of either of the couple can be a blunder in astrology, though you can give indications mostly from the horoscope of women since they bear the child in their womb for 9 months and are most vulnerable to threats like miscarriage, abortion and many other problems leading to complications during pre and post pregnancy for child, it is always safer to study the horoscope of husband along with that.

will I ever become a mother
will I ever become a mother

I am sharing the horoscope on Asha only for the purpose of case study, the birth details and everything else is not revealed for purpose of privacy.

  • The horoscope has affliction to 5th house and 5th lord as mars the 8th lord in 5th house indicates probabilities of miscarriages which happened with her.
  • The 5th lord sun is with Saturn again indicating delay and obstructions in that area.
  • The navamsha horoscope to has 5th lord jupiter with rahu, the 5th house has aspects of 6th lord mars and Sun/Saturn are deeply conjunct in 12th house which happens to be the 8th from 5th house. These were all indications of danger to first child.
  • The saptamansha horoscope not given here has rahu in 5th house and saturn 5th lord in 8th in debilitation. There was not much hope.
  • Husbands horoscope had jupiter and moon aspecting 5th house in saptamansha which was very positive and big hope.

I predicted a mild hope of conceiving and having a child by 2014-15 when jupiter transits over her 5th lord and 5th house. The reason was lagna lord in 5th house as per classics says that one will be blessed with children. From moon the 5th house and the 5th lord are unafflicted. The transit of jupiter going over her 5th lord or 5th house would also be passing over her lagna lord and aspect 5th from moon. The dasha running was of moon who is placed in the 5th house with lagna lord mars, the antardasha was of venus the 2nd lord of family who had to bless her with children. A baby girl was born.

I got her email in 2016 which read the following. The baby was born in 2015 end as per the email and the prediction had proved correct. Astrology is always a super science.

Dec 2

to me
Hello Ashish Ji,
I wanted to send you thank you note for doing the consultation for my progeny prospects 3 years ago. My husband and I are blessed with a baby girl. She is a year old now.
Also, wanted to ask if you see any chances of having second child in my horoscope? Let me know the consultation charge and how to pay.
Astrology is a divine science if used with care and responsibility to help people without frightening them. If you have any queries regarding conception, pregnancy, c-section you can get in touch with me for astrology consultations related to the same.

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