This page is dedicated to birth data collection for astrological researches. Readers can submit their birth details to us for research purpose which will help in studying various events in the life of a human and formulating dependable rules and combinations in astrology. This will also help in removing the myths related to jyotish, the rules given in the classical works can be tested in more and more horoscopes with a liberal view and modifications can be made according to the new age. The changing world scenario demands more researches in the field of astrology, the classics clearly state that jyotish should be studied and used as per desh, kaal, patra, nyaay etc. We cannot apply the rules of ancient times to the modern age, the combinations and the interpretations given for the age of dwapara yuga cannot be applied to kaliyuga and vice-versa, the ways of living, the behavior of society, the people, the socio-economic scenario changes with times and the new set of laws, rules, regulations have to be formulated and applied as per changing socio-economic-political conditions.

It is a sincere request to the readers to submit their birth data for conducting research in astrology. Astrological researches can go a long in testing old rules, formulas, myths and removing a lot of myths and fears associated with astrology. It will also help in formulation of dependable set of rules and formulas for the new-age complex problems which have not been covered in the earlier works.



Researches under certain heads are the need of hour.

  • Manglik and non manglik marriages.
  • Good, bad, worse Marriages.
  • Divorce/widowhood.
  • No Marriage cases.
  • No child cases.
  • Children with birth defects.

The above cases will need horoscopes of couples (husband and wife) if available or possible. Those who have had a good married life can email their birth details with the heading “Good married life” along with birth details and date of marriage and years of married life. Those divorced or had widowhood can email details under Heading “Divorce/Widowhood” with date of marriage and date of divorce/widowhood. The Marrriage Muhurta or time of marriage with date will be of additional help as marriage muhurta horoscope clearly shows some events as a separate horoscope. Those who have children with defects by birth can submit their horoscopes as the effects of naadi dosha etc can be seen if it exists in such horoscopes other than a badly afflicted 5th house and lord.

Case studies under Education can help in forming new rules and combinations for areas/specialization in education which are new as per today’s age and do not find mention in the classical works. Professions which were earlier unknown and are now in existence also need standardized combinations and rules with new research.

Case studies dealing with illness/health can also be submitted. Complex surgeries or many surgeries in a life span of some people can help to see what kind of planetary combinations they have in their horoscopes. The common combinations need to be documented to make standardized rules which apply to atleast 70-75% cases, there will never be 100% rules in astrology as it is not a perfect science.

Case studies related to adoption, IVF births, or modern birth methods can also be submitted with birth details of both parents to formulate combinations and rules for such cases which were unknown in the earlier generations.

Readers are requested to help research in astrology thereby submitting birth details in the following format.

Date of birth

Time of birth

place of birth

Heading in the email for example.

Manglik and Non Manglik Marriage <—–(Email title).

Birth details of both husband and wife.

Details about married life good/bad/worse/divorced/widowhood etc along with date of marriage and muhurta of marriage can be submitted for research. Kindly submit your birth details for research through the form below or shoot an email on


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