Astrological combinations for divorce and separation

In India Marriage is considered a very sacred event and lakhs and crores of Rupees are spent on marriage, what if such a marriage results in divorce and separation soon, we will see the astrological combinations for divorce and separation in a horoscope. people give much more importance on show off and celebration in arranged marriages, it is a way of showing their power and riches in some communities, there is also a tendency to take loans and celebrate marriage. What if such a marriage results in a divorce or separation soon after ? Well it happens in many cases where people do not  care for happiness of children choosing a bride/groom all by themselves and forcing their choice on children and in other cases it happens just because it is destined to as per the horoscope, it happens both in arranged and love marriages as well.

What then is the reason for divorce and separation, we are going to see the astrological combinations for divorce and separation in horoscopes. Getting a divorce involves litigation often or sometimes it is with mutual consent and happens easily. The term “Divorce” and the term “Separation” have two different meanings, separation can sometimes be temporary while divorce means official separation forever. The connection of planets like Ketu-Saturn, Rahu-Saturn, Ketu-sun, Rahu-sun, Ketu or rahu aspected by mars and saturn or saturn-sun conjunction in the 7th house or 7th lord leads to separation as these are dry planets, emotionless creating void, hatred between couples, this separation can be temporary in nature due to job placements of native elsewhere, some people stay apart due to demanding careers which has to be seen in the modern context, husband staying abroad and spouse here is a classical example. While for divorce we need to check for the connection of the 6th and the 3rd house for legal separation. 6th house is the 12th from 7th indicating loss of the 7th which means separation, 7th lord placed in 6th and aspected by mars, saturn gives indication of separation, 8th house connection with the 7th can also sometimes give separation if severly afflicted since 8th also shows separation or loss of spouse sometimes, 8th is the most malefic house in the horoscope showing death, traumatic events, transformation etc. I will add horoscopes to show examples at the end of the article.

The astrological combinations for divorce and Separation are as follows :-

  • Rahu-Ketu along with sun, saturn, mars or aspected by these planets can give separation in married life.
  • Sun-saturn combination in 7th does not augur well for married life.
  • Saturn aspected by mars or vice-versa can also mean separation or constant tiffs between couples.
  • The connection of 6th lord to 7th or vice versa along with aspect of mars and saturn both in rashi and navamasha gives indication of permanent separation through divorce.
  • The karaka of marriage Venus must be afflicted by placement in a cruel nakshatra or with malefics in a bad navamsha.
  • Mercury needs to be afflicted where people have long term litigation’s being the natural karaka of 6th house. An severely afflicted mercury can be a cause of litigation’s in a horoscope.
  • All the above combinations should be seen both in Rashi and Navamsha horoscope to fructify.
  • The dasha both vimshottari and chara needs to be seen for such events, Rashi dasha gives clue to such events. mostly people have troubles in Rahu dasha.

There are many more such combinations but only a few tested have been given here as others are in research stage which will be shown later, some horoscopes will be taken up to discuss this with examples. Stay tuned for updates in this article.

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