Subscription Services

Wishing all my readers and blog lovers a very “Happy Deepavali, Balipratipada” and a prosperous new year ahead”.

We are starting with a new subscription package on this auspicious day of “Balipadyami 2020” which will give you regular monthly, quarterly, half yearly readings delivered to your inbox. All you have to do is to subscribe to a service suitable for your needs.

For Example – You can choose a monthly subscription, if you want to know the impact of planets in gochara or transit on your personal birth horoscope. It gives an idea about what to expect when changing planets in gochara/transit pass over your natal planets.

Another Example – Suppose you have lagna lord in Vrishabh rashi in 8th house and mars or rahu are passing through the 8th house in gochara, what can you expect ? It gives you a warning to be careful of your health, careful from accidents etc. There can be injury through weapons.

Krura planets passing over your janma nakshatra indicates danger to life, accordingly the danger/problem can be identified and remedy can be sought and done.

What will I receive in this subscription service ?

In this service, you will receive horoscope predictions based on gochara of planets with respect to your natal planets. Every month the planets change their signs, especially the fast moving planets like mercury, mars, venus, sun change signs while some become retrograde or resume direct motion.

What is the impact of a retrograde mercury in your horoscope? How will rahu passing over natal moon in gochara impact you? what can you expect every time a planet changes signs, touches a key planet in your personal horoscope or becomes retrograde? when should you execute your important tasks? Which period should you avoid? Which period should you be careful in terms of health and money dealings ? What period will be good for you in terms of gains, happiness etc?

The planets are constantly moving in clockwise direction touching your birth planets every now and then. The impact of slow moving planets like saturn, jupiter, rahu and ketu can be more damaging or good for you based on your personal horoscope.

To get this subscription services, You just have to select a service monthly, quarterly or half yearly and send your birth details to my email id You will get a reading delivered to your inbox according to your chosen service. If you choose monthly service, you will get readings sent to you once a month. The reading will be done considering the transit/gochara of planets with respect to your individual birth horoscope. All readings will be manually done by me myself and will not be based on any computer program.

So go ahead and choose your desired subscription service and you are set to go. Get horoscope readings delivered to your inbox.

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