Corporate Astrology & Vastu Services

Corporate Astrology & Vastu services refer to extending astro-vastu consulting services to small and big organizations, banks, institutions on contractual or per consultation payment basis. This area of astrology deals with problems, uncertainties, obstacles and losses in corporate world.

The main challenges in this area include selection of right people, right business, right partnerships, right time and place to start a business, recruitment of right people in lower, middle and top management, retaining good employees, attempting to increase the productivity of employees by giving them various perks and value added bonuses, strategic planning for expansion of business.

Corporate astrology & vastu services can help you to achieve the above objectives with the help of 3 R’s (Right Solutions, Right guidance & Right timing)

Any organization/institution big or small can introduce astrology services as a bonus or value addition to improve the work culture of their employees. Employees at times can be undergoing through a lot of mental stress and problems on personal as well as professional levels, the astrology consultation sessions can help them seek solutions through this value added service in any organization. This in turn can prove good for the organization as it can lead to increased productivity from their employees.

Corporate astrology & vastu services is divided into two categories.

  • Personal¬† one-to-one consultation in any corporate firm/bank/institution for their employees.
  • Regular services for firm/bank/institution which includes consulting over important matters, important decision making, introduction of new policies/products, Starting a new branch, new department, selection of right plot, selection of right office space, arrangment of office according to vastu shastra principles, seeking advice on good timing to start new branch, new department, cut down loss making verticals etc. and consulting for selection of right employees for the right job.

The horoscopes of people in high positions like CEO, CFO, MD, Directors and those others employed for purpose of taking important decisions related to company management need to be strong and have powerful dhanayogas to bring profits to the company.

The incorporation and other important ceremonies, meetings can be held on auspicious days to get desired success. Choosing Auspicious days won’t overcome the inherent promise of horoscope but help to give improvement by 10 to 25% lowering the damage in bad times and increasing the auspiciousness during good times.

For becoming successful in business one needs to employ right people with strong horoscopes who can bring luck and success to the organization. The horoscopes of the people in charge of major decision making for the organization should be favorable for the organization and the employer.

The planets of those people should be placed in good houses of the employer or the owner for him to benefit from them. The 6th house of the employer should be well placed to get good servants/workers/employees who will be loyal, honest and efficient in work. Commencement of any work, business or partnership should be undertaken at the right time for it to be successful in the long run.

We at jyotish research provide the following corporate astrology & Vastu services :-
  • Personal one-to-one consultation for employees quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • Selection of right partners.
  • Selection of right employees.
  • Selection of good muhurta to start/commence any business/any new verticals in present business.
  • Selection of right time to sign contracts.
  • Selection of right time to introduce new policies.
  • Selection of right place to start business, Location and vastu also has great impact over success or failure or any organization.
  • Right investment decisions.
  • Any other services as requested/required by the organization.
  • We can also undertake complete vastu shastra consultations for any organization.

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