Kundali matching

Kundali matching / Horoscope compatibility

Kundali matching is an art which involves checking compatibility between the bride and the groom. Gun-milan or Porutham matching are popularly known methods of kundali matching in astrology. But are these methods complete and reliable?

The answer is NO.

Why ?

Both these methods match horoscope based on the nakshatra pada which gives same points for every other person born in same nakshatra pada irrespective of his birth year, month or day. This means each one has a different horoscope and yet the points we get are same.

kundali matching

kundali matching

Lets consider an example:-

Suppose a 1990 born bride with Ashwini Pada-1 is matched with 4 people having ashwini pada-4 each born in different years.

Ashwini pada-4 1986 born

Ashwini pada-4 1886 born

Ashwini pada-4 2006 born

Aswhini pada-4 1950 born.

If you check the panchanga/almanac you will be surprised to know that all of them will get exactly same points 36. But each one of them will have a completely different horoscope as they are born in different years.

Even if you take 4 boys born in different months in 1990 itself with Ashwini pada-4 and match with Ashwini pada-1 they all will give 36 points, but each one will have a different horoscope, different planetary position, Condition of 7th house, 7th lord, Navamsha, dasha, longevity, promise of marriage and married life, longevity, children, financial prospects, education every thing will differ in all 4 cases but the points will be same.

So is it the right way to match horoscopes? Will the horoscope compatibility for marriage arrived with such match making be reliable? Readers should themselves check and ponder over this.

Horoscope match making is a very complex method which involves two steps:-

  • Matching horoscopes with planetary position.
  • Matching with gun-milan/porutham matching.

The first step involves checking both horoscopes individually. The promise of marriage, married life, health, longevity, children, mishaps, financial prosperity everything is checked in both horoscopes. Any dosha samya is checked. The planets of bride are imposed in horoscope of groom and vice-versa to see if they are situated in good houses to give prosperity or in bad houses to bring adversity.

After this step the bad horoscopes are filtered out and good horoscopes are taken to next step of gun-milan or porutham matching. In this method best of the available horoscope is selected in this step. Less points in gun-milan can still have good married life but if the horoscope itself is bad, the promise of marriage is bad there cannot be any respite or hope in such cases and such horoscopes should be rejected inspite of having very good points.

The actual horoscope compatibility for marriage or match making happens with planetary matching between the bride and groom before gun-milan.

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