Gift a prediction

Gift a prediction/ Gift a astrology consultation

In the Era of corporate gifting we are glad to introduce a new service “gift a prediction”. This service is¬†inspired from the concept of corporate gifting, Amazon Gift cards which you could gift to your near and dear one. It could be a birthday gift, Festive gift or gift to show your love or appreciation towards someone. There can be many reason to send a gift to your loved one.

To whom can you gift this astrology consultation

Gift a prediction

Gift a predictionTo whom can you gift this astrology consultation.

  • To your loved ones.
  • To your friends.
  • To those in genuine need.
  • To anyone from your family.
  • To your siblings.
  • To your employees.
  • To your boss
  • Corporate gifting

Corporate gifting packages will be entitled to receive bulk discounts if they order reports for minimum 10 people. 15% discount offered for 10 people on the base price of the selected consultation report and 25% discount for consultation of more than 25 people. You can gift this service to your employees once a year as a token of appreciation.

The consultation charges for gift a prediction service would vary according to the report selected and you can email us to know about the consultation charges with the desired report you want to order.

E.G Horoscope match making charges are 1100/- INR.

If you buy 10 or more horoscope match making you are entitled to 15% discount on the total price.