Annual predictions subscription

Annual predictions subscription

Don’t want the hassle of paying again and gain for astrology services. Do you want to have an expert astrologer to answer your doubts and queries 365 days without having to go through hassles of making a payment every time? Our Annual predictions subscription is perfect for you.

You can be in touch with us anytime via chat, whatsapp, email, call and ask your doubts and queries for 1 year from the date of subscription of the service.

This Annual prediction subscription will not give lengthy reports like career report, business report, match making report, Finance report in details. This service gives you access to your personal astrologer 24x7x365 days to seek guidance in matters where you have to make important decisions and ask questions like:-

  • Is it a good time to start business?
  • Is it a good time to invest in shares?
  • Is it a good time to buy a house/car.
  • I am getting a good job offer, shall I take it?
  • Should I change my job ?
  • Is it a right time to change my job?
  • What is a good date to join my job?
  • What is a good date to start my business?
  • What is a good date to register my property?
  • What is a good date for griha Pravesh?
  • Should I try going abroad?
  • I have applied for a job, will I get it?

This¬†unlimited annual predictions subscription is good for those who are constantly seeking astrological advice on matters pertaining to important decision making. This report will not include horoscope match making service or any other report service but only limited to asking specific queries in times of needs so that you don’t have to pay again and again for separate services.

For those who are planning a baby or expecting a baby, we will include “one C-section with 3 timings” in this report as a free give away if the delivery dates fall within the subscription period of 1 year.

Horoscope matchmaking is not covered in this annual predictions subscription.

Charges are 11999/- INR or 199US$.