Which gemstone is suitable for me

“Which gemstone is suitable for me”, is the question I am asked often by my clients. I have pretty much researched and learnt few things about gemstones in the past few years. Gemstones are really effective if they are of a good quality. Cheap gemstones won’t help much, cultured gemstones are of no use. Natural and untreated gemstone can be the best provided they are clean and spotless.

Buying a gemstone is a costly business and it is not necessary that you will get a genuine one if your destiny does not permit it. There are many faults in gemstones right from mining to cutting and shaping it. Right setting is important, right metal is also important. Just as a house can be fitted with copper rod to absorb the shock of lightening so is the bodily temple fitted with metals to absorb negative electrical and magnetic radiations which are freely circulating in the universe, yes metals do work and absorb radiations. These radiations affect man’s body for good and bad both.

In a nutshell gemstones which are of right weight and good quality fitted properly to touch the skin are very effective to absorb negative vibrations and promote positivity. But the grand question remains, “Which gemstone is suitable for me” ?

The correct answer to this is, Gemstone should be used according to the problems one is facing in life. Gemstone of planets which are good but afflicted can be used. Gemstones can be used for certain purpose till the purpose is fulfilled and they can be removed. The ash of gemstones was used to cure many disease in the ancient times which proves that they are effective.

There are two complete chapters dedicated to use of astrological bangles and gemstones in the book “An autobiography of a yogi” where guru of yogananda shri yukteshwar giri has clearly suggested Paramhansa yogananda to wear astrological bangle. There is first hand experience of use of gemstones given by Paramhansa yogananda. His guru had clearly warned about the grave illness he was about to undergo and suggested use of astrological bangle which would reduce the illness to 24 days though it was scheduled to last for 6 months.

From the above first hand inference it is clear that the intensity of problem is reduced by the use of right gemstone and metals and it also proves that astrology works effectively even though there will always be people who rubbish this claim since their brains cannot fathom the mysterious ways the universe works neither can they fathom the depths of astrology which is an ultimate science and Vedanga. Lack of belief in shastra, lack of knowledge of shastra and lack of faith in god leads to such thinking. Vishnu purana, narada purana, garuda purana even mahabharata and ramayana are full of examples of use of astrology where muhurta for wars were used by the lord himself. Those who quote examples from bhagavat geeta saying we believe in doing karma and blah blah blah are half read since Krishna himself had choosen muhurta for war after trying to make friendship between the kauravas and the pandavas. He had chosen a suitable muhurta named “Maitra” on “Dwadasi day”.

Each gemstone has multiple uses and one can buy a gemstone according to his requirements and placement of planets in his horoscope. A gemstone works like a supplement boosting the karakatwa of certain planet or in other words it can also work as a kavach/shield which protects you from the bad vibrations and unforeseen dangers.

Which gemstone is suitable for me


This can be primarily used to get sound health, confidence. It cures eye problems, heart and bones related problems. Those who lack confidence should wear ruby. Those who are in administrative services, government, politics can wear ruby for success in their pursuits. It promotes strong leadership qualities and robust healthy constitution. Those always suffering from health troubles like fever can use ruby to get sound health.


Peace of mind, improve digestion, curing mental maladies or mood swings and also helps in reducing pain of menstrual cycles. Avoid using cultured pearls, they are only good for Jewellery purpose and won’t give any astrological results.


White coral can be used to cure emotional problems, relationships, infertility, conception issues. Red coral can be used to ignite fire within, to make one active and energetic, cures blood related problems, can help in regulating menstrual cycles. Use of coral will cure cold related issues.


Cures nervous debility, soothes the nerves, improves memory, clarity of thought, helps in releasing stress and tensions, cures pancreas related issues and functions of nerves. The ash of this gem is used to cure snake bites indicating that this gemstone is a good remedy over poisons. Good for those who are working in stressful environment, require to improve communication skills, education and teaching, good for astrologers, actors, cinema/theatre artists/comedians/writers. This gemstone gives outlet to expression and communication.

Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj

This gemstone brings luck, stability. When one is finding difficult to settle down in life one can wear a pukhraj since jupiter is the planet of stability. Wearing this gemstone will give marriage to those having desire to get married. Wearing Pukhraj gives settlement in life and the person feels responsible, matured and dutiful towards family, society etc. This gemstone cures liver issues, makes you healthy and promotes harmony in life. Classics declare this gemstone as bhagyaratna means one which can pull luck and prosperity for those struggling in life.


Diamond also brings luck to its wearer. Shukra is the life giver being master of sanjeevani vidya hence this gemstone is elixir of life and can increase longevity, it will give life to the wearer increasing veerya/sperm count, it gives charm and magnetism to the personality. It is good for curing kidney and reproductive organs related problems. Diamond like pukhraj can also bring luck and prosperity to the wearer. It is good for marriage and especially newly married couple as it improves conjugal life. Wearing diamond will attract wealth/fortune and lady luck. Those in entertainment/hotels/glamour industry will benefit by use of diamond.

Blue sapphire/Neelam

Cures from mental maladies, lunacy, depression, anxiety. This gemstone gives a very cooling sensation to the brain and cures problems related to mental debility. Blue sapphire is extremely helpful in career if one is directionless in life. It gives protection against evils, black magic and removes negativity. It is extremely cold stone which will soothe your senses and bring make you calm and composed. Blue sapphire can turn your fortunes if it is suitable for you. Kashmiri sapphires are world famous for the beauty and charm.

which gemstone is suitable for me

which gemstone is suitable for me

When a client comes to ask about suitable gemstone, his horoscope is checked to find out strong, weak, functional benefics, malefics in the birth horoscope and the planets improving in navamsha are also checked. The planet which is strong by degree, ownership and placement yet afflicted in the horoscope needs treatment to channelize its energy for your benefit. In case of planets which are very weak pujas are suggested to minimize the evils.

Always remember a man himself is the instigator of the causes of whatever effects are now prevalent in his life. He can overcome any limitation, because he has created it by his own actions in the first place and because he possesses spiritual resources that are subject to planetary pressure.

Like a doctor helps you to overcome your disease or health troubles so do the remedies and gemstones help you to overcome your karmic problems which are created by you itself in the first place so you should seek remedies as prescribed by shastra instead of any bhondu baba who prescribes his own remedy. Be rest assured the one who condemns shastra and remedies prescribe by shastra is a fake person who is trying to blow his own trumpet. Daana or any service done to lord through veda brahmana will always bear fruit as veda brahmana is hari rupa and those who condemn them or abuse them are sure to embrace naraka, this is shastra vachan not astrologer ashish desai’s vachan.

Those who want to know “Which gemstone is suitable for me” can consult me by paying the consultation charges. If you really want results it is recommended that you buy a good quality gemstone instead of the cheap and fake one’s which are cultured and sold at a fraction of the cost of a real gemstone. They would never give any results to the user. I have known cases of people who used moderately costly gemstones and have got immediate results to their problems like those not getting married had their marriage fixed after wearing a good quality pukhraj. One matter of fact is you get a good gemstone or a right remedy when your time has come and thus your success is assured at such times. Getting a good astrologer/pundit for guidance and performing remedies is akin to getting a good doctor or lawyer who would really remove your disease from the root instead of just temporarily curing it.


Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Vini says:

    Can I where Blue sapphire. My date of birth is 28/12/1989.5:38pm.

  2. satya says:

    can yellow saphire ruby coral can worn along with blue saphire

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Satya,

      No, Coral, Ruby and Blue sapphire do not go well together.

      Yellow sapphire can be worn with any gemstone above.

      Thank you.

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