When will I get a job ? Question about career.

Question about Career

This friend of mine consulted me around june 2012 last year and asked when he will get a job. He is well qualified in terms of education and had completed his MBA then. He had been searching for a job since 2 months and was not able to get a job as per his expectations.

His horoscope is as follows :-

Transit saturn and jupiter are aspecting his 10th house and lord. He is running through dasha chiddra period which is usually bad in horoscopes as transformation in life takes place during such periods, there are some unfavorable events that have taken place with him but am avoiding discussing them here.

Dasha was is saturn-jupiter-venus. The pratyantardasha was of yogakaraka venus for makar lagna but venus is placed in the 8th house of d-10. Here venus is also vargottama being just 1 degree and hence goes to 12th house in bhav chalit in d-1.

Now the next pratyantardasha is of sun. Sun and saturn are in mool gandaanta but go in the 11th house in bhav chalit of d-1.

I thought planets are showing that he won’t get a job for 6 months, but practically he being an MBA this can’t be possible, he will get a job somewhere or the other in the mean time quickly. But I finally decided to believe what planets were indicating and boldly predicted that he will not get a job for 6 months until december end. My reason was pratyantar lord venus was not favorable for gettign job being in 12th of d-1 and 8th of d-10. Even in d-60 venus is placed in the 8th house though exalted and aspected by exalted mercury and by 8th lord jupiter from 12th who also is exalted.

The next pratyantar dasha was of sun starting on december 19th 2012. So I told him that he will get a good job around december 2012 end. He actually laughed off at that time thinking that its not possible for 6th months to stay without a job and told me that he will take up any job even if it means less pay.

Till december he was unemployed and on 28th something he met me and said that am still jobless, you told me that I will get a job in december end. I was sad and told him that december is yet to end, so lets wait and watch and also told him that I will check his chart again to see what mistake I made. The next day I got the news from him that he got a job with a good salary and that my prediction proved correct.

I was very happy and thanked god in my mind for my success. Here jyotisha triumphs, I would have gone wrong if I had not relied on planetary indications and told him that he would get a job within 1-2 months that would have been a failure as venus the pratyantar dasha lord was not showing any positive trend w.r.t job for next 6 months.


  1. Sridhar says:

    Its not just you Ashish Ji, everybody have their own sides of stories, whether good or bad.. My point was just to state my side because I know only about mine..I totally understand when you say that people do not come back and pay after your consultation. But am very genuine and frank enough now to say that I do not have any money to pay even if you do a free consultation for me. Now its upto you.. if you decide not to do then fair enough. I Understand.. Thanks for the response anyways.

  2. Sridhar says:

    Dear Ashish Ji,

    I now know you are a family man, But what I also know that you have some source of earning at least through these paid consultations.. Unfortunately am not so lucky as you and i do not have any source of income to afford these paid consultations now.. That’s why I had given all my birth details.. If you can’t provide consultation for free, fair enough but better do not be sarcastic to an already suffering person like me.. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Greetings Dear sridhar ji,
      I am not being sarcastic to anybody, I am sorry if you felt so. Everybody has his own story, you cannot say the other person is lucky without knowing his side of story. I do not mind giving free consultations to really needy people but then nobody comes back to pay after they get their work done or start earning. I have no intentions to hurt anybody or being sarcastic to anyone.

      Ashish Desai.

  3. Am unemployed for the last 7 months.. Am a family man with all commitments.. Pl help.. Age 32 ; DOB – Apr 12th 1982 , Place of birth – Chennai ; Time of birth – 13:26:59.

    • admin says:

      Greetings Sridhar ji,

      Please opt for paid consultations, I too am a family man with all commitments. Email me a number from 1 to 249 for the query when will you get a new job, Think about the query and email me a random number from 1 to 249.

      Ashish Desai.

  4. Alina says:

    My promising career came to an end in 2008 during Shani-Mangal mahadasha.I had a series of surprising bad luck from 2006 ownards, one thing after the other, which was pretty unbelievable. Since, then I have worked only on short term contracts, about once every year or year and a half.Every job I get ends, and never due to me–I am always told my work is good.
    At present I am working very few hours and am desperate to find a job, especially one that is meaningful to me, as my career was. I am a middle aged person who has worked all my life and never expected to end up like this.

    Any chance of that ever happening again? Or am I doomed to a life of under-employment, part-time employment, unemployment and always searching for a way to make money? My chart details follow below: date of birth 16-10-1964

    ASC Gemini 011-26-04
    SUN Libra 000-25-22
    MOON Aquarius 009-02-19
    MARS Cancer 025-38-27
    MERC Libra 001-22-07
    JUPT Taurus 001-03-07
    VENU Leo 019-46-57
    SATN Aquarius 005-10-42
    RAHU Gemini 002-37-45
    KETU Sagittarius 002-37-45

  5. Disha says:

    Hey Ashish,

    I am a frequent reader of your blog and request you to write atleast one article a week. The above prediction is freaky and I am astounded with this kind of prediction. So jyotish can pinpoint events to this level. Please continue your good work and enlighten us. All the best to you and good wishes.

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