Venus In Leo

The placement of planets in a particular zodiac sign greatly influences the tendency of giving results of that planet, it is a very vital factor in influencing the nature, the character, the direction of life of the person. The make up of the personality and the internal samskaras of the person can be gauged by the position of planets in the zodiac. The characteristics will be more or less the same depending upon other planetary influences which increase or decrease the basic characteristics. One such combination to be studied is Venus in Leo.

Venus in Leo

Why I am writing about Venus is because it is the primary karaka of marriage and married life. While looking at Venus in Leo one should understand the characteristics of the Sign Leo first. Leo is a Royal sign, the house of the king of solar system the sun, it is a sthira rashi with fire element making it very royal character sign, these people are very ambitious in nature, having high self esteem and self respect, obstinate and determined due to sthira tatwa, they love to be treated royally and command respect everywhere, they have love for the best things, branded things, showy nature, big ambitions and get hurt very easily. Leo rules the heart in the zodiac and such people get high palpations of heart if they are insulted, there heart starts fluttering and pounding loudly if they are hurt. Planets like sun, mars and jupiter are considered very strong in the sign leo, but this sign gives very good results for all planets even saturn in leo is seen to give good results materially. Leo falls in the 5th house of the natural zodiac making it a sign of creativity, drama, romance, children, arts etc. Venus being a planet of love, romance, arts, drama will tend to increase the qualities when placed in Leo, Materially such a venus gives love of all material comforts, royal things of life and these people get it in plenty. The material comforts come to them easily but now when it comes to relationships and marriage this venus often makes disasters.


Venus in leo

venus in leo

We should understand a basic fact that the root of all happiness and sorrow lies in the nature of the person and not in the comforts or discomforts he has. You can see a king or a big businessman having all the comforts unhappy and unable to enjoy the pleasures of life due to his irritated nature, pessimistic attitude, and a poor person happy just because of the bliss inside him inspite of having nothing. Happiness is a state of mind, nature, character which the planets portray very easily, hence the study of placement of planet in particular zodiac gives a lot of idea about the person’s attitude towards life and things. Venus in Leo makes a person egoistic, unbending, unable to make compromises with the situations, always looking to gain control on the situation through his high ambitions, unable to express due to Ego and the fear or rejections. These qualities are deeply rooted inside when one has Venus and Leo and since venus deals with marriage and is known to be a primary karaka of marriage, these qualities surface in their married life, their opinions about their life partner and his nature, his behavior is a mental battle in itself and they get torn in that.

Venus in Leo will always look for a partner whom they will love to flaunt in public, somebody due to whom they get more respect in society, somebody who gets them lots of compliments, somebody who gets eyeballs of the people raised. Prestige for them is more important than the person and the relationship with the person, they want respect and applause from people, somebody who can get eyeballs of people is an ideal partner for them. When it comes to relationships they may be romantic and demand love but they are unable to express themselves and say sorry or do something which will make them to bow down in front of their partners, they will often spoil a relationship due to their Ego and never bending attitude. So even if such people may get compliments publicly it is possible that the inner personal life is full of miseries due to this nature. Here this nature is deeply rooted in them due to Venus in Leo and it gets worse when such a venus is afflicted by other malefics, you have to consider the affliction to 30-40% when Venus is in Leo, but as the percentage of affliction rises up and goes towards 100% there are big issues in married life and such a married life becomes bitter. Always remember happiness is the state of mind, a person who knows happiness can give you happiness, the one who knows only to earn comforts can only give you that, but life will still be miserable due to dissatisfaction.


venus in leo

venus in leo

On the brighter side, this Venus gives very good material comforts, artistic abilities, qualities, love for theatre, arts, money and comforts often come easily due to this Venus. Venus in Magha nakshatra is more powerful in leo to give these results than in any other nakshatra, A Magha and Uttara-Phalguni venus will give more bad results in terms of relationships and marriage than the one in Purva-Phalguni, but a Vargottama venus can be bad for relationships inspite of being in Purva due to exaggeration of qualities of Leo.

I will put up some case studies with Leo venus in the next article to show how it can affect relationships and marriage. The topic of Leo Venus has been covered in one of the books of great astrologer of Maharastra, Shri. V.D. Bhatt and that book itself is the source of this article, I have experienced the results of Venus in Leo in many horoscopes as given there and hence thought of writing this article. The study of astrology is a continuous on-going process and shows great insights into human life and his destiny and Venus in Leo is one such combination which can be studied more deeply w.r.t Marriage, relationships, the ability of people to deal with it. I hope you all love this article and keep following this blog. Those who need astrology consultations can contact me for the same if they want guidance related to any area of life.


  1. Y Prakash says:

    Dear Ashishji,
    Thank you for posting such an elaborate article specific to Venus in Magha Nakshtra.
    I just could reach to this page as I was searching thru google about my horoscope related to same position. I have Scorpio Ascendant and Venus is placed in 10th house along with Jupiter in Magha Nakshatra Pada 2. It’s sub-lord Ketu is positioned in 12th house along with Mercury. … and 10th lord (sun) is placed in 11th house.
    My Venus Mahadasha has just started (from Mid April 2018). How do you see the outcome in the coming period related to my job/profession and over all well being in the period of Venus which s placed in Magha.

    Would appropriate your reply please.
    Best Regards,
    Y Prakash

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Prakash ji,

      A benefic Venus in 10th house with another benefic jupiter should give good success in profession in general considering that the 10th lord is also well posited. Since Venus is also in Own amsha it is good here, Venus will give gains through opposite sex and success after birth of children due to 5th lord jupiter also in 10th house.

      Marriage and Birth of children will bring prosperity in life.

  2. Prahalad says:

    Thank you for posting this interesting article. I have Vargottam Venus in Leo and Leo happens to be the 7th House in my natal chart (Aquarius ascendant).

    Can you share the effects of Venus Mahadasha on the native when Venus exists in Leo. And how does the Vargottam position influence the effects as well.

    Thank you once again.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Venus will give a beautiful spouse if vargottama in 7th house in leo, one will be proud of his spouse like having achieved a medal, it will bring prosperity through marriage and give success through opposite success. Person will have a good artistic taste and beautiful house, he will be fond of beauty, theatre, arts, drama, artistic pursuits. He will have a good vehicle in dasha of venus. Father will prosper in venus dasha.

      All the above things will be more or less depending on other influences on venus, results are also to be checked according to age, desh, kaal, paristhiti.

      Thank you.

  3. Pritz says:

    I am gemini ascendant i have mercury 2 deg venus 6 deg and Rahu 28 deg conjunction in 3rd house in leo . And sun is in second house in cancer . Do I have a chance in public services? Esp. IAS ?

    • astrologerashish says:


      sorry cannot comment without going through the entire horoscope analysis. I would however encourage you to pursue your passion without bothering the outcome.

  4. Komal kotia says:

    Hi I have venus along with Jupiter in leo Rashi in 7th house of my horoscope in aquarius lagna, what does this signify about my marital life ?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Komal kotia,

      Rich/affluent partner/Prosperity after marriage. Much will depend on other planets influence as well, they can alter results.

      thank you.

  5. Harsha says:

    My partner has venus and mars in leo. He is of a virgo ascendant. He gets angry very easily and looses temper on petty petty issues. Everytime i only have to make adjustments. He never makes any adjustments. He is not at all expressive. I dont know what to do about it.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Harsha,

      You know what to do, it is better to get out of an abusive relationship than to suffer whole life. The choice is yours, nature of person does not change easily.

      Thank you.

  6. Sparrow says:

    I have Venus in Leo (magha) Mars in Leo (Magha) and Mercury in Leo (magha) in 11th (Libra lagna) . How about my marriage life ? Am I able to get a good spouse

    • astrologerashish says:

      You will get a good spouse and prosperity after marriage in general. You should try to be more expressive and not let ego issues spoil your relationship.TMars+Mercury+Venus in 11th is a good dhanayoga for tula lagna. They can be in same navamsha from Aries to cancer or in different navamsha if not conjunct.
      Mercury conjunction with mars is not good apart from making a good dhanayoga for tula lagna due to being placed in 11th house.

  7. ranjani says:

    im a libra ascendant with jupiter venus conjuction in leo.can u give a gist about my marriage

    • astrologerashish says:

      Jupiter and Venus in 11th indicate good dhanayoga and intelligence, it also indicates person can probably over estimate himself and be inflated with ego. Regarding marriage it does not give much information as 7th house, 7th lord, navamsha horoscope, 8th house, 8th lord, condition of 2nd house, 2nd lord, 12th house 12th lord Dasha, transits all have to be studied.

  8. Akshaya Anand says:

    I have Venus in Leo (magha) and Mars in Leo (purva phalguni) in 12th. People said I would have a very bad married life. But after getting married I am having a very good married life in fact. How come?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Akshaya,

      You should ask this question to those who told you this. There are other factors also apart from only venus. It might be well placed in navamsha, the 7th lord and 7th house must be well placed, the navamsha may be having good combinations. The nature/behavioral patterns/expectations about life partner is written in this article. A lot of people have good married life and also tend to have extra-marital affairs, many people balance great married life along with many affairs as well. Venus+Mars in 12th give good bed pleasures and makes one spend lavishly in general.
      There are many permutations and combinations which lead to many types of results and outcomes. One has to check the horoscope minutely for that. A well fortified placement of 7th house, 7th lord both in rasi, navamsha and good dasha will not harm married life.

  9. aasish says:

    Namaste sir,

    I’m aasish born on 6th Jan1980. Im in Makha Nakshatra simha rasi. Will Venus planet be beneficial for me or is the Sun ?Will name change in number 6 or 1 help me?
    I dont have any friends , marriage seems to be a far thing off, people are treating me like an alien, misunderstandings present. I dont even have a private life of my own. Kindly fuide.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Asish ji,

      Better keep your original name. Your birth number is 6 and lucky number is 7.

      Kindly opt for paid consultations for detailed guidance. The whole horoscope has to be seen for the problems you mentioned.

  10. Abhishek says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I have 7th lord venus in 5th in leo (11th naksatra) with mercury ,4th lord moon in 7th in libra 11th lord Saturn in 9th in Sagittarius,9th lord Jupiter in 3rd in Gemini, Rahu in 11th in aqurious.

    How will be my marriage life? Will my wife support to develop my business?
    Right now I’m Running a small interior decoration business.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      NAmaste Abhishek ji,
      please opt for paid consultations, this needs to be seen with much finer details into divisional charts than just on basis of planets in rashi chart.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

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