1. tara

    Hi I would like to know the charges for a c section muhurtha

    1. admin

      Namaste Tara ji,

      Details sent in the email, Kindly check and confirm the same.


  2. Sudha R

    Good article, Ashish ji. :) Nice analogies. :)

    If retro planets only delay but don’t deny, would you please clarify why you also say “if the horoscope promises so” – maybe an example or analogy would help?

    1. admin

      Greetings sudha ji,

      The promise in the horoscope is of prime importance to judge the results first. Suppose you planet a seed in the ground and water it regularly, it is expected to sprout after X number of days but it does not happen, you keep trying hard to take care of all the formalities required to grow that seed into plant and finally the seed sprouts and a sapling comes out after 2-3 months, you can say that there was a promise in form of a seed but the results were delayed due to certain factors.

      Without the seed there will be no plant, the seed is the promise required to grow a plant, like this every combination is present in the horoscope in the form of seeds, whether it will sprout and grow into a tree will very much depend on the dashas, transits, retrogression, affliction and placement of planets in the horoscope.

      Ashish Desai.


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