Here are few of the testimonials of people who have consulted me so far and have been satisfied with the outcome of my predictions and services.

Even the repeated attempts to get a job failed till now.  Recently I am having discussion with one of the big hospitals in Bangalore itself. They have agreed to offer me the job. I may get offer letter in the coming wk as promised by them. But real joining will take place from Dec only/maximum by Jan first as you predicted. 

Dear sir, Greetings!

I got the appointment letter but date of joining would be 1.1.2015!
By a reputed Surgeon (Name withheld for privacy).

“I have been taking consultations from Ashish sir from past 4 to 5 years, and believe me his predictions as well as remedies were perfect. He sees Astrology from scientific perspective and I think thats the only reason he is a great consultant. I wish him a great future ahead…”

Thanks and regards
Prachi Phadke
(PhD scholar, cancer epidemiology)

“Hello All. There is something very special about Ashish. Besides astrologer, he is a true and friend and guide. Almost all the predictions so far are correct. And he is the person who willn/y scare you but tell you about your weakness, goodness; basically how to overcome weakness and sustain goodness.

He will build in a good hope within you. He will tell you exactly what you are. What things to be carried and what to be shrugged. A good friend and an astrologer, he is”

Gaurav Arora (Banker, Noida)

“Ashish is a very good friend of mine. In this young age itself, he has mastered astrological skills. His approach to a horoscope seems ideal because he uses many systems like parashari, KP, Jaimini and many more. I wish all the best to this good friend of mine. God bless you Ashish”

Dr. Ajey Bhatt  (Bangalore)

“Thank you for another wonderful astrology session.Thank you so much ASHISH BHAIYA, your skill has brought me clear vision and insight You always provide incredible insights and seem to be able to intuitively focus, precisely, on whatever one needs to know in the present moment. You have a great gift. I was able to clearly understand the meanings of all that you explained and it helped me having an idea of how long this transition is going to be, which will help me to pace myself. I felt very empowered by your reading and am grateful.what a wonderful gift you have. !””. “You have a great ability to point out important things to know about and to pay attention to — in a very grounded, supportive and knowledgeable way — without creating a sense of unnecessary drama.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gentle wisdom and clarity.
BHAIYA aap khub progress karo and success achieve karo,hum sab ki wishes aap ke sath he,jis mehnat and lagan se aap kaam kar rhe ho bas wo karte rho,good luck bhaiya……….”

Arihant Jain (proprietor, Agri business)

“I had never believed so much in astrology or to be more precise, in birthstones. But when I met Ashish Sir and took his help, rather prediction, it was just awesome. I wont say that I got all solutions and 100% satisfaction in terms of my life but yes, all my problems got a way to get a solution. I got directions to move on. His predictions and guidance really exceeded my expectations. “How could somebody be so right?” The career predictions and the guidance that he provided me were extremely true and accurate. I got goose bumps when I read a report which was so true about my professional nature. Since the day I have got that career report from your side, I have been constantly improving myself and my career has started taking new shape of success.Thank you so much for your guidance and support.”

– Karun Vig (Marketing Manager, New Delhi)

The moment I was going to stop believing in astrology, I met Ashish who changed my views about the same. First of all, he gave me a correct analysis about my personality type especially, about my weird mind and what exactly is the problem and how can I practically, tackle it. Then I asked him further to give me prediction about my career which was going nowhere at the time I had first interacted with him. What I like about him is that he gave me a particular time frame, and never in my further interactions with me, he changed his prediction. Since my first talk, he’d been telling me that ‘you just wait for ur Sun AD as ur career will actually shine only in that period.’ He told me clearly, that I will get all that I had been wanting in just one year so just patiently wait for it. He didn’t give me any false predictions to just please my mind, always stuck on his words. And there it was. The moment I entered my Sun AD, my life changed dramatically….!!!!! Suddenly, the right opportunities came my way and I saw most of my dreams becoming true right in front of my eyes..something that had never happened before! I can’t be thankful enough to him for sticking to his words and not letting my faith in astrology shake a bit. I now consult him before taking any extreme decision of my life. The best part about him is that he gives very practical solutions to handle situations. Doesn’t complicate people’s lives by suggesting them age-old or expensive remedies that nobody in today’s age and time, can perform easily.! 🙂

– Monita Sharma (Journalist, Chandigarh)

“I have often consulted him on my birth chart. No, my problems are not solved, nor do I have any clarity of thoughts or an iota of idea about what I should do or expect to happen. I am still surrounded with problems….. but yes, this was clearly indicated to me by him, time and again. He never sugar coated words or made false claims about my future. He never told me that my life would be a bed of roses. Unlike many others who consoled me and relieved my worries by telling me how better ketu dasa would be, he clearly foretold a miserable life/time ahead awaiting me. Although I did not want to believe him then, I had no choice but to wait and watch. Needless to say how life has unfolded in the recent years. He has never minced his words to prove himself right later on. He has an utmost sharp memory, grit and firm belief in almighty…..a pious soul far from any malign or malice”.


“At this young age Ashish gives accurate predictions about people.I have personally experienced it.All d best ashish,i m sure some years down the line your name will be amongst the prominent astrologers in India”.

-Prajakta Bhonde

“My dad was seriously ill and hospitalized last year. i consulted Ashish and got some stunningly accurate predictions from him.i was really amazed by his accuracy to point out the correct period of recovery.he gave me some simple remedies also.
i am really thankful for all his predictions and support all this while.
now i consult him for every important event of my life :)
keep up the good work (Y)”
Shikha Bindal