Remedies in Astrology – Do remedies really work ?

Remedies in Astrology

Think of Doctors and thought of medicines for curing your illness naturally pops up in your mind. Similarly you think of astrology and the thought of remedies naturally pops up in your mind. Most of the people go to astrologer to find solution to their problems and ask for remedies. Astrology is a divine gift to human beings by god which is meant to help you and show you a ray of light during your dark periods. One cannot change destiny completely but a competent and genuine astrologer with a spiritual background can definitely guide you in the right direction, he can prepare you really well to face a certain problem and even find some remedy which might give you relief if your horoscope says that a certain remedy will work for you in the given period.

Dridha karmas, Dridha Adridha Karmas and Adridha karmas.
As we all know that Astrology is based on the theory or karma siddhanta, what you sow is what you reap. There are types of karmas called Dridha Karma (fixed) and Adridha karmas (variable). Dridha karmas are the one’s whose results you cannot alter and you have to suffer them whatsoever, it can also be called as prarabdha karmas where you cannot exercise any freewill and neither do you have a choice. Eg your birth in a certain family, having certain parents, brothers and sisters, your physical structure, looks, talents, you cannot change them and you have to live with these things. You cannot exercise your freewill here and have choice to be born in certain family, having brothers and sisters of your choice etc.

Dridha adridha karmas on other hand can be altered to some extent only. Proper remedies in astrology will modify these to some extent.
Adridha karmas on other hand can be altered with remedies and modified completely by exercising your freewill.

So Remedies work on Dridha Adridha and Adhridha karmas where you have a choice to exercise your freewill and alter the results. Remedies given by our seers are like drugs which have been tested thousands of times before they are launched in the market. The job of the astrologer is to find which particular remedy will suit a person according to his horoscope. Remedies suggested by morally upright astrologers with spiritual background  definitely work as these astrologers won’t cheat you for sake of money, they will either counsel you properly and prepare you to face the problem or suggest a proper remedy if they see that it is going to work for you.

Finally some words of wisdom :-
There is a limit to everything, if your horoscope don’t support much higher dhanayogas for example, you will not earn much money even after performing remedies. A person earning 10k will earn 12k to 13k by doing remedies for financial prosperity, but he won’t start earning 1lakh. That’s totally rubbish to believe and accept.

Remedies in astrology work but there is a limit to everything is what people need to understand. One should not keep too much expectation and be practical rather than dreaming too much.


  1. SR says:

    Nice, from-the-heart post!

  2. SG says:

    ” Eg your birth in a certain family, having certain parents, brothers and sisters, your physical structure, looks, talents, you cannot change them and you have to live with these things ”

    What about marriage partner? I feel we share a karmic bong with our marriage partner as well. Just that we meet them at a later stage in our life. It pains to see when certain astrologers advise couples who are in love not to go for a marriage just based on the kundli match making. I would like to know your comments Sir..

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