Rahu Saturn Conjuction 2013 in Libra

I am not much into mundane astrology which in itself is a different branch of astrology, but I am writing something about the upcoming conjuction of rahu and saturn in libra in september 2013.  Rahu-saturn conjuction 2013 in Libra is one of the most dreaded transits to be watched out for, As Saturn entered libra the sign of its exaltation back in 2012 there have been many changes in the government, many scams were unearthed, many people suffered the results of their bad karmas. Saturn in Libra means justice and libra rules masses, markets. Classics state that as Saturn enters its exaltation sign there will be a death of ruler or some eminent person, this started with sudden death of shri vilas rao deshmukh chief minister of Maharashtra back in 2012 then shri balasaheb thackerey and then many eminent people from film industry passed away including the superstar of yester years Shri Rajesh khanna. Here I had predicted death of some eminent politician when saturn entered libra in a Quiz on Mundane astrology in Vedang astrology group on facebook.


Saturn in Libra

Rahu entered Libra in december 2012 and it was evident that there would be a lot of ups and downs in the government, there would be mass movements, big changes, the shameful rape case in early 2013 saw huge masses coming on the roads against the government and police.

Rahu-saturn in libra are going to cause huge ups and downs in the government and people will now wake up for justice and the government will have to suffer, there will be huge destruction due to natural calamities as saturn rahu come closer to conjuct in libra. The recent episode of 4 dhams and huge destruction at the kedarnath temple shows the results of saturn rahu conjuction. Today it rained very heavily in New zealand and 28000 houses had to face power-cuts.

Lot of people will have to suffer on account of this conjuction which will be happening in september 2013 and to add fuel to fire, mars will be aspecting this conjuction very closely around 8th september 2013. This will be like a judgement day for a lot of people. Karmas have to be suffered by us and there is no way out.

We rejoice in good times, misuse power, authority and money for selfish motives. We do not think about good and bad once we have power and money, people do this mistake in good dashas when they have all power, money, authority it is misused and it boomerangs when then bad dasha coupled with bad transits start in the life of a person.

The Present Rahu-saturn conjuction 2013 in libra will trigger a lot of destruction, natural calamities, changes in the government, violent incidents. September is the month to be watched out for as mars ignites the bomb of rahu-saturn with its aspect. Mars will aspect Rahu-saturn starting from this july when mars enters cancer and there is a huge possibility of more destruction with natural calamities, changes in government, Irritation of people will be clearly visible when there will be huge mass protests against government. Saturn will do justice by punishing and exposing many cheats and morons who are sucking the money of poor and needy.

The judgement day is coming closer with Rahu-saturn conjuction in Libra happening in september 2013. Those having mars in Libra, Aries, or Saturn-rahu/ketu in such positions are bound to suffer in this period. People born with eclipses in these signs will also be on the target end. Such people should lie low during the coming months than trying to do something which could turn against them.

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