Online Palmistry Consultation

Online palmistry consultation will be beneficial for those who do not have birth details and can also be helpful in accurate reading combined with the study of birth horoscope.

Palmistry is an equally fascinating science like astrology and comes under “samudrika shastra“, the lines on palm, the mounts, the ridges, the whorls, the length, breadth, color of palm, fingers, nail reveal a lot about human personality. Palm reading can help you analyse a person and his traits on physical, mental and psychological level. The signs of illness are first reflected on palm months before onset of actual illness, nails play a vital role in revealing working or organs.

Those who wish to take online palmistry consultations can send the high-resolution clear palm pictures to The pictures should contain the following.

  • Back of the hand to analyse type of palm/length of palm/fingers etc.
  • Front palm with lines and mounts clearly visible.
  • Side of palm to check lines of marriage and other minor lines.

The above service can be taken individually or jointly with horoscope reading by paying securely with card/net banking here.