Jupiter transit in Virgo 2016

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016

Jupiter’s stay in the house of the king and the Royal sign of Leo finally comes to an end, it was not a great journey this time since Leo has been under terrible affliction from Rahu and aspect of saturn. Jupiter must be happy to move out of Leo from the clutches of two malefics as its power to give wealth, expansion, success, luck will be restored. Jupiter’s divine blessings will gain prominence once it enters Virgo away from all the bad influence of malefics. Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 happens on 11th August 2016 while saturn will resume its direct motion by 13th August 2016 2 days after Jupiter moves to Virgo. This is going to be a big improvement and relief for majority of people.

Effects of jupiter transit in Virgo 2016

Virgo is a Dual sign, earth element, ruled by mercury and symbolizes a girl in boat admist stary night holding a lantern in her hand and lost in some thoughts. Virgo governs the spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, abdomen area in the body. Virgo also represents health as it is the 6th house of the zodiac starting from Aries. Jupiter’s Entry in virgo will stabilize the banking & finance sector which was badly affected in 2015 while Rahu entered Leo to conjunct jupiter since January 2016. The global conditions with respect to finance will improve, there will be breakthroughs in healthcare and medicine as jupiter is entering the 6th house of natural zodiac, this year will be good for medical and health professionals, finance and banking professionals, there will be introduction of new bills and acts and improvements in the present bills and acts will also take place. Food & nutrition sector will also benefit. There will be growth in business ventures and service sector will also benefit from it as new opportunities will be on rise with jupiter’s beneficial influence on all the earthy signs. There will be good inflow of cash and finance thereby improving the financial prospects of our nation. Sanity will be restored in people which was otherwise lost when jupiter was conjunct rahu and aspected by saturn. The humility, values, traditions, wisdom and ability to act wisely was under threat with jupiter’s conjunction with rahu. Jupiter’s affliction creates a sudden jolt in normal life and takes a man towards unwanted ambitions and makes him behave like a beast loosing all the sanity and values. Let us have a look at results of jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for 12 signs.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for 12 signs.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Aries

Jupiter enters your 6th house though it is not a good house for jupiter, it will be really beneficial for you with respect to growth in career and finance as it will aspect two important houses 10th and 2nd in your horoscope. You will see improvements in your life after September 2016 as mars moves out of Scorpio conjoining saturn. Avoid over eating as jupiter in 6th will cause stomach to inflate due to faulty eating habits, exercise is must for good health, its not a very bright year for students and those aspiring for love and marriage, those in agriculture, service sector, healthcare, financial institutions will have a good year ahead. Not very good year for marriage and child planning unless jupiter is placed favorably from the moon or the ascendant with a good supporting dasha.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for tauras

Time to creatively express yourself and indulge in exploring creative side of yours, the transit of jupiter is in your 5th house, a romantic association may be awaiting for you in the coming year, those looking to plan a child can go ahead as jupiter is ready to bless you resulting in addition to your family. Students will have a good year as jupiter in 5th will be good for education and learning. Luck and health will improve as jupiter aspects your ascendant and the 9th house. some of you will gain good money in speculations and gambling, sudden financial gains can be expected, but do not indulge in it unless you know your horoscope.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Gemini

Jupiter enters your 4th house and will cause growth in career for you as it will be directly aspecting your 10th house, Many of you will get transfers or relocate to some other place as jupiter’s transit in 4th often gives transfers and travels to other places, its aspect on 12th house will make you spend money on good things like daana, poojas, religious ceremonies. Foreign travels can be likely for you, some of you might get sudden gains in form of inheritance and legacy, Purchase of property or vehicles looks to be on cards for you with good growth in career. you are likely to enjoy this year with peace and harmony in domestic life. Your spouse will help you or play a good role for enhancement in your career, business opportunities will arise and there will be good developments on business front.


Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Cancer

Cancerians will have an excellent year ahead with juptier’s enter in virgo, the aspect of jupiter on 7th house will get many of you hooked to your better half, the wedding bells are ringing for you, you will make new friends and get new opportunities. Your siblings, friends etc will help you in many ways and will become instrumental for good progress. Those who are into media, entertainment, communications, writing will have good year ahead, authors will find new ideas and subjects to write about, its time to explore your literary skills. Business associations will be fruitful. Money inflow will be good for you, you are likely to travel a lot this year and also visit spiritual places, some of you might be blessed by saintly people and receive deeksha or initiation. Luck will be by your side this time making you destiny’s child.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Leo

The mighty Lions are really going to have a very good year with jupiter’s entry in Virgo, it will transit the 2nd house of your horoscope and aspect the 10th and 2nd houses along with 8th. Being the 5th lord in 2nd it will bring in some addition in your family, you will be blessed with children, a chance of loosing somebody in family is also there being the 8th lord jupiter shows loss of somebody in family, good gains from speculations, stock market, insurance are indicated. A sudden inheritance can be expected as jupiter passes through the 2nd house. Growth in career, profession, job is expected. Health will be in good spirits and this year brings expansion for you with respect to career, health, wealth and family.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Virgo

Jupiter in your ascendant will make you very optimistic and happy-go-lucky person, There will be expansion of good things in your life, you will also gain weight and good health as jupiter comes close to your ascendant degree, optimism will leave a good mark on your health, those who are searching for their soul mate will find one now, marriage, relationships, romance will be there for you on cards this year. This can turn out to be the best transit so far where completing a family is concerned in terms of both marriage and children. This year is also excellent for children with respect to studies and education as jupiter’s aspect on 5th and 9th will be beneficial for higher education and luck as well. You will be lucky where situations demand luck factor to come into play. Business, partnerships will be smooth and gains from business are indicated, you will get opportunities to travel to spiritual places and abroad as well, you are likely to make the best of this time by enhancing your skills and knowledge, so focus on this transit to make the best of the opportunities, its time for self appraisal. Give yourself the boost your long deserved.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Libra

Jupiter transits your 12th house this year from August 2016 to August 2017, it will bring opportunities for foreign travels, relocation, inheritance etc. This transit is favorable to sow the seeds of good karma which you can reap later, you will spend money in religious ceremonies, donations, good services, helping poor and needy etc. This jupiter will help you in spiritual progress as it passes through the 12th house of your horoscope. Chances of foreign trips, change of residence, investment in properties and income from foreign sources is good. Aspect on 6th house will bring growth to those in service sector, medical professionals, sportsmen etc. You will travel a lot in the coming year especially if you are running the dasha of jupiter along with this transit. This is a time to rejuvenate, relax and discover your inner self through spiritual progress and meditations, you will gain good experiences in travels. Those having legal hassles will get relief and there will be high probability of sudden gains through insurance, legacy, in-laws etc.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Scorpio

You will reap the results of your past karmas in this transit of jupiter, you did a lot of hard work and struggle in your career in the past year, this year will bring long deserved appreciation and gains of your laborious efforts in career. You will be having excellent financial prospects in the coming year, High chances of love marriage for you this year as jupiter’s beneficial aspect falls on the 7th house. Many of you will find your soul mates and tie the knot, those expecting children will get good news this year, jupiter will bless you with good children as it directly influences the 5th house as the 5th lord. Networking and communication will bring you good profits, there will be expansion of your friend circle and social life, you will meet good people and gain from them and even make life long friends. Success and recognition will be key factors for you this year in all respects.

Jupiter transit in Virgo 2016 for Sagittarius

Jupiter transits the 10th house for Sagittarius and being the lagna lord it signifies that you will focus all your energies on career, profession. You will look forward to enhance your social status and gain recognition from this transit, jupiter in 10th house will give you good success in career with self-efforts. You will get a chance to shoulder additional responsibilities in profession and you should take it without hesitation as this would be an opportunity for you to gain prominence and recognition in your career, those in business will get opportunities to expand it and taste big success by self efforts. Mother’s blessings will help you to experience all round success this year. This transit will give promotions, financial benefits, increase in inflow of money, recognition, good domestic peace and happiness, there can be expansion or renovation of your residence, some of you may get good residence through company. Health will be good overall, the period from August to December 2016 will give you sudden expenses but things will start improving from 2017 onwards as saturn moves to Sagittarius, those having sade-sati may not get expected results based on the condition and the position of moon in the horoscope, but do not get disheartened as you will definitely reap the results of your good karma which you sow today even though it may get delayed. Overall a very good period for you, identify the right opportunities and make gold out of it.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Capricorn

Jupiter enters your 9th house of luck, you were running here and there without any direction till now, jupiter will light up the way for you and take your life in a proper direction from now onwards, you will realize your goals and ambitions, your luck will favor you and help you strike the right areas. The second half of 2016 is going to prove good for you since saturn your ascendant lord is placed in 11th house from your sign and jupiter entering 9th will aspect the ascendant and the 5th house making your good past karmas come into action, you will get to taste the good fruits of your hard work now onwards. Jupiter entering 9th shows blessings of saints, father. Start your new journey with blessings of your father, your guru and the almighty to make the most out of this phase. Jupiter will make you travel for religious and spiritual purposes, these travels will instill the positive aura required to make a fresh start in life. Travels are prominent for capricorn this year, saturn entering 12th house by 2016 end will make you travel to other countries as well. You should start building your foundation right from the scratch, networking, expanding your social circle, meeting new people, utilizing different modes of communication will help you to achieve your future goals. Read spiritual books, literature and biographies of saints, philosophy books, this will help you to get their blessings. Success in studies, higher education, romance is ensured this year. You should strive to update your skills and knowledge this year, learning new things will help you in near future, Overall this transit of jupiter is the beginning of new journey for you.

Jupiter transit in Virgo 2016 for Aquarius

Jupiter transits your 8th house this year, not a very beneficial transit for you materially but spiritually it will be rewarding. You may loose money suddenly, loss of friends or disappointment from family and friends could be possible this year. It may come as a emotional blow, but this period is to introspect yourself, your goals, your ambitions, your life. You should indulge in meditation and try to attune yourself with your inner self to realize the purpose of your existence. Meditation will help you to discover many secrets within. Those in research related areas will do quite well in this period. You will get deeply involved in researches and get good success there. Jupiter in 8th house as the 2nd lord can indicate loss of someone in family and at the same time give sudden gains or inheritance through legacy. Jupiter’s aspect on 4th house indicates some gain or purchase of property or relocation for you. Its aspect on 12th will make you spend money for good in religious ceremonies, charities, social cause etc, foreign journeys are also indicated.

Jupiter transit in virgo 2016 for Pieces

Those who were looking to get married will find suitable alliances now as jupiter moves to your 7th house, this is the right time to get married, you will make new friends and gain through networking and associating with people, these people will prove helpful to you in your undertakings, business will flourish result in good financial inflow. You will be devoted to your spouse in the coming period, your spouse will be instrumental for your rise in business and profession. Short travels will prove fruitful for you and you will make good contacts and money through travels, those who are into media/entertainment, writing professions will be able to make good progress in these areas. This is the right time for you to start working on new projects or complete the pending projects. The aspect of jupiter on the ascendant will keep you positive, cheerful and improve your health, you might gain some weight in the coming coming year.

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