Jupiter in gemini for Tauras

Jupiter in Gemini For Tauras

Jupiter enters gemini on 31st may 2013 from Tauras, Gemini happens to be the 2nd house from Tauras which rules family, finance, speech, eyes, eating habits etc to name a few. Jupiter entering in the 2nd house from your zodiac will aspect the 6th, 8th and the 10th houses from Tauras.

Jupiter rules finances and money and being in the 2nd house from your zodiac is going to give you increased finances and happiness related to family, wealth etc. The transit of saturn and rahu in 6th from tauras may have caused a lot of stress, tensions and problems on job and health front to a lot of people. 6th house rules job, health, enemies, accidents, maternal relatives, legal disputes etc. Saturn and rahu’s transit in the 6th from tauras might have caused a lot of problems related to jobs, workplace, health, legal issues, accidents to a lot of people having tauras as ascendent or moon sign especially when there was no protection of jupiter on the 6th.

Now movement of jupiter in Gemini would cause jupiter to aspect Libra with its 5th aspect and control the damage and problems caused by saturn and rahu. There will be a protective cover of jupiter once it enters gemini and will give relief to the grief stricken people. You can expect good time ahead in career and money as jupiter will aspect 10th house along with 6th. His aspect on 8th is good for spiritual pursuits, claim settlements, getting sudden financial gains, good for insurance people and those expecting an inheritance.

Taurean people should still take care of their health and avoid over eating as jupiter in 2nd will make them suddenly grow fond of sweets and over eating. Saturn rahu in 6th can cause problems due to over eating and eating wrong food. Otherwise It is a good time to have celebrations in family with family members, inflow of money and savings will increase, you will get good recognition in career, promotions and perks can be expected in the coming year for tauras people.

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