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Gemstones are known as Bhagya Ratna’s, It is said that they have the power to change your fate if you buy gemstones which are genuine and good in quality.

There are many Shastra pramana of gemstones being used for overcoming problems. Ash of gemstones was also used to cure diseases, snake bites etc. Gems contain cosmic rays of planets which help in overcoming certain deficiencies thereby making bhagya anukool. They have an effect on your Aura and personality thereby helping you to overcome your weakness by cleansing your psyche.

Two complete chapters on the use and benefit of gemstones are given in “An autobiography of a yogi” where swami Yukteshwar Giri tells young mukunda (Paramhansa Yogananda) about his upcoming illness which will last for 6 months but if he wears an astrological bangle it will be reduced to 24 days.

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Blue sapphire

Diamond and Yellow sapphire are known as bhagya ratna as they have the power to activate your luck. Emerald is a very cool and soothing gemstone which helps you in curing mental maladies, improving focus and concentration, curing of memory loss, improvement in communication skills etc, Ruby boosts your confidence and increases your vigor, Tej/Ojas. Coral boosts your energy levels and remove your fatigue or laziness,  Moon stone/pearl helps in curing digestion issues, controlling anger and giving good peace of mind. Blue sapphire is also very cool gemstone helpful in curing lunacy, depression, helps in profession etc.

We provide genuine gemstones according to your budget and quality requirement, Gemstones cost from few thousand rupees to a lakh or more per carat depending on quality. We source gemstones from very reliable contacts in Jaipur so one can be assured that they are genuine gemstones in all quality and costs. These gemstones are imported from bangkok

You can contact us for gemstones. Certification will also be provided, for costly gemstones even government lab certifications can be provided at a nominal charge.

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