Board Exams and astrology

The 10th and 12th Board exams are scheduled around March and April every year and there is a lot of stress and pressure in the atmosphere around this time for students, parents and teachers as well. Students are under heavy pressure to perform due to parents who in turn are under pressure of society, locality, relatives and people’s expectations, this pressure is pushed on the child. Teachers too have pressure to make students perform, this pressure can be from parents, school, college or classes as now-a-days institutions have entered the rat race of statistics and want 100% results for commercial success.

All this pressure and burden is put on the child who is in a helpless situation unless there is support for them from family or somebody close. Children do not tend to express their feelings in such situations out of fear and some even take dangerous steps to end their lives.

We should pause and think is all the jargon so important than life ? Exams, competitions, success in competitions, high grades, topping exams, Who remembers this 10 years down the time ? Do they even impact your career in the long run ? For some it may be that way, but I have seen toppers in 10th and 12th even at state level going no-where in life or having no definite career and being a failure in life. There is a huge difference from what we want from life, what we expect and what life has to offer. Priorities change over time, Everybody is destined to do something or the other irrespective of the grades, marks or success in competitions. For somebody so sure about getting into medical or some particular college, working hard is justified, but that somebody himself must be sure of that dream so that he himself works hard to achieve it rather than the dream being forced on the child and made work like a donkey leading to such terrible and miserable condition that he decides to end his life. You as the parents have to decide what is important the child’s life or his grades and your status ? People will anyway forget the grades and the success 5-10 years down the line and nobody will even remember it.

It is important that the children should be given liberties to voice their opinions, choices of careers, their aptitudes need to be considered before deciding their careers. No matter how many marks the child scores, he can still go completely nowhere 5-7 years down the time, choices, priorities, interests change with time. Getting good marks is important but it is not so important than life, if you are putting so much pressure on your child, make sure that you are open to listen his feelings, let him express and let him breathe when he wants to, grow your child in such a way that he feels easy to share his feelings with you, give him enough space and freedom to express his feelings, consider his likes and dislikes and aptitude, try to mould career around lifestyle than lifestyle around career. Too much pressure leads to suffocation and even crimes.

Some combinations indicating mental weakness are as follows :-

  • Moon+Rahu+ketu (wanning moon within 72 degrees of sun).
  • Moon aspected by malefics.
  • Mercury+rahu+ketu and afflicted by malefics
  • Ascendant and ascendant lord afflicted.
  • A weak 5th house, 5th lord + weak jupiter + weak mercury will not lead to good marks, do not expect very high from such students, though such people can rise in life elsewhere as per the dashas.
  • Repeat all this in the navamsha and the chaturvisamsha to check success rate.
  • Dasha+transit will determine the extent of success in every phase of life, so failure now can mean huge success later and vice-versa, so there is nothing to feel bad about.

For those who fail in the exams or get less marks, do not worry, life is very big and it will offer numerous opportunities and choices. Bad time is always followed by good time, night is always followed by day, winters have longer nights so sometimes bad times can be longer but that does not mean the sun will never rise. Keep hopes and keep trying, Failure can also be the first step to success, you never know what life has to offer you, so live your life till your last breath, never give up and keep examples like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, Walt Disney, Subhash Chandra Goel. There is a huge list of such people, Everyone is unique, everyone has some special talent, so always be positive and look for encouragement. Do not get discouraged with life. Jyotish-research wishes you all the best for your board exams.

Tip :- Recite the Neel saraswati stotra 11 or 21 times daily. Those who can follow this year long will definitely see improvement.

Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.


  1. Sudha says:

    Good post! All students and their parents should read this. Also, wanted to share that sincere and regular Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva worship also bestows excellent results.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Sudha ji,

      Yes, Hayagriva stotra can be recited for success in educational pursuits. Thank you for adding this.

  2. Sunil Mishra says:

    Very informative.

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