Stock market astrology consultancy services

Stock trading is a very risky business for it induces greed and insatiable desire in your mind to keep gambling, One tends to become restless without any activity if sitting idle and glued to computer/laptop or mobile screen. The restlessness in you makes you to keep investing money inspite of knowing that you are loosing. Stock market astrology consultancy services helps you to invest in right stocks and guides you to right investments in short run and long run.

Stock market astrology consultancy services

Stock market astrology consultancy services

Stock market astrology consultancy services

Earning money and success in stock market is possible if you get the following steps right:-

  1. Invest in right company
  2. Enter at the right time
  3. Exit at the right time.
  4. Control your lust and greed.

Each step contributes to your success and the last step will contribute to your prosperity.

If you want to buy or sell certain stock/shares anywhere in any stock exchange in the world you can just contact me with the name of stock and the nature of stock along with the name of stock exchange. You will be told whether it will be profitable or not. The level of profit cannot be ascertained but you will be told whether you can make low, medium or high profit. One should not become greedy after receiving such advice and should think of earning in the long run.

The success and failure of earning in stock market is completely dependent on the individual horoscope of the person trading in stock market. It is advisable to know whether you have success in stock  market or not before venturing into this business. A good dasha+antardasha along with transits and basic promise is required to earn in stock market. Astrological advice should be taken as a guidance in the same way you take guidance of experts and advisors, there are no guarantees of success in stock market but you can achieve at least 60-70% success through stock market astrology consultancy services if your horoscope holds such promise.

You can opt for 3 services in this.

  • Basic consultation where you will be checking the promise of success in stock market – You will get a report which will tell you whether your horoscope promises success in stock market or not? Which sectors are profitable for you? Which time is favorable for you? Which nakshatra are good for you to earn money?

One time Detailed Report 49 USD. 

  • Prashna astrology – You can ask about investing in a specific stock. You can ask whether investing in Specific stock/share will be profitable for you or not? You should name the stock and give the nature of stock along the name of stock exchange.

Per Scrip/Trade prashna 19 USD.

  • 1 year Stock market analysis – Whether this year is good for you to invest in stock market, which periods are good and bad? Which nakshatras are good and which sectors are good will be given in this report. This won’t be a day to day report but will give a general outline, including good and bad antar dashas if mahadasha is favorable. Moon nakshatra for earning profits will be given.

Yearly Stock market report 29 USD

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