Astrology Aspects – Applying and Separating Aspects.

Astrology Aspects – An Overview

Aspects in astrology is a very important concept, the intensity of astrology aspects is more or less according the their nature is that applying and separating aspects. Aspects are nothing but angles between planets in geometrical language, they are defined by the angular distance between two planets. Aspects play a very important role in a horoscope because they help in identifying the nature of relationship between planets, how the energies released by planets will affect the personality or the destiny of the person. It is this energy that reflect the person’s inner strength and weakness.

The intensity or the capacity of the aspects to give result becomes more or less prominent according the the closeness of planets in degrees or orbit. The more closer the planets in orbit to each other the more powerful the results of aspects or conjunction.

Astrology aspects

Aspects can be classified as follows to find out their strength :-

Applying and Separating Aspects

Aspects can be classified as applying and separating aspects to find out the intensity of results they will produce. Applying aspects are more stronger than separating aspects to give results. The faster moving planets are the deciding factors in finding out the applying and separating aspects.

Applying aspects are those aspects where the aspect between two planet is about to happen. For E.G –> Moon (fastest moving planet) is at 10 degrees in a particular sign and saturn is at 22 degrees in 7th from it, this can be termed to be an applying aspect as moon is yet to pass the 22nd degree and be in exact opposition to saturn. Though they are far away in orbit from each other, technically from astrological point of view this is not an exact aspect. Moon is 12 degrees away from saturn but since it is an applying aspect the results of such aspect can be said to be powerful and will manifest around the early teens or middle age of the person.

Separating aspects are those aspects where the aspect between two planets has already happened. Reverse the above Example here —> Suppose saturn is now 10 degrees and moon is 22 degrees in 7th from saturn, this aspect can be termed as separating aspect, moon being the fastest moving planet of the above two has moved away from saturn and will progress into a new house and sign. The results of such aspects are not so strong and the bad effects are lessened because the moon has already passed away from the exact orbit of aspect which is 10th degree of saturn.

Applying and separating aspects are mostly ignored by astrologers and aspects are very loosely interpreted causing a fear to crop up in the mind of the person consulting an astrologer. Just having a moon in 7th from saturn does not cause punarapho yoga, moon needs to be within the orbit of 5-7 degrees from saturn for such a yoga to give effect, besides the degree of intensity will vary again depending on the type of aspect between them i.e applying and separating aspects. The intensity of results will be more in applying aspect whereas it will be less in separating aspects.

Astrology aspects - Applyinga and separating aspects

Astrology Aspects – Applying and separating aspects

See the above diagram for reference :-
saturn and moon are along the 2/8 axis, but moon is 29 degrees and saturn is 10 degrees which shows that the aspect is separating and moon is going away from saturn. Find out the other applying and separating aspects in the horoscope as shown in the example.

A horoscope is like a team of cricketers where all planets need to be in good position from each other and having good rapport with each other to get success, A single player does not always win the game unless his dasha is operating, the support of others is still required to win the game and get success. Good aspects between planets show positive energies and balanced thinking whereas bad aspects shake the balance of the horoscope making the person go in wrong direction often, I hope that readers will understand the concept of astrology aspects and the importance of applying and separating aspects after reading this article.




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