Astro palmistry

We are pleased to introduce a new service of Astrology and palmistry combined analysis service called as astro palmistry. This service will include analysis of palms and horoscope together to get a clear outlook of the personality traits, strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. This will be helpful to identify the areas/defects which need improvement as palmistry can tell about the mental and physical make up of the person, his strong and weak traits according to which guidance can be given, horoscope will help to cross check the same and give deeper analysis and meanings with a broad perspective on things.


The requirements for the above service will be as follows :-

  • Clear and high resolution palm pictures/images.
  • Ink prints can also be given together with pictures since they would help to locate and identify some signs and symbols on the palms which are otherwise missed in pictures.

Further instructions on how to post palm pictures and prints will be updated with sample pictures and details shortly.

The charges for this service will be 3100/- INR or 75$.