Ask a prashna

Ask a prashna report

Ask a prashna service is for those who are just interested to know outcome of certain event, those who just want to know about a certain query, those who do not have their birth horoscope and still want to ask about something very specific bothering them. Those who do not want to opt for other reports and just want to focus on one query can take this service.

Ask a prashna uses kp methods to find answers to only specific queries as follows:-

  • I lost my gold ring/chain/bracelet, Will I get it back ?
  • I just gave an interview, will I be selected for this job?
  • I have applied for a Visa, will I get it ?
  • Will I go abroad ?
  • Will I get admission to desired college/university/institution?
  • I have appeared for so and so competitive exam, will I be able to clear it?
  • Will I clear the interview?
  • Will I get married?
  • Will I have a child?
  • Will I get a Finance for my project/start up?
  • Will I get a producer for my movie?
  • Will I get admission to medical college this year?
  • I am trying to sell my property, Will it get sold?
  • Will I buy a house this year?
  • Will my loan get sanctioned?
  • Will I win the court case?
  • I love someone. Will he Marry me?

Ask a prashna only covers certain queries which cannot be answered by birth horoscope or require to be analyze in combination to birth horoscope.

Always ask prashna when you seek answers to any specific query. Book your consultation today by clicking on payment link and sending your prashna through contact form below.