Aries yearly horoscope 2016

We are starting with the yearly predictions 2016 for each rashi from now onwards. The year 2015 has come to an end with December drawing close and many of you must be really interested to know your yearly predictions for 2016 and plan the year accordingly. This predictions can be checked by the ascendant and moon sign both but sade-sati etc applies to moon hence many of you may find the predictions from moon sign to be more accurate than the ascendant, but when we check the horoscopes we check transits through the ascendant and the moon sign both, hence it is always good to do a double check before reaching any final conclusion. Yearly predictions for each rashi are too general as we divide the entire humanity into 12 parts and predict which is not possible as each and every individual has a unique horoscope like a unique DNA and a unique thumb impression. More accuracy and pin-pointing of events can be done by analysing individual horoscopes. We will start with the Aries yearly horoscope 2016 for the upcoming year.

Aries — Fire sign/agni tatwa

Ruler — Mars

Symbol — Ram

Nature — Cardinal

The above 4 things tell a lot about aries, aries is a agni tatwa rashi which means they are quite active and energetic always burning with fire and ambition. Ruler is mars who is a natural warrior hence these people are natural warriors or leaders and demand leadership or can be assertive, Symbol is Ram which always fights with his head as the head part is quite strong, so aries people are strong headed and will fight more with their brains. It is cardinal in nature which means they are quick in actions and want work to be done quickly, they cannot stick to something for very long and act impulsively, impatiently to finish tasks as fast as possible, they are very much action oriented people and cannot sit idle for long. Aries are also assertive people, they are born leaders or commanders. The above traits will be more or less pronounced depending on the nakshatra and strength of moon along with influence of other planets on it, we will now move on the the aries yearly horoscope 2016.

There will be following changes for Aries sign in Aries yearly horoscope 2016.

  • Rahu will move to 5th house in Leo from January 2016 Onwards.
  • Ketu will move to 11th house of aquarius.
  • Jupiter will move to virgo around July, August 2016.
  • Prominent will be placement of Mars in Scorpio with saturn for around 7 months in this year from 3rd week of February to 3rd Week of September 2016.

Aries yearly horoscope 2016

For Aries folks Rahu changes signs from Kanya rashi to Simha rashi and moves to 5th house from the present 6th house, it will be conjunct jupiter for few months which is a bad news. Saturn will be aspecting this combination from the 8th house and Mars and saturn both will be placed in the 8th house for most part of the year a whopping 7 months which does not a good news for you people. 2016 is not likely a year for you to be in action with your impatient attitude, it could land you in serious troubles with most of the transits not in favor of you this year. Jupiter moves to 6th house around august 2016 withdrawing its protection on the ascendant.

Jupiter conjunct Rahu in 5th and aspected by saturn rings a warning bell with respect to education, children etc. Pay close attention to your children’s health and those who are expecting children should be more careful as there are possibilities of mishaps or health issues to children as jupiter the karaka will be with rahu in the first 4 months before moving on to virgo and saturn will aspect this combination for worse, A huge chunk of savings could be spent on children’s health or their education this year, unexpected expenses could crop up, getting a term or medical insurance this year for those who do not have it will be better. Students need to focus well on education as there are possibilities of some wrong decisions being taken on choice of education or loosing interest in studies taking a easy attitude which can result in problems later. Those looking forward to romance, love affairs should be careful of being cheated as this year is not much of a good period for this, beware of neo baba’s do not fall into the trap of neo-baba’s getting on the wrong side of spirituality due to bhram or illusion which jupiter rahu aspected by saturn in the 5th can create, Those in share market, speculation stand a big chance to suffer losses due to wrong judgements, Avoid speculating big this year,  changes in career could be evident with saturn’s placement in the 8th house as the 10th lord, some of you might suddenly loose of leave jobs when mars and saturn conjunct in the 8th, Those who have the habit of rash driving or jumping in the running trains should serious at any cost avoid it this year. Probability of accidents/injuries/surgeries is very high this year, Jupiter’s transit in Virgo will give relief with respect to career, finances and family from the second half of 2016. (The above results will be minimized or intensified based on the combinations in your birth horoscopes + dasha patterns).


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