7th house and life partner

7th House and Life partner

There is a deep connection of the 7th house and life partner in your birth horoscope. The ascendent rising in the east shows your mental and physical traits while the 7th house falling in the opposite of ascendent represents the mental and physical traits of your life partner, the 7th house is exactly placed opposite to the first house and hence reveals about the person of opposite sex, your life partner.

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The 7th house from your ascendent sign and moon together will give a clear picture about the physical and the mental characteristics of your life partner. Astrology is really interesting as you start learning the basics. You will notice that the 1st and the 7th lords are never friends of each other in a horoscope, whichever signs you take you will see that the 7th lord is either a neutral planet to the 1st lord or the enemy of the 1st lord. Such is the creation of god which is interesting as well as amazing and astrology reveals it so nicely.

Each ascendent and moon sign has a 7th house to it and the planet owning that house will signify the general characteristics of your life partner which gets modified later by the influence of planets placed in the 7th house, the placement of the 7th lord and the influence of planets on the 7th house and lord of navamsha horoscope.

We will see the general characteristics and significations of the 7th house and life partner for each ascendent.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Aries Ascendent.

Venus lords the 7th from Aries and hence Aries Nativities are often blessed with a beautiful and romantic person as their partner, Mars and Venus are neutral to each other though they attract each other as opposites attract, hence the relationships between mars and venus people are based on strong physical attraction and lust more than love. It is the Combination of “Beauty and the Beast”. The partner will be beautiful, romantic, intellectual, well-balanced, lover of justice and arts, having a strong social presence, your partners can also be good businessmen/women. This traits are more pronounced if both moon and lagna fall under martian signs and venus mars have good PAC among them.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Tauras Ascendent.
7th house and life partner

7th house and life partner

Mars lords the 7th house and a sign like scorpio falls in the 7th which means your partner will be very introvert in nature, possessive, full of jealousy and revenge when provoked, somebody with interest in occult, he will have a magnetic personality and attraction even if he isn’t handsome. He will have small and sharp eyes which may be very deep and hypnotic. The relation is mostly based on physical attraction and lust since scorpio rules the natural 8th house, so the partner may have high sexual appetite. He will definitely have something magnetic and mysterious about his personality and remember one thing you have a time-bomb in your life which can explode if provoked destroying everyone with self.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Gemini Ascendent.

Jupiter lords the 7th house from your ascendent, Sagittarius is a sign having symbol of half man and half horse with the man holding Bow and arrow in action which shows that it is a sign of Kshatriya personality as well as a scholar at the same time being ruled by Jupiter. Your partner will have broad shoulders and a very charming face full of radiance, he will have looks of a very knowledgeable and intellectual person, he will be one with a good sense of humor and a person having respect for religion and dharma. Sagittarius males have the best personality and attract females very easily though they are very very unpredictable at the same time which may make it difficult to understand them completely in one lifetime, this will be more pronounced in Mool Nakshatra.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Cancer Ascendent.

7th house is ruled by Saturn for you along with the 8th house as well making you somewhat unlucky w.r.t to partners, another reason being moon and saturn being enemies to each other. You partner will be someone with a cold attitude, sarcastic and pessimistic nature and kind of detached from you, he will be hardworking, career oriented, introvert and matured than age, there is often a possibility of having considerable age difference between partners, the 8th ownership of saturn brings possibilities of separation and dissatisfaction in marriage. A well placed saturn will give a good partner and somewhat balanced married life whereas badly placed saturn spoils the marital bliss.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Leo Ascendent.

Unlike Cancerians this sign too is a bit of unlucky with respect to marriage and married life as saturn becomes both the 6th and the 7th lord for Leo, but the 7th house Aquarius being the mool trikon of saturn gives positive sides of saturn in your partner, your partner will be a very intellectual person, highly educated and wise, a philosophist or philanthropist, matured, having good height and personality. The problem with cancer and leo ascendents is that the 7th lord is their enemy and also indicates udaseenta in relationships due to mismatch of mental qualities and nature.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Virgo Ascendent.

7th house is Pieces which shows your partners to be very innocent yet wise, you will have somebody who has good chubby looks, god fearing person, someone with a pure heart and clear conscience, mercury debilitates in pieces hence partner will not be as sharp as you, someone with a bad business acumen and may lack good sense of humor but you get someone who will love you purely by heart and soul, the problems and the differences will crop up due to your calculative and criticizing nature, you see profit and loss in everything, whereas your partner just sees humanity and love.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Libra Ascendent.

Mars is the lord of your 7th house with its Mool-trikon Aries placed therein, your partner will be a very strong headed person with a go-getter attitude, a motivator, leader, full of energy and enthusiasm, aries represents all the positive qualities of Mars. He will have very sharp features with a broad forehead and shoulders, there could be a sign or mark of injury on the face or forehead.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Scorpio Ascendent.

Venus is the ruler of 7th house and represents somebody who loves a lot of romance, cuddling, pampering. Somebody with a strong determination, patience and adamant nature at times, they are adamant on wrong things at times and do not listen to anybody even if they find themselves wrong, tauras is a negative sign of venus and can give more of negative traits in your partner, they love beauty, they love being pampered, they love to look beautiful and always try to look the best, they cannot tolerate getting old and always like to look young.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Sagittarius Ascendent.

Your 7th house is lorded by Mercury hence you partner will tend to be somebody who is very jolly having good sense of humor, someone who loves to have fun, enjoy life, positive, optimistic about life, he can be a chatter box and will love to communicate and share things with you. Your partner can be called playful and childish to some extent but he loves to enjoy all colors of life, lightens up the atmosphere wherever he goes, he will have good looks with a smiling face and mischievous look and wheatish brown complexion.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Capricorn Ascendent.

Your 7th house is ruled by moon and hence you tend to have a very emotional and home loving partner due to influence of moon, your partner will be quite imaginative and a dreamer which is opposite to your nature of hardwork, practical attitude etc. Your partner will be emotional weak or strong depending on the waxing or waning phase of the moon in the horoscope, moon is the only planet which has waxing and waning phases and hence the good or bad things indicated by its house will be greatly influenced by the strength of moon in the horoscope. Your partner will be a very good cook and a motherly figure who will try to keep you happy through serving you well, physically he may tend to have a round face, bulging body, weight increases with age, they tend to gain weight easily being a water sign and moon as the owner of 7th.

  • 7th house and Life partner for Aquarius Ascendent.

7th Ruled by sun will give you a very disciplined partner, one who loves to dominate, make rules and regulations, keep everything under his control, he will have very good leadership qualities and art of expression, He may have a big forehead with receding hairline and well built body, these people are mostly fair and handsome with stern looks. your partner can only be won with flattery and praises, they love to be flattered and praised for everything they do.

  • 7th house and Life Partner for Pieces Ascendent.

Mercury rules the 7th here also unline Sagittarius but with a difference, Virgo is a earth element and mool trikon of mercury making your partner very practical and calculative, critical analyzer, and always worrying or cribbing about something or the other. They tend to miss the romantic side of life due to over criticizing and calculative attitude. Looks wise he will have a beautiful skin and face with a charming face, he may tend to have a big belly and bald look as age advances. Most of the business people with afflicted mercury have a bald look. Your partner will be a very good businessman and financial planner.

The above characteristics for each lagna will go into modification depending on the influence of other planets on the 7th house from moon and lagna along with the navamsha horoscopes but few of the general traits will be commonly seen in nature and outlook of these people. The influence of planets greatly modify the final outcome making things good or worse depending on the placement of the 7th house, lord, navamsha 7th house, lord and connection of various planets. There cannot be full analysis of the horoscope and life partner without the study of navamsha horoscope. These need to be seen properly to ascertain the quality of married life and the qualities of partner in every horoscope as each horoscope is different and will have different destinies even though some of the basic qualities of signs and planets will remain as they are.

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